Alleged new iPhone nano-SIM tray compared to iPhone 4S micro-SIM tray in photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 6, 2012

New iPhone nano-SIM card tray leak

New iPhone part leaks are nothing new, with images of purported front and back panels popping up in recent months. The leaks continue today, and this time we're talking SIM card trays. Some photos of what may be the next iPhone's SIM tray have made their way online thanks to French site, and the tray appears to accept cards of the nano-SIM variety. Compared to the micro-SIM tray found in the iPhone 4S, this nano tray appears to be slightly shorter and not quite as wide as the 4S's tray. This leak jibes with reports from last month that claimed that carriers were busy testing and stockpiling nano-SIMs in preparation of the arrival of Apple's new handset. Today's leak also contains images of white and black home buttons that may belong to the next iPhone and are slightly smaller than the buttons found on previous generations of the iPhone.

The nano-SIM was standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute in June and measures around 40 percent smaller than the micro-SIM. Adopting this smaller nano-SIM card would give Apple a bit more space for components inside the new iPhone, and when you're dealing with devices as thin as smartphones are as of late, every little bit helps. The rumor mill claims that Apple may be planning to show off its new handset on September 12 and launch it on September 21, so it may not be long before we've got a smaller, thinner SIM card to keep track of. Better get those glasses/contacts ready.

Via 9to5 Mac,