Taylor Martin is starting to get bored with Research In Motion. So much so, in fact, that he’s having trouble getting excited about anything that the company does these days. In truth, it is becoming harder and harder to keep rooting for the underdog, and do it with any sort of conviction. It’s hard to see the company in the situation they are in now, especially weeks after the announcement that BlackBerry 10 would be delayed until 2013. (Made worse by all those jobs getting cut, too.) It would seem that if RIM didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all at this point.

The end of 2012 was supposed to be the turning point for RIM. It was supposed to be the time that all RIM fans were proven right, and vindicated for waiting. For sticking around. But now fans have to keep waiting, and now instead of paying attention to only RIM-related announcements at the end of the year, they’ll get inundated with new devices from Android manufacturers, Microsoft, and Apple’s new iPhone. Basically, everything else is getting new material, while RIM is stuck on last year’s script.

There are some who would say that RIM is done with. Those same people would point out that they don’t have anything new to announce at the end of 2012, and now there won’t be any new devices on shelves for people to buy (hopefully) until 2013. What’s worse, is that there’s a real possibility that RIM’s new handsets running BlackBerry 10 just don’t stand out against the competition. Old news, even if it’s new to RIM. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to break out of the depths.

Sure, it’ll keep some BlackBerry owners around, but it won’t cause a migration to BlackBerry. Not like RIM needs. Or wants.

There’s a possibility that the end of this year is pretty exciting for anyone who watches the smartphone market. Yes, there’s a new iPhone coming, but it goes beyond that. We may see a handful of new Nexus devices announced. And then there’s Microsoft, with their brand new Windows Phone 8, and with a whole plethora of new hardware options for manufacturers to take advantage of. And it would be a shock if Android manufacturers like Samsung or HTC don’t have another high-end device to announce later this year, which should do quite a bit to adopt even more into the Android fold.

While everyone else is getting their time in the limelight, and rightfully so, RIM sinks further into the shadows. Because there’s one big difference between the rest of these companies and RIM, one thing that separates them so distinctly that it really does make a world of difference: release dates. With all of these other companies and their devices, we should be seeing the majority of them, if not all of them, released before 2013 comes around. That will certainly be the case for the Windows Phone-based devices, and obviously the new iPhone. I would imagine that most high-end Android devices that get announced later this year will also be on store shelves before we ring in the New Year.

Even if RIM takes some time to show off what they’re working on, it won’t stop the masses from going out and buying devices that are out now, as opposed to what is coming out later.

That is, unless RIM could really surprise everyone. Unless RIM’s designers could come up with something so worthwhile that people would look at the new Nexus devices, or the new iPhone or even the new Windows Phone 8 handsets and say, “You know what? I think I’ll wait for that BlackBerry device.” That’s all that RIM has at this point. They have to realize that they need to show something off, create something so fantastic, that it makes people want to wait, instead of buy. That’s a hard –maybe even impossible—thing to do.

So, Dear Reader, tell me something. How would you fix BlackBerry? I need answers from everyone here. The fans and non-fans. What would you include, or take away, or make sure happens for you to actually wait to buy a device from Research In Motion running BlackBerry 10, rather than getting a new Android, Windows Phone, or new iPhone? Or, if there’s nothing you would change, would you really let RIM slip away entirely? Let me know!

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"What do you want to see in BlackBerry 10?"

