This industry has sped up tenfold since the pre-smartphone era, and because of that, it's difficult to stay content with a single device for more than a few months. We all are constantly looking to the future to see what it may bring and planning our next move, anticipating the launch of a future phone and saving pennies to buy it once it hits shelves.

One of the most notable examples of this precedes the Apple iPhone launch each year. Long before any solid information on the upcoming device is revealed, hundreds of thousands – likely even millions – of people have their minds set on buying the next-generation iPhone. They are also likely planning to suit up in their finest battle armor and face the masses on launch day.

Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon is already taking place this year, despite being months from really knowing anything about the 2012 iPhone. In fact, the rumors and hype for this year's model started promptly after the somewhat disappointing announcement of the iPhone 4S last year, seeing as most across the Web had predicted the coming of a larger, totally redesigned iPhone 5.

The latest speculation is that the new iPhone (we don't even know the official name yet, Apple really threw us a curve ball with the "new iPad") will feature a similar design to the current one, though it will be taller and feature a larger, 4-inch display with a different aspect ratio. We assume it will still have a Retina Display and that it will feature either the same A5 chipset as the existing iPhone or the A5X as seen in the new iPad. Some speculate Apple will develop the A6 for the new iPhone instead. The next iPhone may have an improved camera, and there's also rumors floating around that Apple will retire the typical 30-pin dock connector for a slimmer, more streamlined 19-pin connector.

All this information only affirms one thing: no one really knows anything about the next iPhone. Everything we "know" is pure speculation that has been based on rumors and the piecing together of "leaked parts" from Chinese e-commerce sites, which have failed us – more than once – in the past.

Regardless, demand for the upcoming mystery iPhone is at an "unprecedented" high. A recent survey performed by research firm ChangeWave, polled results from 4,042 people who were asked about the likelihood of them buying the next iPhone. Of the 4,042 people, 14 percent said they were "very likely" in comparison to the 10 percent in the same study last year; 17 percent said they were "somewhat likely", compared to 11.5 percent last year; 59 percent (compared to 79.5 percent) said it is "unlikely" they will purchase the next iPhone; and nine percent said they "don't know".

So the figure is that without knowing a single detail about it – aside from the obvious facts that it will be an iPhone and be designed and manufactured by Apple, Inc. – over 30 percent of consumers plan to purchase the next iPhone. My question to you is: are you set on the next iPhone, regardless of the details? Or are you waiting on official word to make your decision?

As with most things, I like to be certain before I jump into a deal. The next iPhone is no exception. I carried the iPhone 4 for six months straight – which is unheard of from me. And I have been carrying the iPhone 4S almost nonstop since its release in October 2011. But I'm not blindly saying I will, without a doubt, buy the next iPhone. There are certain things that will have to fall into place before I take the iPhone plunge again, because the software is definitely lacking some. I've been using the iOS 6 beta since the day it was released, and while it's a slight improvement, it's quickly aging and begging for a redesign.

If Apple can up the ante with hardware, I may just buy the next iPhone. That said, they've got a serious task ahead of them. I would prefer a total redesign and a 4.3-inch (or larger) display. But the chances of those two things happening are slim to none.

Getting back to reality, the camera is about the only thing I wouldn't mind Apple leaving alone – the same lens and Sony sensor will do just fine for another year. The display size, however, will have to change. Also, the physical design needs some alterations, the phone needs 4G LTE support and a battery that can support all of the improvements for at least an entire day.

Chances are Apple will deliver, at least on most fronts. And if they do, I will buy one. But there is a fairly large chance that Apple plays it conservative for another year. If they don't deliver, I won't hesitate to pass and will wait to check out Windows Phone 8.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen? Are you buying the next iPhone, no matter what? Or are you waiting to see what it entails? Do you plan on buying devices before they're official? Or is speculation not your bag?

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"Will the new iPhone continue to be the best-selling smartphone on the market?"

