Our Expert Spotlight segment for the Official Smartphone Rankings

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| July 31, 2012

For week's now our visitors and a group of mobile tech experts have selected the top smartphones in the industry via the Official Smartphone Rankings™ (OSR).  The Official Smartphone Rankings™ program is designed to be the industry standard for how smartphones are historically ranked on a weekly basis.  As the summer continues to heat up, so does the race for the top position of the OSR charts.

In this week's Expert Spotlight we will be highlighting the one and only, Aaron Baker of PhoneDog.com, recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of MobileBurn.com, Dan Seifert, and we are also excited to introduce a new mobile tech expert, Alexander Omoniyi of BWONE.com.   

Aaron Baker - Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog.com. Follow him on twitter at PhoneDog_Aaron.


Some minor changes to my list this week. Samsung's Galaxy S III series continues to take the top spots (with the global winning ever-so-slightly thanks to a faster processor), but HTC's One X moves into third place due to fantastic specs and a recent price drop to $99.99 on AT&T. The EVO 4G LTE is the best HTC device of 2012, though the $199 price point puts it slightly behind the One X. And rounding out the list this week, the iPhone 4S due to fluidity and ease of use (though admittedly, it's getting a bit long in the tooth).





Dan Seifert - Editor-in-Chief at Mobileburn.com.  Follow him on twitter @dcseifert.


The Apple iPhone 4S is the still the best smartphone on the market for the vast majority of customers. It's combination of ease of use, large app/accessory ecosystem, stability, great camera, and solid battery life keep it ahead of the pack. Samsung's Galaxy S III is a strong contender, as it offers a great screen, great camera, and fast performance. HTC's One X and One S are two solid choices if you aren't a fan of the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy S III, while the Apple iPhone 4 remains the best 'value' smartphone on the market - despite the fact that it was introduced over two years ago.





Alexander Omoniyi - Contributing Editor for BWONE.com.  Follow him on twitter @ElseBWOneDotCom.


The DROID RAZR MAXX begins at the top of my list for two reasons. Undoubtedly, the first being it's battery life. No smartphone on the market today competes with it. Secondly, the ICS update. It gives the RAZR an almost stock Android experience. Combining those two element's with Verizon's LTE network makes the ending verdict very simple 

Many people will argue with placing the Nokia Lumia 900 second in my rankings. As I am a Windows Phone user I've become well immersed in the day to day user experience of the device. It isn't always about the flare of a device (specs, apps, etc.) Windows Phone gets the job done is the simplest way possible. 

The Galaxy Nexus gets the number 3 spot on my list for the simple fact it has the latest and greatest version of Android in Jellybean. The updated software have received nothing but great reviews and drastically increases the value of the device. 

Samsung Galaxy S lll. This is a tough one. I've been using the the S3 for the past few weeks and I continuously walk away with the ominous feeling of wanting more. Don't get me wrong, the S3 has it's wow moments. The technology packed in this bad boy is cutting edge. But sadly specs alone don't make an iconic device

The Iphone 4S is on it's last leg folks. The only reason why it's on my Top 5 list acquits to its enormous user base. You can't deny it's presence in the mobile ecosystem. Only time will tell whether or not this years Iphone will be an incremental update or a game changing one.