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As we start adopting new features into our lives, whether it’s brought on by new software or a new device in general (with new software, usually), the one thing that some people don’t seem to take into account is battery life. For example, when a new device is announced, we wait on pins and needles to hear how big the battery is, and if we hear what seems like an acceptable number, we’re content. But that battery’s size is all well and good for the average user, the person who may not use all the new features or even use their phone all that often.

What about the people who want to use all the cool new features, and the things that make the phone truly unique? After all, those bullet points are meant to sell the phone, so why wouldn’t the owner want to use them?

Batteries seem to be the one part of our smartphones that just don’t seem to be going anywhere. What’s worse is that manufacturers seem perfectly content on putting the smallest battery they can into a phone and calling it good. Sure, it will get you through a day if you don’t use it, but I would have imagined manufacturers would have liked for us to use the things we buy. Call me crazy, I guess.

The exception, as it stands right now, would be the DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola. The device’s sole differentiating feature from the original DROID RAZR is its battery, and that’s more than enough for Verizon to keep it at its $300 price point for those willing to sign a new, two-year contract. It should also be the benchmark for other manufacturers to go on.

Because the features we’re putting into our phones seem to be outpacing our batteries, more so than ever before. We have features that keep our phones awake in some fashion or another, even if the display is off. We have phones that are thinking ahead, even without our direct input. With software like Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Google Now, the phone is always trying to stay one step ahead of you, and that means it has to be working to do that.

Or the Galaxy S III. When I first turned on the phone I made sure that I could speak to the device even if the display was off, so I could either unlock the handset or just start talking directly to S-Voice. I noticed I wasn’t getting that great of battery life (even after I had to work to get 4G LTE deactivated), so I turned that particular feature off. Imagine that: battery life was extended just a bit. I shut off all motion controls, too, and that managed to get me a bit more time with my battery life as well.

The Galaxy S III comes with a 2100mAh battery. For the average user, the person who doesn’t use their phone all that often, that will be more than enough power to get them through the day. So the argument would be: But the average user doesn’t need all that power, so why should the manufacturer care about putting a larger battery in their phone?

Well, as Verizon and Motorola have shown, a larger battery calls out to the consumer. Verizon is still selling DROID RAZR MAXXs, and they are doing so with the highest price point attached to it, even as newer phones launch for a lesser price. People want bigger batteries, and it has nothing to do with just the number attached to it. Because you can see the difference between a Galaxy S III with its 2100mAh battery, and the DROID RAZR MAXX’s 3300mAh battery.

The difference in longevity is obvious, you can see it. And for those with the DROID RAZR MAXX, they can keep playing with their phone while the rest of us are left to stare at a blank screen, or hustle to find a way to charge our devices.

This is obviously a moot subject when we talk about phones that get upgraded software, because it isn’t like Verizon is going to send you a new, larger battery for your Galaxy Nexus if you upgrade to 4.1 Jelly Bean. But this should be the precedent for any new phones coming down the pipe that have features that consume battery life. Everything we do on our phones consumes battery, whether it’s a small percentage or a big one, it all whittles down the life of our phone one percentage at a time. So while these new features are great (because they truly are), please give us a larger battery in our devices so we can experience them more often, and for longer periods of time.

