All HTC One X, One S models to receive update with menu button tweak

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 4, 2012


The HTC One X on AT&T was recently on the receiving end of a new update that, among other things, gave users the option to use the device's multitasking key as a way to manually bring up the menu button. This option also eliminates the large, black menu button at the bottom of the One X's display that appears while using an app that requires a menu button but isn't built to have it appear in the action bar of Android 4.0 devices. The same bar also appears in other HTC One-branded devices, but the good news is that HTC is planning to push a similar option to other One models. The company confirmed to Anandtech that all One X and One S handsets will be updated to allow for the multitasking button to be used to bring up the menu options. However, HTC didn't mention whether other One devices, like the One V and EVO 4G LTE, would also be updated.

The large menu bar that appears for some apps on One devices certainly seems like a pain, taking up valuable screen real estate just for a single button. It's good to see HTC providing an update to address the situation, and it's even better that users are given the option of pressing the multitasking key to access the menu options and holding it to bring up the recent apps or having it the other way around. It's not yet clear exactly when owners of the One S and other One X can expect the update to make it to their particular handset, but hey, at least we know that it's coming. Stay tuned and we'll pass along more details as we get 'em.

Via The Verge, Anandtech