Open webOS won't feature support for current webOS products

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 31, 2012

HP Pre 3 open

Open webOS is expected to see a full 1.0 release in September, and so far the work on the project has been progressing, like with the recent release of the Enyo 2 application framework. Today the Open webOS Project took another step toward release, but not all of the news packed in with today's announcement was good. In an announcement on the Open webOS Blog, it's been revealed that Open webOS won't support existing products like the Pre 3 or TouchPad. The reason for the decision is that the devices contain proprietary components that can't be open sourced. However, the post does note that TouchPad owners have the tinkerer-friendly webOS Community Edition to download.

The Open webOS blog also confirmed that it's released the Luna System Manager and core applications (such as Email, Calendar and Clock). As webOS Nation explains, the Luna System Manager is responsible for things like the operating system's launcher and menus. 

The news that current webOS hardware won't be supported in Open webOS is certainly a bummer for those folks that've been clutching their Pres and TouchPads and hoping that they'd see some open source love from HP. Of course, that doesn't mean that those devices won't ever see some form of Open webOS, as I wouldn't be surprised to see the webOS hacking community attempt to get the platform working on existing products. If you'd like to read up more on today's announcements, you can find all of the details at the Open webOS Blog link below. Do any of you still have a webOS phone or TouchPad?

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