I think I had forgotten what it’s like to worry about battery life. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, of course, but now that I’m using a phone that isn’t an iPhone, things are a bit different. I didn’t have the Galaxy S III from Samsung long enough to notice a major difference in battery life between it and the iPhone 4S, but now that I’m using the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung I can’t help but notice it. Because it’s obvious. The differences are pretty staggering, to say the least, especially with the Galaxy Nexus’s display on, and while I’m using the device.

I’ve asked in the past if our features are leaving our batteries in the dust, and I think that’s true. I do believe that services like Google Now, along with plenty of other things (some of which you can find on the Galaxy S III), are almost too advanced for our phones right now. The batteries, anyway.

The thing is, I’m not sure that’s the case with the Galaxy Nexus. And I can’t help but laugh about this a little bit. I mean, I really love Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It still surprises me, even after more than a week of using the Galaxy Nexus as my sole device. But I’ve had to limit my usage of Google Now because of the battery. What makes it worse, though, is that it isn’t just the stock battery.

I used to be someone who carried two phones. When I was using a Palm Pre, and then eventually a Palm Pre Plus (when I switched to Verizon full-time), I had a second device because the battery life wasn’t great. Or even kind of good, some days. Having the second device made it possible to get through a day with a working phone. It wasn’t the perfect situation, but having two phones wasn’t all that bad, either.

But, I’m not a fan of having more than one device on me anymore. I’ve consolidated, and I’m glad that I made the decision to do it. After all, our devices are advanced enough to make that happen without much of a hiccup, so why not take advantage of it? Right. But it seems like now that I’m not a fan of carrying two devices, I’m forced to carry multiples of something else:


Out of the box, the Galaxy Nexus LTE comes with an 1850 mAh battery. On paper, that should be enough. In practice, though, it’s pretty incredible how short the battery lasts. What’s even stranger, though, is that when I had the GNex LTE when it first came out, I never had a real problem with the battery. It did pretty well for itself. Now, though, I’m seemingly right in the same spot as all those others out there who have been decrying the GNex’s battery for so long.

So now I’m carrying two batteries. No, it isn’t two devices, but it’s the same principle, right? I’ve got the standard battery, and then I also picked up the “extended battery,” which measures in at a whopping (sarcasm?) 2100 mAh. Theoretically, it should last longer than the 1800 mAh battery. But you know what? It doesn’t. It just doesn’t.

And every single time I check my battery information, it’s the Galaxy Nexus’s display that’s sucking all the juice from the battery. Batteries. It has me wondering if maybe I shouldn’t start carrying two devices again, because what’s the difference. Aside from the fact that I’d need to tell people I have two phone numbers again (or stick with services like Google Talk), and there’s obviously a difference between an extra phone and an extra battery.

It’d be a reason to use another mobile operating system every day, though, and that can’t possibly be a bad thing. Not for someone who likes to use things like that on a regular basis, anyway.

So here’s my question to you, Dear Reader. Do you currently carry around two or more batteries? Or do you keep an extra one somewhere just in case, like at work or easily accessible at home? Or do you keep a secondary device (hopefully with a fully charged battery) ready to go, just in case the battery in your main device goes dead? Or, better yet, have you skipped devices with reportedly bad battery life in favor of handsets that you know should last you the day? Let me know!

