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Published: July 11, 2012

From seventh to third in a week, the Samsung Galaxy S III U.S. model is moving up the charts of the Official Smartphone Rankings very quickly.  It is even currently trending in second position.  

So on this Wednesday July 11, 2012 we feature a user review about AT&T's version of the Galaxy S III.  One of our passionate fans, Aaron Braundmeier, took the time to write up his take on the GS III in the user review found below.  We thank him and hope you enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T) By Aaron Braundmeier June 29, 2012


The design of the Galaxy S III on AT&T is exactly the same as the international version apart from the carrier logo on the back of the device. The GSIII comes in three colors, white, pebble blue, and an exclusive red variant to be released later in the summer. While the screen is a good 4.8", the phone itself doesn't feel too hefty, and is very comfortable in the hand. In typical Samsung fashion, the GSIII is made almost entirely of plastic (or polycarbonate if you will). The plastic design is nothing to drool over and certainly doesn't feel like it has a premium build quality. Nonetheless, it is still a great looking phone and those who don't mind the plastic build will be very pleased with the nature-esque inspiration of the design.


The 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display on the GSIII is the most eye-catching feature of the device. Although the GSIII uses a PenTile matrix display, pixelation is negligible due to the 720x1280 HD display. As per usual with Samsung's AMOLED panels, viewing angles are wide and colors are beautifully oversaturated.


With the GSIII comes a refresh of Samsung's TouchWiz, and a welcome one at that. Samsung's new TouchWiz adds neat features on top of the already feature-packed Ice Cream Sandwich. The device itself is very fluid and extremely user-friendly. What's more is there is a wealth of cool features that Samsung has thrown in (S-Voice, Smart Stay, Motion Shortcuts, etc.)


The US versions of the GSIII, while not quad-core, still pack a 28nm 1.5gHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor (it even sounds sexy). Throw in 2GB of RAM and you're experiencing a handset that is silky-smooth in performance and has little-to-no hiccups with heavy usage.


The 8MP back-lit sensor seems to oversaturate brightly lit objects, but the camera is still a step up from the Galaxy S II and on par with other superphones in the market. Samsung also packed a ton of cool features into the camera application that make it a joy to use.


I've had my device for about a week now, and with moderate-to-heavy usage, and using AT&T's LTE network, I can squeeze out about 10 hours of usage on a single charge.


In the past three months I've switched between the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, HTC One X, and now the Galaxy S III and I can honestly say that the Galaxy S III is the best phone I've owned to date. While it's physical design may not be something to write home about, the software and overall experience of the phone, coupled with a ton of nice features from Samsung, make this device the phone to beat. Samsung has once again found itself with a king of the Android world in the GS III.


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