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There are over 20 Samsung-made devices currently involved in the company's trial with Apple that's currently going on, but today Samsung managed to get three of its products axed from the case. According to reports from The Verge and AllThingsD, the international versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, as well as the Galaxy Ace, have all been dropped from the trial by Judge Lucy Koh.

Samsung had been arguing that the entire case should be dropped because it felt that Apple had failed to properly prove its case, but the judge didn't agree with Samsung and decided to allow the battle to continue. However, these three Galaxy models were cut by Judge Koh because the focus of the case is on U.S. handsets, and apparently Apple didn't sufficiently argue its case for why these three international devices should be included. The U.S. Galaxy S and Galaxy S II variants are still a part in the trial.

While there are still a number of Samsung devices that are being targeted in this trial, I'm sure that the company is glad that three of its handsets have been dropped. Sure, it may not be the decision that Samsung was hoping for, but that's three less phones that it has to worry about in this case. Next up in the Apple-Samsung battle, Samsung will state its arguments as to why it believes that it didn't infringe upon Apple's patents and why Apple shouldn't have gained those patents at all. As usual, you can bet that we'll be keeping an eye on the trial to bring you all of the important bits as they come to light. Stay tuned!

Via The Verge, AllThingsD

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"Who should win, Apple or Samsung?"

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Emmanuel Davydov samsung should win
Leslie Emery Lawrence Samsung should win
Jan-Gerard Custodio Israel Hmmm don't like neither of em
Josh Jordan Samsung!
Dulshan Kalpage Sammy all the way man- that should put a dent in the iSheep cult lol :)
Kevin Effendi Apple for sure
Jonathan Kramer Apple and Samsung would be best served by letting it go, just like the judge said. Nobody is going to win but the attorneys. But if it comes down to it, SAMSUNG all the way
Selva Raj no matter, american and euro peoples money started moving towards Asians.Doomsday day of Europe and US will be soon .they will even beg for the day sooner. first it will europe ,then US little later
Anonymous samsung no matter what the cost or question is
Mendez Roy Samsung.....no question
Robert Skeen Samsung!
Gaurav Bhardwaj Samsung all the way..
TuCan Dan Has anyone considered this could be a good thing for Samsung if apple wins? It may force Samsung to put out something totally new and dare I suggest...SOMETHING BETTER! I'm an Apple fan but ya know....IPhone do what I want a phone to do and it does it beautifully. I had an android device and got sick of the endless customization possibilities. Samsung, HTC and Google all make great devices
Bonnie Roth No one...
Kirk Ngo Samsung all the way!
Mohammed Kanan Samsung should win Apples a bitch
Josh Kneale Kelly Samsung should win but I am not going to lie i like them both but apple piss me off becaues of there rules and how they think they can do wt they like. Samsung phones r a lot cheaper and they CAN send muisc and videos to other phones
Daniel Diao Samsung
Humza Ahmed If Apple wins the tech industry will literally turn into sh*t Samsung makes high end products that not only do you enjoy using but at an lower cost, I still can't believe that they still have the 3gs for sale for £/$300
Chetan Samra Apple.......
Jared Dore Samsung to win, Apple are getting ridiculous
Tim Cox Samsung
Samuel Claudio @HusseinBoiz its Android Rules Not Apple Rules,
Samuel Claudio Samsung should win, apple is an very greedy company and they really don't. Are about their customers, just the profits.
Alejandro Nicholas Marrero Samsung should win. Apple needs to be humbled.
Reese Woodson Neither one because they both copied from others.........
Paul Gill Samsung
Craig Inglis nobody should win. they should be told to stop acting like kids. doesnt most people say that "its not whats on the outside but on the in that counts" . if apple let the users personalize their phone and didnt use 1-2 year old technology i'd probally have an iphone. its not the look and feel of a phone that makes me buy it, its how fast it is, how customisable and how good of a camera it has. thats why i have a galaxy note and when my contract ends i will be getting the note 2 because itl be a larger copy of the gs3 with a stylus
Malik Harris Well they both copy each other, but Samsung did steal from Apple first and more obviously. I'm not a big Apple fan, but let's face the truth, they were the first ones to make a decent smartphone. I love Samsung, but they did copy, no doubt about it.