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Anonymous as long as the apple is on the back of that phone, the sheep will buy....baaaaaa
John Anthony I think that yes but now has a lot of competition like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the htc one X
Daniel Quintero Iphone is merely ios built using Samsung and lg parts nothing is apple cept the os lol typical
Daniel Quintero Isheep will buy it regardless
Anonymous Best selling? Maybe. Best phone? Meh
Anonymous People always loved Apple products,even with their limits and cons. I think that about 90% of current iPhone users will buy new iPhone.
Cory George Without samsung you wouldnt have your iphones people, read a little more on your tech crap before you honestly think apple changed the game, samsung was working on a touch screen long before apple even thought of the iphone, and last but not least if you think apple invented most its crap on the iphone then your sadly mistaken they have borrowed more features then you can imagine from other conpanys. Apple is a run by a bunch of dicators and there regime will soon crumble
Edkens Alexandre yes. if the get a bigger screen and a LED notification light. i mean wth. no LED in a phone thats so expensive....
Reid Bailey Yes, unfortunately. More people are going to buy it more than the Galaxy S3 because it's very simple. The next iPhone for the last few years has been the iPhone trying to catch up with Android phones.
Anonymous yeah it's going to be the best smartphone and will continue to be on top of all the lists.
Bryan Platt Yeah apple is doing what they always do copy android for there ideas and then claim them for there own an then try to sue Google I seriously doubt that ios 6 will crush anything yes I agree that apple will sell there are a lot of sheep in the world thank god I'm not one of them
Roger Penn Being a user of both I have had everything but when it comes down to it I love my iPhone. Anything android is doing now apple done it better. IOS 6 will once again crush any jellybean or ice cream sandwiches that are thrown at. Apple products are the most well design and best looking products in the game. They always have ground breaking designs and they set the standard for cellular devices every year. Apple products just work no questions asked hands down.... That's what sets apple apart from android windows blackberry anything you throw at it. It just works!
Hamza Saadiq Probably, it's ABC123 simplicity and Apple has good marketing. But I don't think it's going to be a landslide victory. Personally I would never go back to the iPhone. Android and Windows Phone are far better at mulit-tasking.
Ed Seitzinger Yes, right after hell freezes over and the cleveland browns win the super bowl. I'll have so much damn money i can blow it on whatever i want and i can throw my money away on an apple pos phone and then blow it up.
Nathan Sherlock No iPhone is wack as crack
Dennis Heggenstaller This proves my theory...there is more soccer moms and high schoolers than people with brains.
Martin Smeaton Will it be the best phone? Probably not. Will it be the best selling? Yup.
Paul Davis I dislike the iPhone, but the answer will be yes if they drastically change the design
Lucy Kugelman It's te only way to go.. Always get the best !!!
Paul Alexandru Gs3 took nothing, i like how Samsung asslickers think their samsung beats apple on sales...
Jamille Browne Lol samsung has taken that crown from apple with the gs3 iPhone never lives up to the over hype, its behind the curve, apple is a shiity company, the only people buying into iPhones are past iPhone users
Devin Martinez When the iPhone 5 comes out all I can say is may the SGS3 R.I.P
Howie Eastin If screen size is the only difference then no, I am very happy and pleased with my 4S, especially since I have jailbroken it :) ...the iPhone has been the most consistent phone I have ever owned. It is great for pictures, on the spot postings to Facebook and twitter and messaging my friends.
Joel Diaz I'm just gonna say it,.......until apple gets out of her shell and comes right with better features, IT SUX! PERIOD!
David Hilgendorf Nope and nope again and NEVER!!! Stop suing the competition and go back to doing what you did before. Just suck it up and respect that android is where it is today. Keep doing things to encourage others to do better things
Yusuf Bahadur Do you realize that a lot of the ios 6 features won't be actually shown until Iphone 5 comes. You android fanatics are all the most STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! first let Iphone 5 come and then talk!
Anthony Bailey Video of an iPhone fantatic who "saw the light" and wokeup and realized Android shits all over the antiquated iOSS.
Anthony Bailey @Devin Hernandez: You call Android lovers "ignorant," but you can't even spell FROYO, correctly. The irony is not lost on me, princess.
Joel Gomez Maybe. My iphone 4 s is still good. No need to waste money.
