Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace cut from Apple trial

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100

There are over 20 Samsung-made devices currently involved in the company's trial with Apple that's currently going on, but today Samsung managed to get three of its products axed from the case. According to reports from The Verge and AllThingsD, the international versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, as well as the Galaxy Ace, have all been dropped from the trial by Judge Lucy Koh.

Samsung had been arguing that the entire case should be dropped because it felt that Apple had failed to properly prove its case, but the judge didn't agree with Samsung and decided to allow the battle to continue. However, these three Galaxy models were cut by Judge Koh because the focus of the case is on U.S. handsets, and apparently Apple didn't sufficiently argue its case for why these three international devices should be included. The U.S. Galaxy S and Galaxy S II variants are still a part in the trial.

While there are still a number of Samsung devices that are being targeted in this trial, I'm sure that the company is glad that three of its handsets have been dropped. Sure, it may not be the decision that Samsung was hoping for, but that's three less phones that it has to worry about in this case. Next up in the Apple-Samsung battle, Samsung will state its arguments as to why it believes that it didn't infringe upon Apple's patents and why Apple shouldn't have gained those patents at all. As usual, you can bet that we'll be keeping an eye on the trial to bring you all of the important bits as they come to light. Stay tuned!

Via The Verge, AllThingsD

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