Matthew Dooley Fist off Apple stole Samsung's idea, the home button was Samsung's idea first not Apples. Apple is a joke you have no freedom with their phones, it's their way or no way at all. Samsung has this Apple sucks & always will they will never be able to compete with the Android products. You people who worship apple are blind, they want to control everything about you when it comes to their products.
Daniel Djønne Lund @Marti Ruiz: please leaen proper englisg before posting things like that.. And another thing: NOTHING in the iPhone is made by Samsung. It was in iPhone 4, but Apple don't want those copying bastards for making parts for the iPhone.
Josh Avondoglio I'm an Android guy, but it's pretty obvious that every non physical qwerty keyboard touch screen Android phone is an iPhone rip off.
Dean Kirkham Apple should win its there patents ripped off, no matter how big a company is if you design something then others should just come along and blatantly copy it, I'd be gutted if I'd designed something and someone just went along and copied it and made shed loads of money. It's cheating really and how can you boast about a product that you just cheated with and copied
Wendy Lindop Dont care as long as they both bring out great phones.
Jacob Grumbles I think apple has a good case on the look part . Really how many of you can honestly say touchwiz isn't a rip off of iOS ? But as far as the tech stuff Samsung should win that part of it because in the end it only hurts us .
Gordon Christie neither big waste of time
Stephen David Thomas thats lies samsung at the end of they day build parts for apple to use because apple cant stand on there own two feet samsung have all the patants for all the parts so they havent broken the rules the phones are just very similar people are right tho apple bullies the tech market samsung have been around longer the apple alone so they can go burry them selves in the sand samsung win this hands down!!! :) many thanks
Liam Warrilow Apple. Coz Samsung are theiving bastards.
Kristoff Lewandowski In my country we say: "When two fights the third is a winner" =Microsoft who got licence for design patents :-P
John Luttrell No matter who wins we'll all lose as the cost will be passed to us.
Jorge A Guevara None but if someone has to Win it should be Samsung.
Brian Jones Samsung
George Majao But certainly not a company that makes microwaves lol
George Majao Of course the greatest company ever!! Apple
Jared Augerot SAMSUNG!!!!!! 100%
Alex Robledo Samsung. Apple's being too douchey and ridiculous imo.
Hussein Boiz Apple rules
Kim Yong-Hwa samsung
Marti Ruiz apple proccesor, screen , chip comunixation is made vy samsung
Marti Ruiz samsung , applr wanrs monopolio
Kachas Belmonte Lopez pues aguevo ke samsung cuz they have the galaxy s3....
David Tambascio Samsung.. screw APPLE they are dirty
Andre Payne Samsung
Jerry Muniz Samsung rules.......!!!!!!apple is going down.....
Nathan Parks Samsung. Apple is trying tonpatemt the natural evolution of smartphones.
Anthony Scott Pancurak Uhhh why would you ask that? Obviously apple is legally monoplizing everything. Samsung should win
Allen Joseph Straith @Jose Pablo Islas Apple is actually sueing based on the internal working of the phones. I believe the design aspect was given to show a pattern.
Patrick Baluyut Doesn't matter who wins, us consumers will suffer anyway!
Allen Joseph Straith I have always been a fan of Samsung phones. I was a proud owner of the Upstage, and somedays i actually miss that phone. With that said, the first Galaxy TouchWiz ... And every TouchWiz after looks and works similar to iOS. Their own lawyers couldn't pick their product when compared to the iPad. Someone looked at my current Galaxy S2 and said oh you have an iPhone? I gave them an odd look, considering i could tell the difference ... Point is, Samsung has designed their product after the iPhone. Apple has proof, considering the documents that have come ro light stating in detail that they did copy the iPhone. And when Apple approached them behind doors and gave them a fair deal they choose not take it. Apple should win, and Samsung should stop being held back by Apple's "OK" design and show the world what they really can do. Because they are better. And you all know it.
Anonymous Samsung rules apple sucks
Albert Hecker Apple is made from Samsung parts..fucking duhh!
Albert Hecker Samsung!