Kristopher Davis stooped to a low of selling iPhones on virgin mobile..LOL..atleast android only gives virgin its low end devices. HTC one x, EVO LTE, sgs3 all leave apple in the dust.. its about time the apple fanboys come out the closet. Even apple bloggers who try android, stay with android!!
Mike Simon To each his/her own. Personally I love my HTC One S.
Aaron Shafer Lol there are actual issues in the world and Android vs. IPhone isn't one of them. I liked my 3gs on t mobile but I really love my HTC One S mainly because it's the best sounding music phone I've owned. Have fun in waiting in line people.
Bill Thomas @ Chris Cobeen awww did I hurt your feelings u need a hug???
Richard Reyes Castellon Duhhh!! It's apple.
Eduardo Ordaz No way. Here is what I think. The galaxy S3 is by far the best Android phone right now in my opinion its feature packed and the design is cool. Another thing by the time dis iPhone is released there will already b better phones out there like the Note 2 and the nexus devices. Lastly if apple releases dis iPhone with just a longer display and not wider and same design has the 4 and 4S its not going to stand a chance people are not going to buy dis phone that looks identical to their previous iPhones and IOS 6 doesn't look all that surprising. So no it won't.
Yusuf Bahadur Watch all of you change your mind when you see the Iphone 5. Everyone is going to buy it
Jacob Grumbles The truth is 190 of those 200 new features will be features Android has had for over a year . Haha
Devin Martinez The truth is the new features the iPhone will bring are the same ones all android phones will copy in a few months hahaha....then the fandroids cry about the patent wars haha I bet they do haha. Siri type assistants anyone hahaha please get cover for the nexus 7 ? Haha
Devin Martinez I've noticed that most android users are very ignorant. Android is the king iPhone sux....& most of them are still running frojo....truly pathetic
Daniel Rodriguez Will it be 4G?
Femi Sasona I have an iPhone now and I don't think I will get another phone ever. I used to have a blackberry but I changed over to the dark side. Looking forward to when the new iPhone drops. Will probably get it within three months after it has dropped. Let apple work on the kinks.
Ronald Johnson Tentatively, it gonna have to look better than what's leaked out. But more importantly it needs to be at least match the One X or the G 3
Robert Centennial Yes it's the only smartphone
Anthony Andrade Maybe next year
Tyler Hell No way! It's Android all the way for me!
Patrick Matteson I phone to tiny for me!! Been a android fan for years also...
Chris Cobeen @Bill Thomas. Funny, my droid Incredible 2 has never crashed on me.... it runs android, how's that soooo! No way, android, never crashing!!! OMG! Seriously doesn't have the issues you iSheep all claim....
Jacob Grumbles @Zach Cline what do you think about jellybean and project butter . On my GSM galaxy nexus I haven't experienced any lag .
Zach Cline @ Josh- I'm not so sure about that . I might end up coming back to Android ever since I bought the google nexus 7 tablet . That thing is a little beast and android has come a long way. But most iPhone owners have a lot of money invested in iTunes , The android market or google play, Whatever you want to call it is much improved . If they get it to where you can buy movies Instead of just renting them I'll switch back just like that .
Bill Thomas iPhone always out sells android on a release date no android phone have ever came close to out selling any iPhone on its launch....not even the S3....u see u android fan boys don't understand u think just because it has a good processor and more ram thats it's the most awesome phone there is....see us Apple fanboys and girls know the iPhone don't have the fastest processor or as much ram and we are ok with that because the iPhone is consistent it's all made by the same company it's all designed by the same company and that's what makes the iPhone so great thats why the IPhones IOS is a lot more stable and don't crash as much and to be honest I have had my iPhone 4 for well over a year and it hasnt crashed on me once......I will give android one thing tho there auto correct for spelling is a hell of a lot better then the iPhones...
Chris Cobeen I find it funny how iStupids make fun of android n slow updates. At least we get updates for outdated phones via the community. I don't see the first gen iPod touch running iOS 6. The OG Droid has an ICS port, so if we don't get an update officially, we damn sure DO get updates via the community, just another reason androids better
Chris Stec Screw apple and it's crappy new iphone
Josh Veerkamp iPhone hasn't been the #1 phone in a long time. All comes to personal preference and if more iPhone users got to feel some of the newer premium Android handsets, there would be less iPhone users.
Jacob Grumbles I love how i sheep try and say the only reason we don't have an iPhone is because we can't afford one . Android users want a REAL smartphone not a glorified MP3 player .
