We've asked it before, but as the seasons change, so do preferences in mobile operating systems.  What's your favorite mobile OS right now?  Personally, I tend to switch back and forth between Android and iOS depending on my needs that week, along with an occasional jaunt into Windows Phone as the mood strikes me.  I've never been keen on using Symbian, Maemo, or Bada, for my personal use, though I can certainly appreciate what they bring to the mobile OS roundtable.  And who can forget webOS?

Summer's here and there are some hot Android smartphones on the market, along with a fresh build of iOS that'll be rolling out in full later in the year.  So I pose the question yet again.  Which mobile OS is your favorite?  Cast your vote and let me know in the comments!

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"What's your favorite mobile OS?"

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Anonymous Android no doubt
Emre Boncuk
Emre Boncuk i like android lolz
Daniel Su
Daniel Su Android and Wp8. the two best OS's very alike in spec and resolutions and features
John Anthony
John Anthony android and WP 7.5
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Webos ftw
Matt Couper
Matt Couper Vanilla Android. WP7 is nice, but lacks the customisation that Android offers. iOS is missing so many features, and the general interface is pretty boring.
Mike West
Mike West "Real Android" as in NOT skinned. Google had finally introduced a vanilla version of android that's awesome! Why buy a phone that's always going to be behind?
Anonymous Currently using ICS. Gotta say Meego/Maemo though
Anonymous Currently I'm using Android but Maemo/Meego will always be my favourite
guesswatdabsaid iOS is the best!
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Jelly bean samwich
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Android of course.
Anonymous Android. Especially like what they did with ICS.
Anonymous android its what everyone gets and that should be a slogan
Anonymous iOS any day..!!!!
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally Android for the win! !!!
Yaghoob Haghgoo
Yaghoob Haghgoo Android
Vikalp Gautam
Vikalp Gautam Windows Phone 8
Descmond Bell
Descmond Bell Android now that Jellybean is out!!!
Jorje Edan
Jorje Edan ios.... android
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed ANDROID FTWWWW!!!!
Shoeb Hussaini
Shoeb Hussaini Android
Bernie Fen
Bernie Fen ANDROID FTMFW!!!!!!
Marlene Hernandez
Marlene Hernandez WP7 and anticipating WP8
Chetan Samra
Chetan Samra windows phone
Sydney Yau
Sydney Yau android jb
Corey Neil Greaves
Corey Neil Greaves Android by far!!!!!
Dano Kaciak
Dano Kaciak iOS !
Stephen David Thomas
Stephen David Thomas ICE CREAM SAMICH ANDROID ALL THE WAY O> <--- ice cream :)
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic IOS with JB :D
Tyler Kirchman
Tyler Kirchman Webos miss my cards lol but the phones were garbage pre+. I like Android now
Jetin Singh
Jetin Singh Android !!!!! And wp
Mrigank Bhowmick
Mrigank Bhowmick WP7..Nothing else matters!!
Anonymous Android by far mainly because of the openness to the user of the system
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Android (Ice cream burger)
Kim E. Salinas
Kim E. Salinas android
Sulaiman John
Sulaiman John Android for sure
Frank Brackett
Frank Brackett Android!!! Can't wait to get my hands on Jelly Bean!!
Richard Waring
Richard Waring Android with over 50% of phones selling are android
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Take a look at my profile pic and that's my answer . @ Devin Martinez please explain how Android is lacking the true essence of a smartphone .
Zino Vikman
Zino Vikman Android and WP. Both are just great.
Eric Quach
Eric Quach i lol at people saying iOS, ANDROID
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Jelly bean
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers Android.
Jordan Scarano
Jordan Scarano Android with Sense 4.0
Manuel Hexxdamangx Cortes
Manuel Hexxdamangx Cortes htc sence w android
Johannes Riitijoki
Johannes Riitijoki iOS
Srivathsa Chakravarthy
Srivathsa Chakravarthy Undoubtedly its the Android!