Ryan Freeman I would say Samsung, my reasoning is because yeah sure alot looks similar to Apple's iOS but it's not the something they don't operate the same and I actually think it was a smart move that they look close with the first galaxy S device. For those whom are sick of iOS but was use to the way it worked it made sense and to wasn't totally horrible in terms of the learning curve. Now if you handed someone a iPhone 3s and then handed them a galaxy s even if the galaxy s was the international version you would be able to tell the difference. Also the ONLY reason why Apple is doing what they are doing is because Samsung is an ACTUAL threat to Apple in terms of sales. How many knock off devices are there that look like an some device, or operate like an Apple device? I can think of several blatant ripoff's from Apple and you don't here anything about that! And let's not go into how Apple was built on stolen technology, all they have done was to take prior tech make it "fancy" and all of a sudden it's the best thing since sliced bread. Let's not even discuss all the stupid patterns that they have been granted like "slide to unlock" REALLY!?!?!? Or multiple search COMMON!!!!!! sigh........*and steps off soap box
TuCan Dan Samsung gets their parts from Sharp and other suppliers also...this was Steve Jobs Idea
Jose Angel Santiago samsung should just stop supplying apple with parts to their product. Lets see what apple does than. Apple does not know what to do after Steve Jobs passed away.
Steven Daniel Montas Samsung, Apple can go suck it...
Zach Brito Obviously Samsung.
Jose Pablo Islas I thought you couldn't patent look and feel...that would be like Photoshop saying nobody else can have a clone tool in their image processing software...I can see them saying you can't steal their code, but I think the rest is just overboard
Joey Wroblewski Apple always wins
Jose Pablo Islas Samsung...Apple is just going around suing everyone trying to keep the market...they know they are eventually going to lose the market to android so they are trying their best to block as much as possible...even when they know they won't win
Zach Cline Samsung
Michel Daboul Samsung... Apple is just a bully and can't fight fair
Fabian Toti samsung all tge time
TuCan Dan It does feel like there are other motives on why Apple is suing samsung....I really dont think Apple feels that threatened over ANYTHING Samsung is doing.
Nick Melnick This court case makes sure that no matter who wins, we all lose.
TuCan Dan Sharp also makes screens for apple...samsung isnt the only boy in town
Bobby Moore Jr. Samsung! Samsung!
DeAndre Ruffin Samsung... Apple is just falling off because the 4s was a just a very ever so marginal upgrade to the iPhone 4, and they feel threatened with Samsung's success with the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III. Instead of wasting money on legal fees, they should have spent that improving their products. If the 6th generation iPhone is underwhelming, they have nothing to blame but their own lack of innovation. Another thing is a lack of a T-Mobile iPhone. The Galaxy S III is on EVERY carrier.
TuCan Dan Yes, We all know samsung makes parts for apple. I think Apple is aware of this also...
Rafael Guzman Samsung all the way
Braulio Bunay No one !!!
Bryan Winters Samsung is screwd! Although I think the technical patients that Apple is touting should be invalid, Samsung did however copy the look and feel of the IPhone. I just hope the jury sees that this case is all about stifling competition...
Tyler Kirchman I have a galaxy s2 and I think that apple should win this case. Touchwiz 3 and 4 are major copy cats of apple.
David Vaughan Lost even
David Vaughan Apple has already lousy by making a huge number of their customers hate them due to their dirty tactics in this case.....it's pretty had when Bitch koh decides the case on who is giving the most bribes
Chris Downs Samsung
David Simula Samsung
Cesario Brito Jr. Samsung all the way. Oh in case you isheep didn't know, Samsung makes parts for the craphone.
Aaron Dean You know it wasn't a big deal really when Samsung wasn't selling so many phones but they but have valid points...but apple is butt hurt.....long live the galaxy s3!!!!
Moses S M Kawuma Samsung will win hands down!
Merna Zanayed Samsung.
Michael Schneider i played with the note 10.1 today because im working the event in NY these next 3 days.. its pretty cool and can do some neat things.. i dont know from apple since i dont own any apple products.. i just hope the note 2 phone comes to sprint in october on jelly bean so i can get it
Bernie Fen SAMSUNG!.. Apple tried to pull this patent infringement against HTC and failed... lol Apple's just a kid desperate for attention...
Harsh Shinde Apple, samsung is a copy cat
Ezekiel Carsella samsung hands down
Michael Ward samsung btw.
