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Big news today for fans of Android hacking and tinkering, as Motorola has announced that the Photon Q 4G LTE for Sprint will feature an unlockable bootloader. The company confirmed the news on its official blog, saying that it's been working with developers and carriers on a way to provide unlockable bootloaders "while keeping the networks secure and satisfying carriers’ requirements." Moto says that users will be able to unlock the Photon Q's bootloader when it launches in August (Sprint didn't provide a launch window this morning, so that's news), adding that other products will have the option of a bootloader unlock in the future. It's not clear if that's referring only to future products or if Motorola will enable the bootloaders of current devices to be unlocked as well.

Motorola has been known for including protected bootloaders on its devices for some time. The company said in June 2011 that it planned to begin implementing unlockable bootloaders on select devices, but we've yet to really see any such products come to market since. While it remains to be seen exactly how many Motorola-made devices will be released with bootloaders that can be unlocked, it's nice to see that Moto's finally planning to push out some products with the feature. Does having an unlockable bootloader make a device more attractive to you, or do you not care about it?

Via Motorola

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"Are phones with physical keyboards needed in today's mobile market?"

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Linda Aron For me, personally, yes. I just wish they could be on phones with a bigger display, but wouldn't add too much bulk. The keys also must be raised for me to feel comfortable. I'm not a fast typer, but as a former BB user, I have to say they make the best keyboards by far. Too bad they're tanking.
Anonymous Needed no. Preferred? Me likey
Spencer Craven Love the blackberry bold 9900's keyboard , by far the best.
Eduardo Ordaz Yes. My mom wants her next phone to have a physical QWERTY keyboard but there arent many that are being offerd on AT&T.
Scott Smith No, they are redundant, and make the phone heavy.
Emerich Esqueda Definitely yes. The physical keyboard is an important productivity tool. Besides allowing faster typing for most of us, it enables more screen space when typing. Physical keyboards should remain an option for consumers. Unfortunately the industry has blindy followed Apple's lead leaving aside the productivity mindset when it comes to typing and certain phone interactions.
Yonas Hagos I've two phones. One andeoid with touch and the other with qwerty keyboard. I'm kinda good on both of them, but can't say am fast on touch as am on keyboard...
Larry Hanks My all-time favorite text-email phone is still an HTC Touch Pro 2 due to its positively *lavish* keyboard. Touch screen keyboards are a real pain to use in a hurry
Joshua Bowers With apps like swipe and Google text to speach I'd say do away with them they are thick and hard to protect against drops. wife still has to have one for some reason
John Rotarius The new Motorola photon 4g lte Q is getting one and i love my photon 4g and the thickness wont be much different and it has a 1.5 dual core 720p front and rear camera and 4.3" hd touchscreen so it sounds sweet for sprint
Joel Williams I've been using a touchscreen keyboard for a few months now and I miss my real keyboard terribly. I tried, I really did. Is just too annoying
Vicente Reyes @Rob Raphael just get the Droid 4. Its a really good phone. I use a ATRIX 2 and waiting for my contract to expire for the HD version of my phone, unless Motorola comes out with something better by then. Motorola is getting better on the stock part.
Nick Speth im still using my G2 and its an amazing phone with an amazing keyboard. I love the keyboard, I hate the touch screen keyboard. When Im due for an upgrade in Feb, there probably wont be many phones left with physical keyboards and that kinda sucks. looks like ill have to start getting used to the touch screen
Jesse Ling Android phones are great but I need the feel of a kayboard
Samuel Claudio There are not needed but still wanted.
Dave Aké I'm too lazy to press buttons. I prefer touching.
Vishal Nandre ofcourse........ yes onscreen keyboard is not productive speacilly when u r travelling or roaming somewhere out in the sun
Nay VW Yes there are some of us who have great difficulties with touch screens. Touch screens and my fingers are not well compatible .. i think some thing to do with the electical and heat of my touch. It takes me 10 to type something with the virtual keyboard as it does with the real keyboard.
Sam Rick No.its so 5 years ago!
Ian Baylon Phones are selling less physical keyboard phones because they want to resemble the iPhone just touch screen and a few buttons.
Steve Hampton No big waste of space and too clunky. Even Blackberry has seen the light.
Lauralee Ellis I refuse to get an iphone for the sole fact that it does not have a physical keyboard, I find I can type so much faster with a real keyboard than I ever could with a virtual one.
Kirill Holstov Yes! I'm waiting for htc's new top spec phone with qwerty keyboard
Alexander Kiseloff I always liked physical keyboards...until Swype. Now, there is no need!
David Tambascio YES!!!!! I am waiting/hoping for a Droid 5 that will have the bare minimum specs.. 4.3-4.5" screen, of course the slide out keyboard, 720p screen, 1.5 dual core, 1gb ram. Also 4G/LTE
Josh Pieters No! Grow up Peter Pan, count chockula
Jesus Irene I really like a physical keyboard, that's why I like my DROID 3
Brandon Holley There will always be a market for it. Every single person with a blackberry is probably waiting for a good alternative smartphone with a keyboard. I'm sure there are even people with a full touch screen phone would love to have a physical keyboard on it. Hell I'm sure that's why the moto droid series is still relevant because of the fact that it's still the only android smartphone with an outstanding keyboard.
Pablo Echevarria If they find a way to keep phones slim with a keyboard, then yes. I'm talking like Galaxy S3 slim.
Douglas Prevo The question really is, "is there a market?" and if the answer is yes, then the answer to your question will be yes. I'm betting there is a market still.
Fabian Toti in my opinion.... NO
Danielle E McMillan I have to have a physical keyboard.. i make tons of errors on virtual boards, and wish there were more of a market.. i have been ready for an upgrade since last july and havent found a good enough cell with a keyboard..
Fark Mukerberg well i know a lot of people who still love keyboards. i dont. i just want a physical button for the camera because touching your screen is just super annoying so thanks apple- shame no android phone does that one yet.
Brent Legendre It's up to the user to decide. But they should still be made available.
Hugo Contreras Lagos the only keyboard that i really like, was in a phone that i will never use, the Nokai E7
Eric Mitchell Why not? More screen viewing.
Damon Lee Note 2 with keyboard lol
Rob Raphael I can't use a physical keyboard but my wife has to have one. Every time we shop for phones we see fewer options for her. I know the market for physical keyboards is shrinking, but...
Aaron Rabicheff I used to think I couldn't do without a physical keyboard. Now, on a phone at least, I find them to be more of a hindrance than a help.
Tabib Rehman I would love to have one but not on a small phone it has to be 4.5 inch or above
Ajith P George i think its a sure for bbm
Darren Kammer Yes... My last phone had one and this one does not. My next one (hopefully) will. I make so many more errors on virtual keypads.
Jamie Schiff i was a BB guy for years because of this, just recently switched to the sg3 and this keyboard, while not perfect, is great. so I am going to say no.
Joe Braidwood Hell no, SwiftKey solves all that.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I hate physical keyboards the buttons are way 2 small.
Kevin Cuffel The market functions on demand, and I think there will always be folks who like the physical keyboard. So yes, I think they are still needed. :)
Daniel Quintero I wouldn't mind
Anthony Evans Jr Id love to see more high end phones with it.. gs3 with a keyboard would be killer

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