Matthew Nasworthy
Matthew Nasworthy android
Christian Marquez
Christian Marquez webos
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed ios 8,bluetooth file transfer ,widgets,sd card support,file manager, and lot more customization like android
Wilmer Lisboa
Wilmer Lisboa Android...
Anthony Tsolakis
Anthony Tsolakis Symbian . . . Only jokin'! Is that still around or have Nokia given up on that yet? . . .
Ali Rana
Ali Rana Android
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley I wish I could have a favorite. No one is doing it for me =(
Jason Croyle
Jason Croyle Brew lol
Jean Marc
Jean Marc android
Jose Santos
Jose Santos android and windows would be sec
Emmanuel M. Castro
Emmanuel M. Castro nokia 5110
Steve Spanoudakis
Steve Spanoudakis andrizzy
Bobby Moore Jr.
Bobby Moore Jr. Android
Joel Madison
Joel Madison iOS
Raylon Misick
Raylon Misick android
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Android
Jaylen Riley
Jaylen Riley iOS!!
Chris Cobeen
Chris Cobeen Jelly Bean :D. I've owned an iPod Touch, a ZuneHD ( LOVED the ZuneHD! ) and Incredible 2. I'm running Jelly Bean and its WIN!
Edward Gonse
Edward Gonse Android.
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez Android 4.1
Rich Wydra
Rich Wydra IOS6
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt Good ol android
Sol Foster
Sol Foster Well I guess this discussion has concluded with ANDRIOD FOR THE WIN!!!! AFL!
Hasan Cypriot
Hasan Cypriot Android
Ian Slade
Ian Slade ioS 6
Watashiwa Brandon
Watashiwa Brandon ios
Mark Pauley
Mark Pauley download iPrayer app free!!!!!
David Cipollone
David Cipollone Android is winning by a landslide.
Kushal Patel
Kushal Patel Android all the way...
Cassandra Nicholas Young
Cassandra Nicholas Young Why do u keep asking this question?? SMH!! Android of course!! :)
Andy Chu
Andy Chu Android with ICS and more recently Jelly Bean. Else, I'd have to give it to wp7 for a nice refreshing UI and light resource requirements. Android just takes too much power to even run smoothly.
Jacob Parrish
Jacob Parrish iOS!
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti android
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith Android.
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway iOS!!
Chris Downs
Chris Downs Android
Gilbert Montemayor
Gilbert Montemayor Android. A Million times android.
Brian Edson
Brian Edson Android is my first choice. WebOS would be my second. I used to have a palm pixi and I loved the overall look and feel to it. And it sadly died out because competitors were getting bigger and bigger as webOS decided to get smaller (HP veer). If HP wanted to put webOS on a small display, why didn't they think to make a webOS powered smart watch? The OS would work great on a 1.5" display.
Kenny Nodalo
Kenny Nodalo Windows!
Carol Flores
Carol Flores I would have to go with iOS.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera ANDROID! >:)
Joel Collicott
Joel Collicott Android
Jessie Ramos
Jessie Ramos Android. Perfectly happy with ics! but hungry for jellybean!
Charles Barlow
Charles Barlow I've had all three os ios is very good just need more customization to it but the screen is flawless android the customization is the best but the screens resalution sucks and bb is good with email messages and the screen isn't the best nor the apps but the one I like the best is........... Ios the screen is better then everyphone with its retina display the best games on a phone and the best camera ever on a phone so yea ios is better then any other phone hasn't got any windows phone so I don't no if it is good or not
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Boobs
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz who said ios .
Allen Edmonds
Allen Edmonds Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Also waiting on WP8 yo!
Andrew Ferdinand R. Gonzalez Jr.
Andrew Ferdinand R. Gonzalez Jr. > iOS is good! BUT!!!! android is BETTER, learning, experience, flexibility
Paulo Roberto Siqueira Ferreira
Paulo Roberto Siqueira Ferreira Android
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes ANDROID!!!