Manoz Yadav if u really want to play with the phone den android is the best and if u want to just show off den iphone is its ur choice..i got s3 last week and its awesome..i think iphone 5+ will only meets its iphone..its the tym for android only.
Sagar Samtani i sold my iphone 4 right now.. because i gonna get u baby... come soon.. cant wait
Jose Hernandez No.... Droid raxz max with ics is good for me.
Colin Hart Not at all. Apple is no longer thee innovator for smartphones. In 2012 apple and blackberry are the only two smartphone manufacturing companies with no LTE... Shame shame shame
Joanna Enrique Ramos iPhone is more popular tho!
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Yeah he'll yea
Joanna Enrique Ramos I love my iPhone <3 I think apple is pretty good too
Sunny Rattan I love how you android fanboys get your panties in a twist. iPhone's are going to sell. Yea, you don't like them but don't put down the people that use them. You have options, and no one on here is going to changes ones preference. I like both android and iOS and the battle is heating up. Note 2 vs iPhone 5 is my dilemma.
Joe Bove Of course it will all the cool kids love any apple products. Android4life
Equaknox Knox Does it come wearing 4" heels n a mini skirt...cause i not hearing any new y get it
Dany Lovegood Many people say that iPhone is for losers ... I think they haven`t enough money to get one ... I've been using android for the last 3 months and I hate it ... it's for sure I'm getting the new iPhone as soon as it comes out ...
Anthony Bailey Why ask this stupid ass question? Of course the iSheep will continue to flock to this POS phone from 2007? Of course the iPhone will continue to dominate sales. There's no question about it. If there were a millionaire or billionaire stupid enough to bet against that, I'd be rich in a couple of months. That's how 100% sure I am of this.
Susan Hugus I like my widgets, Jellybean, and the little green droid. Apple has lost its bite.
Alberto Garcia Flores Isn't it the Samsung Galaxy S 3 the best selling smartphone right now?....
Josh Veerkamp I'm sure it will continue to sell well, some people would buy an iPhone regardless of features. Personally I'll stick to Android. I like my phone to do what i want when i want.
Gaurav Bhardwaj No ..galaxy note good for me..
Vicente Reyes With all the fanboys and fangirls. Maybe. But I like Motorola and android
Chuck Rico Taylor Hell no iphone sucks i rather have a my android (samsung galaxy s3) i always prefer a open source phone than one thats locked up
Peter Malmgren Nofuckingway... If they unlock, and beat all other phones tech wise and lower their prices...then maybe...
Daniel Villarreal Yes always
Chris Hanley samsung galaxy s3 :)
Elijah David Kleehammer I like Android a lot. I think it's great. I think iOS has advantages over Android OS, but it's all a personal preference.
Robert Urriza I've heard my friends droid glitches, and just the right size . so if it gets bigger. not practice. at least the iPhone doesn't crash as much as the droids.
Erick Vargas Ocampo man your opinion to me is pointless... i prefer android ..over icrap
Elijah David Kleehammer I don't see why we get so heated about this debate. Every platform has pros and cons. Android - great customization options, widgets, larger screens, faster processors. Apple - simple to use, anyone can get it out of the box and work it, clean, retina display, easier to find great accessories, (still a pro.) it comes down to what a person needs/wants. Not everyone drives the same car, but we don't question them or say their car is dumb. Why? Why phones instead? Let people choose what they will, do not hate them for it. It doesn't matter.
Joey Colossus Jenrette I'm an Android fan boy since the Motorola Droid first hit the scene but the S3 to me isn't much better than the S2 spec wise. Its a little bit bigger, has an updated TouchWiz interface launcher and 2gb of ram. I'm not sold on it. If it had shipped to the US with the S3 international specs then I would have bought it. As for now I'm just going to rock my rooted Note on CM9 until the Note-II hits. Always buy a phone for what the phone has right then and not on future updates because they are never guaranteed.
Erick Vargas Ocampo iphone is a good phone for somebody who dont uses a phone
Ivan Villegas No thank!! I going to get SG3 or Galexy Note
Amie Lee Greenway Most likely, I will probably never buy another Android device EVER. It has been such a pain to work with and the OS just sucks. Apple has certainly won my heart with their easy-to-use iPhone with the greatest OS on the planet.
James Matthews NO!! Windows Phone 8 for the win.
Zach Cline The galaxy S3 already outsold the iPhone 4s last quarter lol. Probably why apple is getting ban happy with Samsung.
Joey Colossus Jenrette No Zach Cline you are wrong, Flash won't support 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Works just fine on ICS. Android FTW!!
Zach Cline Clearly google has brainwashed millions of people also.
