GameStop Mobile was a "creative mockup" that won't actually launch, says GameStop CEO

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 8, 2012

GameStop Mobile logo

Back in May, a website for a GameStop-branded AT&T MVNO dubbed "GameStop Mobile" popped up online, complete with handful of different plan options. There weren't many other details available about the entity then, but today some more light has finally been shed on it. Unfortunately for those interested in GameStop Mobile, the retailer's CEO has revealed to Engadget that the whole thing was simply "a creative mockup" that GameStop has no plans to actually launch. "We don't have an MVNO," said GameStop CEO Paul Rainer, explaining that the GameStop Mobile site was accidentally left on a server when outlets began noticing it. However, Rainer added that GameStop is currently testing selling prepaid cell phone service and SIM cards from different operators.

While the mockup version of GameStop Mobile didn't exactly have the most competitive plan rates around, it would've been interesting to see the company launch its own MVNO considering how many different retail stores GameStop could hawk its mobile goods in. For now, though, anyone interested in picking up some mobile service at a GameStop store will have to settle for one of the prepaid services and SIMs that GameStop is testing. Do any of you think you would check out GameStop Mobile if it did end up launching?

Via Engadget