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Emre Boncuk i have a s
Anonymous Could be better on my Galaxy S2
John Anthony no i love my windows
Cedric Hettinger After ics my battery sucks on my gs2
Eugene Yap Removable battery is better
Eugene Yap Oh no. Htc one x perfect. But inconvinient to charge outdoor.
Daniel Quintero I have an extended and 2 normal sized
Robert Mathias Yeah, I do. Have the gs3 and it lasts all day unless ofcourse I use it for streaming audio. I keep a spare with me just in case. Thought I've done that for every smart phone I've ever had.
Sulaiman John Can't bcaz my phones battery can't be removed.......(HTC one x)
Abram Wenevermet Dennis That's funny my evo4gs battery use 2 last 4hours..
Razi Ul Hassan Battery life is great on my desire s , phone of the year evoled .
David Smith Yep one spare and I'm good to go, although on the nexus galaxy with jelly bean is hardly ever needed, and oh so fluid...
Diego M Perez EVO 4g (original) lasts 14 hours. Quite content
Anthony Pina Aguilar Use carry an extra battery, not anymore, now that I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE!
Leo Alexandrov My htc one s has a bright screen so I turn down the brightness all the way down and I have a dark walpaper which turns off some of the pixels on the screen. But the main thing is that I don't have data constantly running which helps. Gets me through one day on a one night charge
Nathaniel Hull i really like the xtra battery and external charger... u NEVER hafta sit somewhere with ur phone on a charger, jus pop n go... its no hassle at all!!
James Vincent Too much trouble to remove my phone from its case to swap batteries, mine lasts me through the day, and I have a car charger just in case
Eric J. Powers Battery life for the razr was never great, and now after the ICS update its even worse!
Huey Liggins My old 3gs battery on edge lasts as long as the galaxy note on 4g. It has a 2500mah battery yet still needs to charge at least once at some point during the day. So carrying an extra battery would last 1 day and a half. It's the at&t version so I'm guessing the International has a great battery lasting all day without lte
Mark Belkowski yes battery life on any android device even the razr maxx sucks.
Ted Williams IV Bought an extended battery. Now my phone has the ridiculous hump but that's the price to pay for longer battery life
Jim Mccoy iPhone4 keeps a charge all day. Haven't been able to kill my nexus 7 in a day. All androids need to get to where the iPhone and the nexus 7 is at.
Jaime Espinoza Batteries* fail lol
Jaime Espinoza My Galaxy s3 lasts a day and a half with moderate to heavy use. No need for extra battrties.
Sergio Rubio Every android I've ever owned had horrible battery life (g1, n1, g2, g2x, amaze, evo, sgs, sgs2) even with custom roms
Anas Al-Hosni yes I do, extra.
Marco Raymond No problem on my Nokia Lumia 900!
Christian Carpino The battery on my Galaxy Nexus is terrible, but the phone is practically perfect with Jelly Bean otherwise.
Bobby Grissom nope mine last all day , with some to spare . droid razr maxx..
Milton Gfl Williams Galaxy s 3 battery is okay , but once you star playing any hd games it decreases dramatically
Êmmy Êm Ô'kc HTC, yea I do have another battery
Nanny Anna My battery used to only last a hour if that after being fully charged. bought a new battery and maybe use about 1 bar a day :D
Richie Soares I keep a charger at work and a car charger...Sucks!
Daniel Quintero Yes I used to use an extended but started to wear out so I got another oem
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich phones with big screens eat batterys
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich I carry it everywhere.
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich powerbank 4400 mah battery keeps me charged 5 times.
Wissam Salah Al-fakiany my galaxy s3 battery is bad .... i would buy a backup soon ..... and to think i dont even use the phone that much ..
Carlos Camacho Del Valle Not now with my Samsung Galaxy Pro, but I still renember my old Blackberry Curve 9300. It was a nightmare I had to carry my charger everywere I wnt because the battery life was horrible.
