LG Spectrum Android 4.0 update getting close, claims LG Forum rep

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 19, 2012

LG Spectrum Verizon Wireless

When Verizon introduced the LG Spectrum in January, it said that the handset would receive an update to Android 4.0. Then the carrier confirmed that that update was still coming in March when it made a list of all of its products that'd see an Ice Cream Sandwich bump. We haven't heard anything about the update since then, but an LG Forum employee claims that Spectrum's ICS update isn't far off. In response to a question about the update nearly a week ago, Brian (the rep) said that it "should still be on track for a release very shortly" and that LG was just waiting for Verizon to assign a date. Then one day ago Brian posted again, claiming that the update was "getting very close" and again saying that LG is waiting on Verizon to set a schedule.

While this news isn't exactly the same as getting official word on the update from LG or Verizon, it's at least something to keep Spectrum owners going while waiting for Android 4.0 to arrive. When the LG Spectrum was announced, the official press release that accompanied the device claimed that the ICS update would hit in the first half of 2012, but obviously that didn't happen. If the update is indeed close, though, I'm sure that most Spectrum owners would forgive the extra few weeks. We'll keep our ears to the ground and listen for the rumbling of incoming Ice Cream Sandwiches. Stay tuned, Spectrum folk.

Via Droid-Life, LG Forum

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