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter symbian
David Vaughan
David Vaughan And from what I hear android jelly bean is more of a return to roots making things work, then stuff it with features, which is nice
David Vaughan
David Vaughan I have used blackberries, androids and apples and I must say.....apple sucks....the iMacs from the 90s,the lawsuits, the aholeishness....leaves a bad taste in your mouth, blackberry would have been better If they upgraded to touch screen way sooner, htc sense while nice freezes constantly, touch wiz is fluid but ugly.... the best phone I've ever owned was the G1 hands down....
Tyson Quisano
Tyson Quisano Android! Ftw!
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling Jelly Bean
Jonathan Brewer
Jonathan Brewer I've owned them all. Ios is stable but boring and really the OS is slow compared to alternatives. Android is good (I own a gs3) and it really depends on the phone for the os. The high end phones are what android should be judged by. Wp7 is beast and wp8 can only be better. Its slick functional and convenient and it still doesn't need dual cores to whoop ass in speed. So I say WP7
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman BB
Nathan Cooley
Nathan Cooley ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman BB
Diego Schneider
Diego Schneider android
Kyle Bush
Kyle Bush Droid ICS FTW!!!!
Janelle Jae Hunter
Janelle Jae Hunter Android
Omar Shahid Mughal
Omar Shahid Mughal Android Jelly Bean 4.1.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs iOS iOS iOS!!!
Jon Christian Dagata
Jon Christian Dagata WebOS
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown iOS
Richard Kalva
Richard Kalva N9,N8,Windows!!!
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Android 4.1.1
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Not Android
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon Android
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey D R O I D! Android of course!
Rickjë Avi Baruch
Rickjë Avi Baruch Android jellybean!
Jeffrey Mew
Jeffrey Mew Android, obviously
Randy Reynolds
Randy Reynolds ANDROID! How is that even a question!
Johnny Tooter Shackelford
Johnny Tooter Shackelford iAndroid
Norma Jamison
Norma Jamison android
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Android all day!
Angel Arroyo
Angel Arroyo ANDROID
Wised Chhun
Wised Chhun Android!
Jourdan Fletcher
Jourdan Fletcher Android!! Let's face it BB is dead WP7 is ok but not there yet. iOS is the same as it was on the first OS, no real innovation. Android is always imporving. and my droid doesn't freeze only the cheap free phones have force closes
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez Android the best OS on Nexus ;)
Jacob Robert
Jacob Robert Android.
Leonardo Claudio
Leonardo Claudio ANDROID
William Bowles
William Bowles Android! ! Not gonna say why our write a long diatribe (unless you pay lol) 13 years of the phone industry should suffice I've used every phone that exists people they all have there +'s and -'s
Israel Cando
Israel Cando And I am going to say blackberry cos' no one said it.!! xD
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago android hands down. I had an iphone 4s (zzzzzzzzz) and cant say much about windows ,because its been along time since i have owned a windows phone. Too bad web os didnt reach its potential , because I owned a palm pre when it first came out and was in awe like alot of us were.
Robert Mathias
Robert Mathias Windows mobile 5.0!!!!!
Israel Cando
Israel Cando Windows and waiting for the WP8
Marcus Cadwell
Marcus Cadwell Right now we're at a point where android fanboys are worse than the iPhone ones
Sufyan Shabbir
Sufyan Shabbir iOS
Sai Lo
Sai Lo iOS
Marcus Cadwell
Marcus Cadwell I like em all, but for me I love both iOS and android. Most people on here will only pledge allegiance to one and I think that's super sad. The "iPhone sucks! Android is king" people are really tiring me out. Fanboys ruin it for everybody
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez Sorry Cody but u just can't beat that Closed, With Open Source Components, the OS is made for the device so apps look better, work better, & it just does everything the way it's supposed to. Android will give u problems by just DL a certain app from the play store. iOS all day sorry if u don't agree
Joe Ray Mendez
Joe Ray Mendez android is the present AND future, it could use a couple features from webOS tho. John Connor was right, the world is being taken over by ANDROIDS!!!!
Braulio Bunay
Braulio Bunay iOS
Jason Whiteside
Jason Whiteside There's*.. Long day! What idiots try and insult my typing... Lmfao.. Petty and immature.
