iOS 6 scales to 1136x640 resolution with five rows of apps in iOS Simulator

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 7, 2012

iOS 6 1136x640 resolution iOS Simulator

Rumors have been flying about the next iPhone's display, with reports that it may be taller than the screen found on the current iPhone and feature a resolution of 1136x640. Today those claims got a bit more support, as it's been discovered that Apple's own iOS Simulator app plays pretty nicely with that resolution. 9to5 Mac accessed the iOS Simulator and tweaked it to run at 1136x640, and while iOS 5.1 displayed a stretched out version of the four-row home screen that iOS users are accustomed to, loading up iOS 6 at that resolution shows five rows of app icons. The site also notes that the simulator won't show five rows at resolutions other than 1136x640, instead displaying them in an "iPad-like home screen layout."

The fact that loading iOS 6 at 1136x640 in the iOS Simulator app shows five rows of icons seems to suggest that Apple has at least toyed with the idea of releasing a device with such a resolution. Of course, nothing is official until Tim Cook and Co. make it so, so for now iOS folk probably should hold off on dreaming about what it'll be like to have an extra 176 pixels of screen real estate. The good news is that with an iPhone announcement that's rumored to be happening on September 12, it won't be long before we finally find out exactly what kind of display Apple's next handset will feature. Does a taller, 1136x640 screen sound appealing to you, iOS users?

Via 9to5 Mac