Apple must post notice of ruling that Samsung's Galaxy Tab doesn't copy iPad, U.K. judge says

Published: July 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Earlier this month a U.K. judge ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not infringe upon the design of Apple's iPad, saying that Samsung's tablets are "not as cool" as Apple's. The case got even more interesting today, as the judge has ordered Apple to publish a notice both online and in multiple British newspapers and magazines stating that Samsung's Galaxy Tab does not copy the iPad's design. Judge Colin Birss handed down the order, explaining that the alert is meant to help reverse the impression that Samsung was copying the iPad. The notice must remain on the U.K. version of Apple's website for six months.

While I'm sure that Samsung was not terribly pleased with Judge Birss stating that its Galaxy Tab isn't "as cool" as the iPad, this latest decision probably helps to make up for it. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple tried to work that whole "not as cool" thing into its notice. Neither Apple nor Samsung has yet to publicly comment on Judge Birss's latest order, but we'll update you if one of the firms decides to issue a statement on the matter.

Via Engadget, Bloomberg

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