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Anonymous Barely. But yes
Anonymous I charge it every night even if I have some battery left.
Anonymous No, of course not. The samsung galaxy s2 uses to much power.
Tony Brown my s3 does.. any of my old phones wouldn't
Anonymous I get 2 full days on my N8!
Anonymous Just barely, but back when I first got it (a Samsung Strive) in 2010, it sometimes went a week on a single charge.
Cameron Lovell deffinatly not
Jordan Crawford Depending on what I'm doing most days I can and the others twice is good
Sierra Alley no! stupid bb.
Eduardo Ordaz Yes I get through the day with my HTC vivid but HTC should've never removed the power saving feature on the vivid before it got 4.0. But the last few days it had made it half way but it dies when I most needed it especially when going to places. But its mostly my fault for not charging it to full so dats why it dies so quick. But at 100% it gets through the day but have to charge it at night around close to 9pm and 10pm. But happy with the battery life on my vivid.
Kali Gr no mods
Kali Gr No my battery last 17hours phone = samsung galaxy s3
Teresa L Smith Samsung Infuse 4g, no not even close I have to charge it twice a day.
Rick Blake Not since my 7105t. My G1 made it from breakfast to the commute home. My Sensation just past lunch. After 15 months the Sensation battery seems to have lost 15-20% capacity. Probably 500+ cycles.
CalvEen Yaam Pretty much all smartphones' battery will not, or barely last a day. Battery companies need to up the ante on its technology. Needing to baby a smartphone's battery such as by turning wifi, 3g ,4g radios off, changing to a non-live wallpaper, lowering brightness, etc etc is absolutely unacceptable.
Treg Andrews My new Incredible 4g does!
Chris Downs Yes with moderate use on droid incredible 4g.
Jon Kabat No. Not even close. I go through 200% of battery per day. Epic 4g touch.
Mark Belkowski battery life is horrid on almost all android devices.
Tyler Kirchman Yes with HTC vivid
Nick Kalman 26 hours of usage and I still have 29% left. Galaxy Nexus
Chris Kettler Running CleanRom 4.1, my HOX lasts through a 12 hour day on the network (6am-6pm) usually needing a small bump to last till i go to bed. Staying at home on my wifi on the weekends with full access to my desktop computer, the phone lasts anywhere from 24-48 hours before needing a charge.
Clifton H. Williams II I totally agree! Do you know who makes the best aftermarket extended battery and cover to match?
Ethan Maness My LG Thrill 4G .lasts about a day or more with heavy usage. Not to good but its okay for me. And iim looking into a galaxy note. And if any body know how good it is let me know?!?!??!?
Edward Gonse I'm an avid power user of my smartphone and, unless I have a Motorola Razr Maxx, I highly doubt that any other smartphone on the current market would meet my battery life demands.
Christian Marquez my iPhone lasts a day and a half. even with heavy usage. my Samsung epic 4g lasts about the same, sometimes two days.
J Alberto Garcia Flores I haven't charge my Galaxy S3 since 7pm yesterday and I still have 45% its 3:30 pm now
Rheimon Romero I need to charge twice a day with my galaxy note :(
Erik Isaksson My one x dies in 2 hours just from YouTube -_-
Dilan Parmar What he said LUMIA 710 BITCHES !!!
Charlie Ebner Yep...WP7.
Larry Hanks I have an HTC HD2 which I converted to android. The postage stamp battery it came with was a serious disappointment. It now has a double size battery and cover that makes the otherwise sleek phone look like its wearing a backpack...this manages to last through the day. Yes, cell phone manufacturers need to make far larger batteries for their devices.
Justin Ratsabout Heck yea i have the lg spectrum and its terrible for my first android phone
Marcus Cadwell iPhone 4s lasts the entire day with normal usage. Sometimes all the way until the next day. Heavy usage? Mehhh. At least the day
Javier Pineda 28 percent right now and heven't seen any YouTube video lol
Nick Petrizzio I miss the days you did not have to keep the charger on your person, my RAZR still gets 10 out of 12.5 standby days, and still on the battery it shipped with 6 years later, shows how good phone batteries used to be, now they wear out at the end of the contract, which is why I have so many phones that need batteries i was given, I have a second charger in my laptop bag for my smartphone
Naser Al-jummah Yeah pretty much.. Samsung galaxy siii
Ezekiel Carsella on my LG Cosmos 2 no. on my Vivitar camera no way. on my laptop it gets a sparse 8 minutes. with refreshes to my line of stuff will be a 16+ hour battery life on the Asus tab 810 and the Sony Cybershot DSC HX200v will have more than enough for what i need
Nick Petrizzio Maybe I'll get that GSM unlocked if I find one, but I still hate the built in battery, I have heard of GSM variants if you look, you just need the specific model to find one
Rick Sievers My razr maxx lasts at least 1 day with normal use. With minimal use, Ive gotten over 3 days.
Nick Petrizzio I have a 4, I am getting an Android next, and i do not have to turn the internet off on my RAZR, it uses the cellular antenna, but that also leads to a bad browser, I have no data plan on my RAZR
Beau Allen and btw the 4s is horrible
Beau Allen turn off the internet when u are not using it, it will last up to 16hrs or more
Nick Petrizzio No..... iPhone lasts a few days(2-3 days), RAZR V3I lasted a week or more on the BR50, month or more on the BR56, never got the BZ60, tough I might soon, they are cheap now, and a extended battery from a RAZR V3C or V3M