Bradley E Watson I dont see how they come up with these statistics ill tell u iPhones is not #1 in Arkansas and never has been. Must be a glitch because even at&t denies this fact call them and ask if no1 believes. All the galaxies have the lime lite here. And the same goes for Verizon the Droid Razr Maxx is boss here. For every 1 Iphone sold 27 Droids are sold before the next IPhone is sold. That's 27-1 odds against the IPhone so how is it #1? I don't think so
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Androids suck.. good luck waiting forever for updates
John Soliz You bet your ass I am!
Jeff Cross I need at least 4,3 inches to rock my world
William Wadsworth Yes, but only because Apple has brainwashed millions of people. Android is clearly the superior platform.
Mario Enrique Canario Freedom = Android / Monopoly = iPhone
William Hall Windows Phone 8 for me. More stable than android and Ios. And will have dual core and quad core processors. And you can't beat the quality that Nokia is exclusively bringing to Windows Phone 8. And also having the Microsoft Surface to top it off. Beautiful ecosystem.
Joernie Berrios I-Phone r for Girls and Old people......GNEX with AOKP goodness
Juwon Donte Nope no longer will I buy an iPhone with the same bullshit boring as Hell can't customize it the way u want no flash small ass screen yes iPhones are way smother then android put it's like apple's telling You what you can and can't do with your phone which is ridiculous I'll stick With android your free to do Whatever you want with your phone that's the way it should be
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice Not everyone who has an iPhone is phone illiterate. We just prefer a phone that works as its supposed to right out of the box. I'm not hating on people that want the freedom to root and whatnot but a majority of consumers don't want to deal with all that. We just want a phone that is familiar and doesn't glitch every other day like my old Android. To each their own.
Mohd Helmy Mahat an apple product? no way. i am liking, buying & using anything other than apple-made products. better resources, better prices, better choices & so on & so forth. done.
Marcus Bröker Everyone has their own preference. iPhone users prefer to be sheep.
Durvelle Greene yes iPhones rock
Brandon Little-spoon Levesque android and iPhone are both good but I prefer android and love my HTC one s
Michael Par I got me an iphone 4 but within 1,5 year of usage it's gettin boring, gone back to android. Weeeeeeeeeee...
Zach Cline And these things aren't just " Phones" . If they were they would not be packing quad core processors among other things.
Evan Pilkington Of course it will be. Not because it's good, but it's the only phone with iOS. Even if android came out with an amazing phone it would conflict with people on different carriers or people that just wanted another android phone. People that buy the iPhone don't have the luxury of choice, they just buy whatever Apple throws at them. So the iPhone will always be the top selling phone, and Android will always the be top selling OS.
Zach Cline Uh yeah- Probably not. I have the iPhone 4s now and love it but if the new iPhone is pretty much the same thing as the 4s only with a larger screen then I'm going back to android.
Felipe Bautista Why do people still buy iPhones? iPhone is for losers.
Brian Jones na can't stand the iphone Android is always a better option all because you can root them & change it to have different roms
Bill Thomas yes no android phone will ever sell as much as an iphone on its opening day!!
Devin Martinez If the iPhone comes out great as it always does, it's a yes for me !
Devin Martinez @Jack like what ? Cuz there's a difference between android & touch wiz. I got a GNex & a 4s they do the same things just that most things are much smoother & simpler on the iPhone.
Reid Bailey Yes, unfortunately. More ppl are going to buy it more than the Galaxy S3 because it's very simple. They
Zach Chapman No I will not.. GS3 FTW!!
Stephen Wagner If all the stupid people continue to buy them, unfortunately. Let them continue to be stupid
Lucass Forward hell yea..iphone all the way
Brandon Thompson Plan as of now getting iphone
Jesse Snider I don't much care what Apple does, it doesn't rock my world. Ya'll experts haven't convinced me to switch from Android either. But the knowledge and reviews are is Aaron too by the way.
Joseph Pan Wait till jellybean comes out goggle now blows Siri away handsdown
Fabio Louí ...stilll prefer the galaxy s3.
Zach Chapman No I will not.. SG3 ftw!!
Rodger Samiie Myers depends on hardware...if its gonna compare to the note 2 or xperia S or Razr HD them yes
Bruce W. Thomas Jr. As long as it works like the rest of them do... Now android on the other hand -_-...
Hansel Starley I just want to see it so I can move with my life.
JMichael Rodriguez Everyone has their own preferences. Mine, I like the iphone.
Jody Warrick Def. getting Iphone or Note 2.. depends on which comes out first.. I tend to like the apps on the iphone better though.
