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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is expected to be unveiled at a Samsung event in Berlin on August 29, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from getting in a last-minute rumor about the handset. A new report from the Korea IT Times claims that the Note II will feature a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display as well as a combo of Unbreakable Plane (UBP) tech and plastic substrate. It's said that this will reduce the thickness of the screen to 0.4mm, allowing for beefed up battery capacity.

While using these different display technologies on the Galaxy Note II wouldn't make the phone itself flexible, it could allow for a thinner, curved display. A previous report on the Note II also claimed that it'd feature a 5.5-inch display along with a quad-core processor, though it's worth noting that that rumor also claimed that Samsung won't be using the UBP tech on the new Note. As with many rumored devices, there's a bit of conflict about exactly what'll make the Note II tick, but thankfully we've only got a few more weeks to wait before Samsung makes its newest Note official. Does a handset with a 5.5-inch display sound like it'd be up your alley?

Via Android Central, Korea IT Times

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Evelyn Pendall YES!! Great for Networking on facebook, a dream phone. but wish they came in the slider stylekey-pad too :(
BossMan Atl Heck yea
Scott Smith Aaron, have you heard any rumors about the Note II, being offered by Verizon?
Nikolas Manuelides yes, cause the price of the GNote 1 will drop :P
Fred Haynes Yes want it bad
Shane VanTine Only if its first quadcore to market and only if jelly bean can handle it. .the first g note is slow and choppy on ics
????????? ??t???? ???sta?t????-??e?a??? no. s3 has taken the shine light
Ethan Maness I want it so bad. Can't whait till it comes out
Eduardo Ordaz Dis phone is going to be awesome. If some of you do like the size the don't buy it. It means its not for you but for other's.
Lamar Sarracino If it's coming to Verizon, then I'll be somewhat excited??
Elijah Ford Luv it,I'm getting one soon!!!.
Antonio Horn If its on sprint hell yea.....come on iPhone trolls. Really. Had 3 and once i left never felt the phone envy. But my SgII does envy wife SgIII
Steven Pereira Most who complain the Note is too big...don't own the phone. It seems most folks who DO own it think the size is fine. Odd. Hmm? I CANT WAIT for a new Note...I love mine and think it's fine for now, but with the rumored additional specs, crap! I'll be out in front of the store at midnight!
David DiPilla It's way to big you can't put that in your pocket
Ivan Villegas I want a note 2 so bad!!! This phone so big!!
Khalil Johnson They got away with 5 inch but 5.5 to big in the hand and pocket
Nicholas Ether I don't need it now that I have my nexus 7. But if it came to spring I would choose it over the s3 though I'm waiting for the new nexus
George Majao Jut get a nexus 7 is about the same size lol
Brandon Holley S3 vs. Note 2? That'd be a pretty impressive dogfight.
Arcy Valdez Wall which is better s3 or note 2
William Howser T-mobile?
Bernie Fen no... who the hells gonna need a 5.5" inch display!?!?...
Cesario Brito Jr. I'm not getting this but I laugh when people bitch about the size. Whether you like it or not, this thing is going to sell tons.
Steven Crisostomo Yes, it's a man's phone
Ravin Schmidt No...way to big.
Gordon Christie its just a bit bigger than the current model hopefully prices will come down so i can have one
Zach Cline The note IS a tablet hybrid . That's why it's so big
Rodger Samiie Myers gonna depend on the other specs since they are still rumored
Harshit Trehan Not At All ! I Got iPhone 4s! Rest Is Ass!
Brandon Holley now this is getting rediculous. I'm all about getting bigger screens and the 4.65" display on the nexus is big enough. Hell I remember when 4.3" was too big for most people.
Fonzy Paniagua Sounds Sexy
Steve Bachman My S3 is just fine. That coupled with my Nexus 7 and I am all done here
Jose Angel Santiago Too big.....that's not what she said lmao!!!!
Ben-The BenAnator Johnson I want a version to come to sprint
Mihai Alex The note is great as a phone.. If your hands are above average you will have no problem using it with only one.
Ian Baylon No cause I'm pretty sure my siblings would mess around with the screen and shape the Note into something weird.
Huey Liggins It's too big for a phone. Which is why they say it's a mixture of a phone and a tablet. Yes I use it as a phone but people who have used my note to surf the Web actually love doing so. If the battery lasts a bit longer while using lte, this phone would be exactly what samsung trys to market it as. A phablet. So the note 2 will be great though it shouldn't get any bigger.
Emmanuel Conrad Kibor bigger in size to have as aphone
Cesario Brito Jr. Jason, I guess there's going to be 1,000,000+ fools getting huh?
Tabib Rehman I used to think the note was too big at first untill ive owned one
Edward Camou No!! I am excited for the IPhone 5
Rasin Muhammad Sadooq That's too big for a phone but I'm sure they'll find a way to make it still seem like a phone rather than tablet.
Alex Hernandez I own the Galaxy Note....the Note 2 is going to be awesome! As far as it's size, the Note 2 will probably be smaller than the Note....especially if the rumored flexible screen is in play. I don't have any problem with the size of my current Note. Some say it's TOO big....but it's all a matter of taste, what's good for you may not be good for someone else. I like the Note line and I won't go back to a smaller screen, those other phones are too tiny for me.
Steve Hartsock It won't be a Tegra. This is a SAMSUNG device. It will be an Exynos device.
Imee Padamada Yup I'm excited abt it. =)
Janessa Guise-Ashworth I want I want. Love my galaxy note can't wait for this bad boy!
??? ????? 5.5 1080p display Super amoled hd + 2gb ram Tegra 3 quad core 1.7 ghz 32 gb with microsd Drop Box 8.2 mm thick 12 megapixel camera with limitless burst shot dual led flash sec camera 2mpx 720 rec . Jelly bean , PERFECT PHONE !
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Nope.. its just another phone just like the other 50 million running ice cream sandwich..
Clint Gamache If it comes to Sprint, yes.
??? ????? c'mooonn 1080p display
Jason King Nope .... Its foolish . Its too big ...

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