Gareth Head only just. cant wait to upgrade to the s3 soon, phones have exceeded in every other department besides battery imo, there is camera, video quality good enough to replace you camera and screens and processes that are amazing but still no improvement in the battery department. maybe in the next few years a new set of technology might appear that allows batteries to be quarter the size and last 5x longer. you never know i guess.
Alejandro Castro Nope usually last about 7 hours with moderate to heavy use. HTC One S
Edward Sfeir hell no... galaxy nexus
Nick Petrizzio good luck getting that out of a smartphone, only get a few days out of my smartphone, and crazy thing is I still have the original battery 5 years later, still holds a perfect charge
Ian Baylon No, I don't want to buy an extended battery because it makes your phone 50% fatter
Michael Alvarado Castellano I own both t mobile Samsung galaxy s lll and AT&T iPhone 4s and both have wonderful battery life
Nick Petrizzio I got a week out of my RAZR V3I, which i still have
Jeff Hood Not even close. I start work at 7:30 and am down 40 % by 11. Usually just listing to pandora or radio over wifi.
Jason Russ I get a day and a half on my razr maxx with moderate to heavy use.
Mark Mann My S3 gets 15 to 17 hours a day depending on usage.
Mike Thompson Umm no haha
Blake Bjorlin EVO 4G LTE makes it a day and a half with usage....light usage it will go 2 days.
Rahul Gumma I am a heavy user. Hardly last 6-8 hrs Motorola photon
Ted Williams IV I'm on 15% right now and half way through the day
Zach Chapman My S2 lasts all day.. it requires an overnight charge though. ;)
Steve Johns Not even close the battery for the htc rezound sucks.
Shaky Mrles Heck no, Samsung galaxy 2
Sylbert Joseph Galaxy S3 is the first android phone i've used that can make it through the day one one charge. Being that i'm out longer than the standard day, I still need a back-up battery.
Manuel Comparan With my incipio off grid it does!!
Stanley Fevilien I have a 1650 mAh battery w/ my droid charge for verizon that has a 4.3 inch screen and 4GLTE. With moderate to heavy usage, my phone wont last more than 6 hrs:-(
Marvin Oubre I enabled "power saver" mode on my EVO 3D permanently, to help the battery through the day with the screen on lowest brightness setting. And still I carry charging cables with me. My phone is not power hungry....I am by using it so much.
Rob Demeyer One day with HTC inscrible
Janelle Jae Hunter Pretty much, depending on my usage though. Samsung galaxy s3
Bryce Weekley My 4s lasts from 2 30am when i get up for work til 8pm when i get home from work easy and I use my phone a ton for all kinds of data using tasks.
Ethan Shrago NOOOOOOOOO it takes at least 2 charges to get me through until 9:00 with my Epic 4G Touch with ICS
Elijah David Kleehammer Not at all. I'm on Phone Dog watching videos all the time, and my Galaxy SII needs a battery change at about 1 every day. Thankfully it's removable.
Laurens Van Denberghe Yup my 4s does but I would like to see it do more than one day -_-
Blues Canales Yes EVO lte, but let's see a year from now with that non removable battery!
Whitney Stark None of my Android phones ever came close. My iPhone 4S has made it to the end of the day several times, but I still bring my spare charger with me just in case.
Justin Michael Duncan Verizon Galaxy nexus with jelly bean get me at least 12 hours
Jacob Grumbles Yes my hspa+ galaxy nexus last all day unless a watch a lot of videos then it only last about 10 hours .
Chris Northcutt Yes! I finally have an android phone that makes it! That was one of my main reasons for upgrading to a Galaxy S3. Just have to change on usually while sleeping, and it's good. I had the Samsung Epic and it would make it till later afternoon. I had the Samsung Infuse, and it lasted a good five or six hours with contained use.
Shawn Poling Yes my galaxy nexus gsm does. :-D
John Zanatta It all depends on the day. About half of the time it does, and the other half I'm stuck recharging.
Veanguithya Bay Phou youre all lying..all 4g phones does not make it thru the day unless powered off lol
Hima Bichali Yep. My Thunderbolt does.
Vincent Del Pizzo But I do charge it when I get home (:
Nathan Bryant Yes with moderate use.
Kevin Hart My EVO 4G LTE makes it 2 full days
Vincent Del Pizzo Yes, I turn off Mobile Network on my HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE whenever I'm not on the Internet, playing with my apps, or e-mailing people. (:
Rock Roche Galaxy Nexus... lasts about a good 4 hours, if I'm just using it casually... Regular use, it lasts about 2 hours... charger is always in hand... it's charging now now at 3%
Joel Paskings Nope. Have to keep it charging all day
Allen Edmonds Chyeah! HTC Titan II
George Rodriguez I get at least 14hrs on my HTC One S
Brian Chevalier My 4s battery holds up for a full day :)
Darling Hdez No, no NOOOOOO!!!
Dillon Paden My motorolla admiral last two days with constant use so does my HTC evolution with the extended battery!
Fred Lindsey III Nope!! I hate my 4s!!
Dietrich Brown Yes sg3 gets me thru my work day
Cyrus Taylor Long as I don't do anything that uses data it'll last pretty long but that's hard lol
Kasper Mast Yes it takes 2-3 days ( galaxy s2 )
Robert Madsen My sensation xe last a day then i recharge it at night and over and over again
Rob Vandermeulen Yes EVO 4g LTE
Jimmie Draper No. Apple saw to that quite nicely.
Tim Lindt Frag doch Jeremy Pascal Wollny :D
Jed Shuster No!!!!! Nexus S 4G, for Sprint.
Mykie Winter No ive charged my phone twice today
Moses Estrada Only if the phone is powered off.
Dalton Severns yes! i have the samsung brightside from Verizon!
Matthew Lynn Lesley Easy. HTC one x

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