HP says Enyo 2 application framework is "production-ready," moves it out of beta

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 18, 2012

HP Enyo logo

While there was some less-than-stellar news for HP's Enyo back at the end of May, HP has some exciting Enyo-related news to share with us today. Enyo is a JavaScript application framework, and Enyo 1 was the framework underlying the apps on the HP TouchPad. Today HP announced that Enyo 2 has exited beta, meaning that it's ready for primetime use by developers. HP says that Enyo 2 allows for cross-platform development, rather than focusing on webOS like Enyo 1, and allows devs to create apps that can run in mobile and desktop browsers ranging from iOS to Internet Explorer 8. Inside Enyo 2, users will find new UI widgets that HP has "finished polishing," a new Enyo 2 Sampler to help devs get a feel for all of Enyo 2's functionality, and a new contributor process that'll allow HP to accept bigger code contributions from community members.

Enyo 2 was mentioned as a part of HP's timeline to Open webOS, which it revealed back in January. As for Open webOS itself, the aforementioned HP schedule lists the Open webOS beta as kicking off in August, with a full release expected in September. We've yet to really get many updates on Open webOS is doing since its announcement, but it'll definitely be interesting to see if HP can stick to its timeline and get the project out there in the coming months. Until then, you can dive deeper into Enyo 2 right here.

Via Phone Scoop, Enyo blog