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Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich Rest Immobilized Mobile = RIM
Alex Hernandez RIM should die
Victor Brownwell There is no way to revamp BB its strong point is business, and it sucks at everything else.music, pics, apps ect.. Apple & Android are to far a head! Just play to your market consumers who ever that is.
Sierra Alley I have a blackberry curve 3g annnnddd it sucks. i get to upgrade my phone in march and i'm gonna get an iphone! I wish bb's would probably work, so maybe they should fix their kinds first and a bigger screen.
Sam Rick I wanna see it gone.
Joseph James Gabo Solid hardware with the BB playbook OS on top , TITANIUM OR ALLOY MADE, gorrila 2, EDGE TO EDGE TOUCHSCREEN 5.0, NO BUTTON, and sure it'll be selling like S3 or more...
Ian Baylon Eclair with BB software, no one has 1.5 anymore.
Chuk Anyanetu They have a solid plan right now, they just gotta execute and execute on time. For all the power on the S3, it is hampered mostly by the OS, just like the S2 was (it won't get Jelly Bean) and just like the S4 will (it will have Jelly Bean on it, but won't have the new new OS) Anyone who looked into BB10 knows it is the real deal, completely new OS that is more fluid than apple and Im assuming more stable than Android. It is just about getting it right the first time, that is why people dislike Microsoft, they make so many mistakes and take soo long to fix them.
James Daniels Hmmmm how about a merger with Google...? That way those complaining about wanting a damn physical keyboard will stop crying all the time and they could have an actual good touchscreen device with a plausible up-to-date operating system....
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés Theres no way. Except if they come out with a phone similar to SGS3 on Steroids
?????? ?????? Haven't used bb since the original storm.. Sooooo long bb
Oscar Alfieri I would like to see their proprietary OS go away, and support WM7/8.
Naj Khan please nothing no blackberry
Justin LaJeunesse Tons of people use BlackBerry, like business people or those who love a physical keyboard. The complaint I've had and heard from many others is that they don't have the apps, ease of use, screen resolution, and customization that iPhone and Android has. I like the idea of holding onto the good stuff that BB does so well like BBM and their keyboards, but think outside the box and take a step in the direction to make BB exciting and relevant in today's market. They've heard the compliants and the praises... now they need to be smart enough to make changes.
Juwon Donte Blackberry is no longer relevant nobody uses them at all
Victor ElJefe Dominguez I would like to see it gone
Justin Cartier Convert to an ANDROID skin, and dump BB OS all together.
Nelson Nieves Quicker loading time.... The ability to leave the back-light on for as long as I want on my playbook... Fully customizable interface... More FREE stuff!!!
Dorian Delandro overhaul in the ui and license out the software and sell the hardware division.
Jaime Andrade I want to see it gone
Charles Barlow I luv the bb bold 9930 phone the keyboard and the liquid grafics is the best just with the processor was better camera was better and had ios app that would be the best bb ever I'm sticking with bb forever just want a newer bb 10 but with the bb bold look thanks
Nick LaSorsa I want to see it not exist
Marcus Edwards Its gonna be hard to save RIM. They are going to have to give those phones away.
Eric J. Powers I will never buy another BB, they suck!
Gener Jun Encarnacion Move to Android and make the most secure android phone that existed, or maybe make a deal with Google to make Android as or more secure than BB OS.
Shahid Khan I would like it to sell its BBM service to Apple, ..... But again we have watsapp which is bettr, so I guess it can just Die! Useless & waste of space! Its over!
Mike Pisaturo it to disappear
Nick Catelli What do I want to see in BB10? A relevant OS maybe...
Aaron Couts Sell it to Google
Jordan McNamara Johnson What's a Blackberry? And who is RIM?
Marvin Shepherd I would love to see it just work... Is that to much to ask?
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez I'll just say Blackberry needs to follow in the direction that Nextel took... Sell; sell; sell.... Its the only way you will survive... for the next ten years until you meet the same fate as sprint Nextel will meet in June of 2013.. RIP sprint Nextel... RIP Blackberry... Like agent smith said to Neo.. its inevitable!!! Lol
Ambrose Begay And a new Philosophy! RIM needs to pull a Lumia 900! Different OS (maybe WebOS on crack!) and really really awesome/relevant hardware (Nokia lumia 900). Maybe amp up the camera and bump up the screen size and resolution. Add native app functionality like twitter, wolfram alpha, Facebook and yelp. 3 handsets for 3 types of users, Business people, college students, teenagers. Lastly Advertise to every type of user base!
Ambrose Begay OS overhaul!!! Innovate RIM!
Jeff Cross I don't want a blackberry? Their time in the sun is over and like the dinosaur who didn't evolve fast enough they will soon go the way of the dinosaur, dead dead and dead.
David Lora Black berry is still around?
Nikola Karovic He is dead Jim !!
Javier Gonzalez Android OS running on a nice looking device
Anthony Tucker-Bartley Better APP World and a more full touch screen phones. Abandoned the small screens, please!
Baris Josh Senkal Make it android based but keep all the good things like bbm.
Robert Mays i like to see them make an androud line of phones
Corey Torrid I would like BB 10 to just disappear.
Jameson Philip North I'd like to see dual cameras like the PlayBook and slightly better multimedia support. It'd also be great if some of the gestures on the PlayBook were ported to BB10. A better App store would be great, as well--please get rid of some of the junk though. We need normal apps, because I can't deal with the lack of apps available on iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone. Maybe open up the Android app store for BB10? Also, on a non-suggestion note, I really want to see the BB10 device with a physical keyboard.
Luis Teddy Morquecho I good like to see a blackberry with instangram, back and front camera, touch screen and keyboard same as 9900, to add more apps for entertaiment like android has
Stephen Wagner Better app store
Wilson R. Torres Just use android.
Daniel Quintero If they pulled off a buy of Webos I'd ditch android
Samuel Cummings Simple: Android! Android with BB ported software. win: win!
Tyler Saddington I would put Siri, S-Voice and google search (Jelly bean one) in it
Cristian Palacios If they plan to stay black berry. I say they raise the quality, get a better processor, create their own personal assistant, bigger screen size. Maybe even a full touch screen. This is just my opinion
Carl Joseph Bialorucki Windows Phone + BBM
David Barton Even with the magical Unicorn known as BB10.. Blackberry is too late! It's over!!
David John Balbin everything new to the plate.
David Tambascio Port Android JellyBean to EVERY CrapBerry device
Felix Molano How abt no phone and sell the company to google?
Calvin JW Android
Brandon Rampaul bbm..thats all i ask for

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