Michael Ward For what reason were these devices even considered in the first place? Samsung never sold any of those deivces in the US. Apple wasted all this time talking about phones that are completely irrelevant here! What were they thinking? All the iphone can now be compared to is the US variants, so good luck trying to convince a jury that the EPIC 4g is a copy of the iphone. Lol. The whole case is falling apart before their eyes. What are they gonna say now? That the curved edges of the vibrant is a dead givaway? GTFO. Besides the iphone isn't even ON T-mobile! Smart move by Samsung letting Apple waste all their time talking about irrelevancies. lmao. Its so hilarious to even think that apple believes they lost profits because of samsung. I doubt a single person on the planet has ever purchased any samsung product thikning it was an apple product. If anyone has proof otherwise please share.
Daniel Hayday Honestly ask yourself, what kind of a corporation wants to put a choke hold on technology? If every company put a patent or copyright on their products the world would simply stop and we would be stuck in the age we are now. Apple and their consumers as a whole need to grow up. Samsung should take this one out, but as previously stated by another commenter, the fact that Apple is an American company means that they will win the case in the US. Such a shame.
Daniel Rivera Samsung! Apple sucks!
TuCan Dan Although, Apple did try and "share" these patents a while back. Microsoft agreed to sharing the patents with Apple and Samsung basically said "shove it up your ass, were gonna do it anyway".
Tariqul Iblis Samsung Mobile USA. Actually, the consumer should win in the end. More choice!
Jacky On "Or" should win.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis In the end apple will prevail..
Lashawn Mcmanus Who cares, just get back to what you both are good at, Making good devices.Then I drop the microphone and walk off stage and you all clap. Lol
Tony Brown Samsung
TuCan Dan Apple will probably win. Keep in mind this might make Samsung come out with something better than what they have now. I really like all their devices. This may backfire on apple as a result. It also seems apple is crying cause Samsung is doing so well. I'm shaking my head at apple. The ones that are really gonna lose are the consumers. *apple fanboy*
Brian Polkinghorne For the record, Apple will win in the US simply because they are a US company. This case has already been found in Samsung's favour in the UK. Apple were even told to apologise on their web site, which hasn't happened yet and probably won't until after they appeal, if they lose that too.
Juwon Donte I don't care who should win I'm just tired of the bullshit lawsuits to end these companies really need to worry about making their buyers happy (especially you apple)
John Mercado http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/04/samsung-tablet-ipad-retina-display/
Brian Polkinghorne @Alejandro Samsung make the Retina display for the iPhone and iPad. They also make the processor and memory for both... regardless of who holds the patent for the tech.
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar @ken post ur iphone was at 60% because it's on 2008 technology 3G hahaha slow turd when iphone gets 4G is it going to Paten that too the evo has had 4G since it came out 2007 its 2012 and iphone still no 4G come on open ur eyes try a 4G lte verizon phone then try going back to ur 3G iphone haha
Albert Landicho Trying opening an Iphone and you will see some Samsung parts.
Yan Zhenghao The industry will stagnent if Samsung wins, are you sure you want the same thing to happen with the TV industry again, fandroid sheep? Samsung is a great copycat, but they cannot LEAD the industry. Apple cannot fail.
Barry Chase Part of me believes this is less about who is copying who and more about the art of distraction. If I can get you to focus your time and money here then I can keep you occupied and prevent you being any real competition. It's like strapping lead shoes on Samsung.
Max Chesley Samsung for the win. Apple is just in panic because people now know that apple is at least 6 months behind and can't catch up. So their only recourse is to try to sue everyone that makes anything that calls itself a phone. I don't see coke suing Pepsi or Nintendo suing Sony even DVD suing blue ray because it is a similar flavor or technology. Apple should just put their head in a hole and admit that they have been passed up and have no idea what to do now that jobs has passed
Alex Lam Samsung. Apple is just butthurt that their products suck
Eduardo Ordaz Sammy should. Cause apple is the one that deserves the spanking. It's like a big kid bullying a little kid but the teachers are fooled and think the big kid didn't bully the little dude.
Walter Perez Remember android lovers....Apple made it cool to love your phone...without them reinventing what the core of these smartphones do we'd all be still rocking flip phones and pda's...
Touya Akira Samsung, for a change
Ahmad Sachoo samsung all the way.galaxy nexus all the way.
