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AT&T this morning has made some announcements that should help some of its 4G LTE-hungry customers get over their case of the Mondays. The carrier has revealed that it's expanded its LTE network to several new markets in different portions of the U.S., and it's expanded existing LTE coverage in some areas as well. Here's the full rundown of markets announced by AT&T today:

New markets

  • Gainesville, Ga.
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Burlington, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Corpus Christi, Texas

Expanding markets

  • Cleveland, Ohio (including parts of Brecksville, Brunswick, Elyria, Hinckley, Hudson, Mentor, Solon, Strongsville, Twinsburg and Wadsworth)
  • Charlotte, N.C. (includes Gastonia, western portions of Lake Norman, along N.C. Hwy. 3 from Kannapolis to Mooresville, along U.S. Hwy. 52 from China Grove to Mooresville, south of Salisbury to the Granite Quarry area, and along U.S. Hwy. 601 between Concord and Monroe)

That's a decently-sized 4G LTE expansion, and it's good to see that AT&T is working to grow out its coverage in existing markets while also bringing the LTE service to new parts of the country. If you call one of the above-listed areas home and have an AT&T LTE device, be sure to kick that thing's LTE feature on and give the network a go. Just don't forget take a break and  swing by the comments section to let us know how AT&T's LTE is working for you. All of  AT&T's announcements can be found at the link below.

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"Does having (or not having) LTE impact your phone buying decision?"

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Cameron Lovell Nope my area doesn't have it yet
Hank S. Christy Now that I have experienced LTE, it will in the future.
Ryan Anton Nope. LTE is a battery hog, and I'm perfectly happy with the speeds of my HSPA+ on T-Mo.
CJ Ughamba yes at this point moving forward it will affect my next phone purchase 4g lte is a requirement. i will accept hspa+ 42 if 4g lte is not available on TMO-US next year
Nathan Kendall I don't think 4G is any faster than 3G.
Frank Nitty What about Sprint ?
Isaac Shinde Not for me. Specialy when u living in a country where 3g isn't properly working how can one think of 4G (LTE),
Isaac Shinde Not for me. Specialty when u living in a country where 3g isn't properly working how can one think of 4G (LTE),
Frankie Ramos Metro pcs 4G LTE is where its @. Fully unlimited everything. $60.00 a month lets u see
Josh Pieters Also tMobile's 4G was built on lies and deceit. That is all.
Josh Pieters Yes! This is why Verizon and Galaxy Nexus is key to my survival.
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán YES. I'm not buying a phone till I get LTE. Even with WiFi at home, I'm not traveling with just 3G.
Daniel Lujan While its not necessary having LTE, I bought a phone that has it. When I needed that extra speed it was great (putting on Dora the Explorer for a grumpy 2 year old at the grocery store). If I bought another phone it wouldn't have to have LTE, but it would be nice since I'm already use to it. I do however see a RAPID decrease in battery even in 30 minutes of use. I'm talking about have 100% drained down to 40% in just those 30 minutes. I now currently have a Droid 4.
Viktor B Thumperofseals I could careless bout 4G...if I really want to do anything fast ill use my laptop
Jason Harmon LTE and not looking back. Still get awesome battery life on LTE.
Arnold Benavides Jr Where I live we have 4G but lte is only available with Verizon and I'm with tmobile but it doesn't make a difference as long as it's 4G I'm happy
Thomas P Cavey I Live Out In The Country 4g Will Not Be Here In Years!Sad To Say So No.
Roenny Hernandez I prefer Android, and would stick to 3G because LTE is both excessive and battery draining. Who needs 10 to 30 Megabits per second to get on Facebook, or download apps in less than 30 seconds? It's just a way to make people reach their data cap faster so the companies can charge you extra.
Chuck Rico Taylor Enjoying that lte on my sgs3 best phone ever suck iPhone
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Not if it ain't an iphone
Nic Kolas not right now
Antonio Vazquez thank god i own only 4G LTE devices, off contract too. with my grandfathered unlimited data from Verizon and only pay $70 a month, nothing but win right there
Brandon Cote Nope, hspa+ is just as fast in some markets
Kirk Eugene Weddle I'm still on edge in my hometown. :(
Sean Watson Yes. That actually was one if 2 demands I had when I bought my phone. Had to have 4g lte and had to be htc. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon and currently do average 8 to 10 gig a month. 3g is worthless. I do tons of streaming, and tethering to my laptop and I really do use the speed. If I had to go back to 3g, id kill myself. This isn't 2004 anymore. Why force yourself to be, just cuz your an isheep who drinks their koolaid???
Matthew James Gonzalez Once you have used LTE technology their is no going back. 3G speeds will speed mind numbingly slow. Like going back to dial-up from high speed cable or fios connections.
Jeremy Oliver What is the point of fast speed if your capped. lol I mean come on. everyone should go prepaid and contract free.. so the carriers will listen..otherwise your just a slave to the system..
Basil Mahmud When the iPhone comes out with an LTE phone this year all will be good.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yes.. its pointless 2 buy an LTE phone if it doesn't exist ..
Albert Landicho No. I am more interested in unlimited data than higher speed.
Albert Ham-Chi phone performance over LTE. Quad core
Sean Dutton Doesn't matter to me...I just want to have good signal when I need it. Rocking the HTC Vivid!
Jacob Robert Ps iphone sucks, if I wanted grandma friendly electronics id buy a heating pad or something. I like a phone that makes me forget I have a pc, SGS3 ALLLLL THE WAY!
Pat Pln Nowadays those who have experienced the LTE do not want to go back to something lesser.. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T) therefore its no need for me to accept anything less.. Lol
Tony Abiama That's one of the reasons I copped a GNex on Sprint... I need some LTE and by next week I'll finally be able to experience it on a great device
Jacob Robert Lol.....philly dose not have lte? I live in the woods of maine and have lte.
Jeremy Bleich Why about when the iPhone has lte capabilities Elijah? Then what will you be?
Blane Medford Unreal that Philly still does not have LTE!!!
Elijah David Kleehammer After using LTE, I don't see how there's anyway I could go back. I'm on my phone downloading apps and videos all the time, and when I had my iPhone I thought "this is the best there is. Gotta put up with the speeds" then I got an LTE phone, and it proved to me that the iPhone just can't do it. I'll be an LTE/Android guy from now on.
Sierra Alley dang... I almost won the prize! I had two iphones and a grape! I want an iphone, too! This blackberry curve is useless.
Jeff Hollins Yes.. Fasssstt
John Zanatta Not on TMO. I enjoy my HSPA+ and better battery.
Brett Elliott Don't care. Just want the Iphone 5.
Matt Shipley Where I live I barely have 3g so lte doesn't make any difference. Iphone all the way!

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