Ian Slade Since I moved from Android (GSII) to iOs (iPhone 4S) I have noticed a very big increase in my battery life. I had to charge my SII at least 2 times a day. I charge my iPhone every two days. However, I do miss the customisation and widgets but battery life is far more important to me. I also really like the fluidity of the iPhone. I have been thinking about the SIII due to hearing great things about battery life, but I also may wait til the iPhone 5.
Justin Cartier I'd love to, but my phone has a non changeable battery. (Droid RAZR)
Ama Stamps My battery last less than an hour and I have to keep changing it up. I truly want an extra battery just in case one dies and I have one extra. Thanks.
Dawn Thieme my phone's old, and the battery life SUCKS!!!
Dalton Severns Nope. My Samsung bright side can last me anywhere between 3-5 days with moderate usage! It has a wonderful battery!
Nikola Karovic no it isnt, I use my xperia and Iphone as phones (sms, call) and it last 5-6 days
Leo Alexandrov And I'm not that attached to the internet that I need a data plan
Leo Alexandrov Nope. I don't have a data plan and I don't need one. Constant data and constant live updating eats the battery. Everywhere I go I can get WiFi.
Rock Roche Gotta carry my charger everywhere, or my nexus commits suicide after 3hrs(I listen to music on it constantly though).
Jannie Chan G3 and I still do carry one.
Kyle Miller Had one for my g2x. Don't need one with my Galaxy Nexus
Fabian Toti yes i do all the time... gs2 skyrocket
Marcus NinersEmpire Nope I get great battery life on the HTC EVO 4G LTE.. the reason why you can't cause you don't know how to really use your phone right that's why you can't make it awhole day without it being dead before noon lol
Ronnie Bowlson I have a GS3 the battery suck big time. Motorola sell their 3300 mah technology to other manufactures. The razor maxx battery life is excellent.
Andrew Johnson yes :P OG EVO lol
Richard John Soares My galaxy nexus with jelly bean lasts me all day with no problems off charge at 5am on charge at 11pm ruff. GSM version with extended battery. Also have a HTC one x battery life is on par with my nexus and has a smaller battery.
Andrew Springer The galaxy note is one of the best phone I've ever had with one of the worst batteries I've ever had haha, I always carry an extra
Tony Abiama Battery is still meh on my Galaxy Nexus
Jesus Salomon Last time I use a spare battery was for my HTC sensation now that problem is gone because my gs3 last all day with a single charge
Marvin Oubre I'm a real heavy user on the mobile internet.
Yan Zhenghao Lumia 900 battery works great on HSPA+ with my carrier, I can easily make it through 20 hours with moderate use & 2~3 days idle.
Matthew Fleisher Juice defender really helps too. and no it's not atask killer.
Nick Chimento I don't carry one all the time, but I do have an extra one. T-Mobile gave me and extra 1520 mah battery for my myTouch 4G Slide. Battery life still sucks though.
Matthew Fleisher I will not buy a phone unless it has removable battery and sd card. SGS3 battery is awesome but barely makes it through a 12 hour work day plus 1 hour commute.
Lanh Nguyen people who can't make it through a full day must be doing a lot on their phone...
Itzel Jeronimo RAZR Maxx <3 no need for more than one charge every day or day in a half :D
Brain Roopull Just bought a 3500 mah battery for my Transform Ultra. The stock battery is crap.
Marvin Oubre I have 4 different charging cables for my EVO 3D. One I keep at work, one I keep at home, one in my car and an extra charger in case something happens to the other ones.
Robert Lee Ingram Gs3 don't need one
Eric Hook The Galaxy S III is good, far from terrible. But I am a heavy user, and don't carry one around, but do keep 2 spare backups at the house
Tyler Seybold Not a problem on my Nokia lumia 900. Its a fantastic all around phone.
Jacob Piehl Carried 2 extras until recently lost on public transit. :-(
DeVon Burley yup I've carried spare batteries for every phone I've owned since the Treo 650.. I'm a heavy user, and its 2nd nature for me now..
Kyle MacDonald Bogart i have an extended battery 3850 mAH
Ezekiel Carsella yes. I have a 900 MAH battery. i do not have an extra one
Lamar Sarracino I really should carry a couple extra batteries, because this pantech Breakout sucks on battery life!!!
Tierra Baldwin S3 has excellent battery life...love this phone
Scott Madera nope not at all Razr Maxx
Felix Molano Dont use task killer. I will not explain, figure it out yourselves.
Felix Molano No, but i should.
EJ Burgan Powerskin!
Dennis Petrospour Galaxy s3 battery rocks
