AT&T's Q2 2012 results include 5.1 million smartphones sold, 3.7 million iPhone activations

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 24, 2012

AT&T Captivate Glide

Your early morning financial results wake up today is provided by AT&T, which just announced its results for the second quarter of 2012. The carrier reports that it earned $31.6 billion in consolidated revenues for the quarter, a stat that's up 0.3 percent from the year-earlier quarter. Meanwhile, operating income finished at $6.8 billion and net income attributable to AT&T totaled $3.9 billion, an increase from the $3.6 billion reported by AT&T in the year-earlier quarter. Wireless-specific numbers include $16.4 billion in service revenues and and $6.4 billion in data revenues.

AT&T says that it added 1.3 million total subscribers in the second quarter, bringing it to a total of 105.2 million subscribers. That includes 320,000 postpaid adds, 92,000 prepaid additions and 382,000 connected device adds. Total churn finished at 1.18 percent.

When it comes to devices, AT&T sold 5.1 million smartphones in the quarter, with those devices representing 77 percent of postpaid device sales. At the end of Q2, AT&T had 43.1 million postpaid smartphone owners, which is 61.9 percent of its postpaid base. AT&T also says that over a third of its postpaid subs are on a 4G device. When it comes specifically to the iPhone, AT&T activated 3.7 million iPhones in the quarter, 25 percent of which were new to the carrier. Tablet sales for the quarter reached 219,000. Finally, AT&T reports that 27 million customers are signed up for a tiered data plan and that the total number of postpaid customers with a data plan increased 12.2 percent year-over-year.

Sounds like a pretty decent quarter for the folks at AT&T, no? All of those smartphone and tablet adds helped the carrier to grow its data revenue 18.8 percent ($1.0 billion) from the year-earlier quarter, which is a pretty healthy jump, and I'm sure that the carrier is glad to see that nearly two-thirds of its postpaid users are toting smartphones. If you'd like to check out AT&T's full announcement, you can find it at the link below. The carrier will be holding an earnings call this morning to discuss the report, so we'll listen in an report back with any juicy details that might be shared.

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