New BlackBerry leaks offer details on PlayBook OS 2.1 update, another peek at BBM for BlackBerry 10

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 25, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update leak

Get ready for a shiny new software update, BlackBerry PlayBook owners. A new document has been leaked to CrackBerry that offers details on the upcoming PlayBook OS 2.1 update, and there are quite a few new goodies for owners of RIM's slate to look forward to. Some of the new features found in the PlayBook OS 2.1 update include email enhancements (like the ability to use the Email, Calendar and Contacts apps in portrait mode), support for apps that require access to the device's camera and text messaging support for BlackBerry Bridge. There are also new features intended for use with the upcoming 4G-enabled model of the PlayBook, such as the ability to perform software updates and conduct video chats over a cellular connection.

In other leaky BlackBerry news, it appears that more images showing what BlackBerry Messenger might look like in BlackBerry 10 have made their way online. The first shots surfaced in late June, and these new images offer a peek at the user's full list of conversations and a new profile view. The latter will offer a navigation bar that allows users to quickly switch between a person's timeline, apps and barcode.

Sound good, BlackBerry fans? Unfortunately for PlayBook owners, today's leaked PlayBook OS 2.1 document doesn't mention precisely when the update will begin rolling out to the public. Whenever it does, though, it looks like PlayBook owners will have several new features to mess with. Meanwhile, the BBM for BlackBerry 10 leaks continue to show an app that looks much-improved over the current BBM offering. Of course, we still have to wait until early 2013 before giving BlackBerry 10 and the new BBM a go for ourselves, but at least leaks like the today's continue to help keep BlackBerry folk occupied until then. More BBM for BlackBerry 10 images can be found at the N4BB link below.

BlackBerry Messenger BBM BlackBerry 10 leak

Via CrackBerry, N4BB