Jason Whiteside
Jason Whiteside Don't *
Jason Whiteside
Jason Whiteside Android Icecream Sandwich... Hands down.. Jealous much. And mine font freeze.. What some morons font get... The more sophisticated something is the possibility of it havin more probs.. But iphone... Nokia.. Windows all suck. Get a real phone. Stupid post. Theirs no competition.
Mark Mann
Mark Mann Android !!!
Elizabeth Thugluv Stevenson
Elizabeth Thugluv Stevenson Android
Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton Have used them all. Android is my favorite.
Marcas Mac Liam
Marcas Mac Liam I
Blair Fambro
Blair Fambro Android easily
Patrice Monea
Patrice Monea Androidddddd <3
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Android
Elena Rico
Elena Rico Android (4.0)! Love my new HTC phone :D
Oscar Gonzo
Oscar Gonzo Android :)
Naser Al-jummah
Naser Al-jummah Jelly bean
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Android of course.
Naser Al-jummah
Naser Al-jummah Android
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. Or Meego !
Cody Wolf
Cody Wolf Devin your lacking the intelligence required for android
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. Nokia Belle!
Roy De Vera Walican
Roy De Vera Walican Android!!!
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright I like iOS for phones and like android for tablets. I have an iPhone and an amazing asus tf300t
Hassan Azzouz
Hassan Azzouz windows phone
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez Got a GNex running JB 4.1 & a 4s running 5.1.1 android JB is better then ICS but definitely iOS hands down !! Android still lacking the true essence of SMART phone
Jaime Escobedo
Jaime Escobedo Android jellybean smoothest OS so far iOS is just plain dull and boring
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal iOS
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone :-)
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips ICS 4.0 Galaxy S II
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Samsung make garbage phones
Serge Armel Zongo
Serge Armel Zongo definetely android
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti iOS 6.0
Anthony Tsolakis
Anthony Tsolakis The next person who says Windows, is heading in the right direction for a cyberslap . . . Android Ice-cream Sandwich, with HTC Sense . . .
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Android fucking sucks and always freeze up
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés I have used from iOs, RIM, and Android. I would have to say its Android hands down.
Steven Quacoo- Dorby
Steven Quacoo- Dorby iOS hands down
Anonymous Android 4.1
Rod Serling
Rod Serling Android no doubt
Erick Vargas Ocampo
Erick Vargas Ocampo android baby
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Android, GingerBread, now try ICS sucks......
Hugo Andrade
Hugo Andrade Android
Jerry Goldbaum
Jerry Goldbaum iOS on mobile and ATV, Mac OS X. With iCloud I'm covered no matter what device I use.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Really like Android and webOS
Alexander Kiseloff
Alexander Kiseloff Android, definitely-very flexible and open source.
Steven Basso
Steven Basso webOS r.i.p
David Tambascio
David Tambascio Android 2.3 and beyond
Dounutz Sesar
Dounutz Sesar Android ftw
Michael Foresto
Michael Foresto iPhone isn't bad, but it's not customizable unless you jailbreak it, which might be pointless because then you void the warranty and you can easily mess up a hacked phone. Android is very customizable and even more so if you root it, but then you run into the same problem as a rooted iPhone. My opinion is that they both have their merits and drawbacks.
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt Love Android on the Galaxy S3! Cant wait to see what the upgrade to Jelly Bean brings
Marvin Christmas
Marvin Christmas WP no doubt!
Ricky Amaro
Ricky Amaro iOS
Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy People saying iOS have obviously only used one phone.
Ronelo Frias
Ronelo Frias iOS
Walter Garcia
Walter Garcia Ios and android os are both AMAZING operating systems
Rodrick Benoit Torrizzle
Rodrick Benoit Torrizzle iOS 6, Beta 3.
Federico Cao
Federico Cao Android 4.1 Jellybean DUH. Kicks Crapple's iOS' ass
Shaun David
Shaun David Android!!!!
Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips Android!!!!
Barbarosie Alexandru
Barbarosie Alexandru iOS and WP
Ethan Maness
Ethan Maness Android {_jelly bean_} all the way!

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