Sharp president says shipments of new iPhone screens will begin this month

Published: August 2, 2012

iPhone 4S

Earlier this week, a number of reports came out claiming that Apple is planning to introduce its new iPhone at a September 12 event. And while it may seem like that date is official considering how many different times we heard the info, it's not quite been confirmed by Apple just yet. Today we've got another bit of news that seemingly corroborates those reports, though, this time thanks to Sharp's president, Takashi Okuda. According to Reuters, the executive said that Sharp will begin shipping screens for a new iPhone in August. An more precise shipping date wasn't given.

While no actual details of the new iPhone's screen were mentioned by the Sharp president, it's previously been rumored that the device's display will measure 4 inches in size. Today's news isn't quite the same as a confirmation from Apple that the next-generation iPhone is near, but it certainly adds credence to the claims that the handset could debut next month. Now we're just waiting for Apple to send out invitations to the new iPhone event. When that'll happen is a mystery, but you can bet that when the invitations begin going out, you'll be the first ones we tell.

Via Reuters

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