Arturo Cifuentes Yes I still do even on my Samsung galaxy s3 for sprint
Josh Pieters Yes. Galaxy nexus
Vicente Reyes Battery life only sucks when you leave too many apps open all the time. Learn to use the task killer. My ATRIX 2 usually keeps its charge throughout the day without being charged every 30min
Jaime Vado HTC One S has no removable battery so I have an Anker portable charger.
Jacob Grumbles No my battery last through the day on my GSM galaxy nexus with jelly bean .
Nathan Parks Nice thing about android is you have the choice of an extended battery
Steve Bachman Connecting to my GS3 btw
Steve Bachman Just got a "Mophie" since I am getting a Nexus 7 and will be tethering. I'll let you know how that works out. Will probably keep the Mophie connected while using the 7. Should be okay!
Zach Chapman My GS2 battery lasts me all day with moderate use.. maybe you all are online TOO MUCH??
Gaby Piñeyro Nop, I only use this http://www.amazon.com/Trexcell-Samsung-SPH-D710-Extended-Compatible/dp/B0069RQMWS
Alexander Payne Galaxy S3 and yes I do!
William Wadsworth Droid Razr Maxx FTW
Jimmy Allen All my androids have had less battery life than I would like, best thing I ever did was buy a 3amp charger, first I got a 3amp car charger, then a 3amp house charger. Both cut charging time drastically
Trory Junior Lennon I have an Incredible 2. I have an extended battery and it usually lasts me all day. Im always on the net & stuff & still ok. But I keep my standard battery with me fully charged just in case. But I have a backup prepaid phone too ! lmbo. Im ready !
Brian Edwards Used to, don't with my G-nex due to how the NFC is built into the battery.
Raul Lopez Put it this way all android batterys suck donkey ima buy me a none android phone them regular phones do a better job with the battery life plus a phone is just to make calls to go on the web thats why theres computers thats my opinion :D
Fred Lindsey III Nope!! I love my RAZR MAXX!!
David Tambascio Not really bad, on Rezound with latest leak (.10) and ext battery, just have an extra charger for work. Also the ROMS so far are amazing here just need AOSP and soon!!
Justin Fitzgerald Yup, I always have a 2200 mAh battery in my phone and carry a 3800 mAh battery for extra when I need it.
Bren Sugar I am a fairly new owner of a GNex (gsm) and while running ICS I just couldn't see why people were complaining about battery life.Then I get the JB OTA and wow what a difference...the battery drains incredibly quick when using the phone fairly lightly....and I as well see the display/screen being what shows up as being the biggest usage of battery.My screen timeout and brightness are set conservatively so not sure what gives with that exactly. I do have spare batteries for the 1st time EVER with a cellphone.
Amie Lee Greenway I do not or should say, I cannot. I have a Droid Razr so no extra batteries for me but definitely extra chargers.
Tyler Frodl Yes i do! my galaxy s2 battery sucks!
Sean Watson I have an extended battery in my thunderbolt. I have 2 spares with me in my bag always, but very rarely Do I ever need them. But they're there just in case . This way I don't hafta pay attention to what im doing on my phone. I just can use it however I want
Octo Verduzco The note is awesome! But battery life sux! I carry two extra all the time!
Jim Hollingsworth Nope, RAZR MAXX to the rescue!
Javier Sanchez-Ortiz I don't see me needing it with my GS3
Bharat Bhusan yup in emergency.
Courtney Harris Sweetp Harris
Jesse James de Mello battery life is really bad with ios 6 beta and you cant replase battery in the iphone
Abel Ollarsaba @travis do u do something special with ur gs3
Antonio Vazquez nope, i only carry extra batteries when i do go out of town or vacation though, its convenient
Marti Ruiz galaxy nexus battery sucks
Travis Dickens GS3 gets me 20 to 27 hours
Paul Fabrie I dont have extra batteries but I sometimes bring my charger along when I know I will be out for a while.
Alberto Gutiérrez Yep, I have 2 for my Inspire 4G
Sherrilee Charlemagne I've been meaning to buy extra batteries for the longest. But I do always walk with cords lol.. It's ridiculous
Marti Ruiz wishing a gs3
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Not since I got rid of Android.
Dietrich Brown I did with galaxy s 2 but not with gs3
Steven Lazaro Battery life is terrible on EVO 3D -.-

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