Kevin Pizana Only because they'll have the rest banned...heil apple..blah..
CeeGii Borels Jesus no, you high?
Zanzi Ok All those who say S3 S3 , 80% have a Nokia junk phone
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez Droid RAZR MAXX... I wouldn't dare step off the throne for no apple... didn't we use to give those to teachers back in elementary school?.. well I graduated decades ago.. I was thinking about getting the GSIII over on TMO... as a backup phone until Google Moto drop the Droid RAZR 2k13 <----- lmao :-) that would be a hot name right...
Zanzi Ok iPhone advantages : Normal screen , not a tv screen in a phone , always get the newest updates not like android wait fort more than 6 months , stable OS not crashing or security lag like android . I have had Galaxy s2 and now i have iPhone 4s and i must say iPhone is iPhone
Allen Drewe If it has a big screen it is bought. Same screen? No.
Rose Voluntaryist No, had the iPhone 4 for a couple days. Worst phone ever. Only got UT to save money, ended up spending the extra money for my maxx. 3g is dinosaur speed, no customization, Tiny screen, bad speakers, all reasons why iPhone sucks.
James Patterson It's like this is a test in overall market fanaticism - "EVEN THOUGH WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT, WHO WANTS IT?!"
Reese Woodson iPhones are so played out with their boring grid OS. Everybody and their mama has one now. So it's not special or different to own one anymore. Unfortunately, people will still flock to get them. When it does come out, it will still be behind the curb though. The SSG3 is hands down the best phone out right now. I'm sure a lot of folks will disagree with me, but that's just my opinion about the situation.
Marc Hill Negative, Android is taking over. Samsung Galaxy S III.
Jacob Petrie As soon as Apple stops suing everyone and actually makes something worth buying I'll consider it.
Gabi-Guillermo Ortiz-Albert Iphone? why would anyone still buy an iphone. Seriously, even if it does come with something really cool, which we all know it doesn't, perhaps a slightly larger screen. The screen is still under 4" and you know before it even hits stores Android is going to be beating it with at least 4 different phones. Even now with what is already known about the new software and hardware. What competition is it to any android out right now.
Leo Alexandrov maybe if apple paid me. my one s kicks ass
Jack Hutchinson The only people who think iPhone is better than Android are those who've never used an Android. You should see what I can do on the new Samsung Galaxy S III. My iPhone didn't do HALF of what I can do now.
Jessica Davila Arzate No. Samsung,galaxy note 2 will !
Michael Alvarado Castellano Yes all totally buy it I'm looking forward to Seening the iPhone 5
Jeradiah R Williams Nope. The galaxy series will outsell them
Luke Buchanan S3 is junk
Brandi Roberts No thanks! Galaxy S3 for me!
Andres Armas shut up and take my money!!! i want that iphone XD
Fonzy Paniagua Sadly, Yes.
Mario Hernandez Nah, I switched to the Galaxy Slll already...
Damani Young for another phone
Damani Young its not going to be the best because every one has the 4s and no mo and dad is going to buy there child a 5 now and people dont want to waste money again.
Jose Angel Santiago No it will still be behind the others like the htc one x and the gs3 when it comes to fun factor and software. Iphones to me are for yuppies and teenagers.Another thing as that people just want to own one just to brag that they do.
Joel Neil Already got the gs3, why would I want to downgrade?
J Daniel González Yes it will!! I am looking forward to get it just by seeing the new iOS 6 features!! I'm loving my iPhone 4S but I think I'll love my iPhone 5 more!!!
Sherwin Orjaleza If we have money! Yes definitely we'll buy one! But since we don't have enough mOney
Sufyan Shabbir desperately waiting
Ian Baylon That would be funny if apple ripped off android by making their own version of froyo/gingerbread but it would just make the iPhone 127380437261 times worse than it is now.
Sameed Qureshi No Samsung Galaxy S3 FTW!
Suyash Srijan No thanks. S3 already encompasses the features planned for release in iPhone 10. I am looking forward to buy one of the 5 rumored Nexus's, which will release sometime in November. Jelly Bean FTW!
Aaron Couts nope got a droid 3 and if I need to buy another phone soon it be the GS3 there is not and will never be any apple products in this house.
Tabib Rehman It will be a huge seller without a doubt but i rather stick to android and get the next nexus or note 2
Mark E Lynch When is the release?
Mark E Lynch Only if its see threw
Daniyal Malik i think yes
Gordon Christie don't care its not a galaxy note
Christian Crow i got it all planned out , upgrade to 4S now , then use my dad's upgrade for 5
Steve Bachman Galaxy S3 for me next! iPhone is BORING!
Alex Bussani Galaxy S3 already has the next two future iPhones beat. No thanks.
Steve Bachman No I am not!
Ali Haris looking forward eagerly! :P

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