Ethan Shrago Samsung.
Stan Camp Samsung
Stephane Malo so if Samsung copied apple then that means that nobody is allowed to produce a phone that has a touch screen with icons? come on, if apple win this that makes them a monopoly. screw patents
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras héhéhéhéhéhéhéhéhééééééé
Harsh Jhaveri Samsung, but they should both just cut the crap and forget about it. Everyone going to copy something. If no one copied a part of a car from someone else, everyone on the face of the earth (with cars of course) would be driving Henry Ford's Model T. Just be partners or something or just shut up and cut the crap
Walter Perez Apple...just because you partner with a company and most companies do...You don't steal from them for your own profit!...you create and innovate your own ideas!...pay up bitches!
Jose Chairez APPLE suckers!!
Jack Davis Samsung
Ken Post Love my iPhone and the best part is the battery life. My Gf has a Htc evo 4g and her sister has the galaxy s3 both were low battery by the middle of the day when my iPhone had 60%. I was playing pandora pretty much the whole time. iPhone rules
Anthony P. Schulz Neither because these patient wars are stupid. Now apple is filling another for the Chrome Box. Just because they share the same form factor. Makes me want to chuck my macbook in the trash.
Chan Zi Yuan stop everything and lets be good partner
John Resch Samsung..Apple is for followers..
Danu Carrión Perales this makes no sense.... the only galaxy S that looked like an iPhone was the first one and they dropped it from the trial but yet they still want to ban the galaxy 3? It's too clear that they are not fighting because Samsung is copying them, they are fighting to ban the phone that is selling the most and also because the original Galaxy S is probably already discontinued. In fact, they designed the Galaxy SIII differently so that apple wouldn't cry about it and that's the phone they want to ban?? I'ts too obvious.
Nicholas Ether Oh, Apple started it all? Okay, let them just destroy all competition then. If it weren't for Android phones, there would have been no REAL innovation after the first iPhone. We would all still be rocking blackberrys and iPhones 2g
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar Stupid apple fan boys they talk bad about android i bet they have never owned one ive owned iphone 3g/3gs/4 and 4s everytime a new one comes out i i give it a chance but always endup going back to android im still planning on gating iphone 5 when it comes out but man right now i own a galaxy nexus on verizon rooted running jellybean 4.1.1 i dare any ifanboy to say that the iphone 4s is a better phone so excited about the new galaxy nexus that is going to be revealed in a couple of months anyways apple is afraid because it cant keep up with the top of the line smartphones samsung is marking "Galaxy Nexus"
Derek Miner Samsung
Marc Hill Samsung
Juan Carlos Munoz Apple they started it all.
Marcos A. Gutierrez Neither. Who ever wins we lose as consumers. Throw the case out and fix the patent system.
Joernie Berrios Samsung!!!....AOKP..ftw
John Mercado I Agree with @Derpin if Apple and samsung teams up, it could make for a colossal phone which will squander and squish all other phones, i just dont know if Google and Android will commit.
Brian Edson Samsung all the way
Corey Reeves Samsung. Apple needs to relax. The patents that were issued shouldn't have been. And on top of all of that Apple needs to realize that what Samsung did was to make consumers happy! Its business. They both do what they have to to make consumers happy. So apple should take the tampon out and just deal with it. Apple just doesn't want the competition.
Lauren Marie Cobb Love my Galaxy s III, thought about getting an Iphone for two seconds and thankfully decided on Samsung
Alejandro Castro @Matthew LG makes the Retina display. Its their tech.
Juan Carlos Mendoza The technology should be shared, enough said...
Gary Bowling Samsung should win this, I really hope the judges realizes the patent troll that is apple and throws this case out.
??? ????? Samsung and apple should team up and make an epic phone .
Randy To Neither, I have no reason to explain why?
Aaron Cantu samsung... apple needs to chill out, they got too much money as it is
Matthew Hart Samsung. Apple is being a bully and thinks it owns the market. Don't forget Samsung makes the Retina Display for the IPhone 4S and one of the chips for one if Apples Ipads. Hardly a way to treat a company that makes your core components.
Elias Ortega samsung.
Kenny Otero @Chris - Asus all the way.
Antonio Arce Samsung should win hands down apple and Samsung should stop that nonsense of going to court and fighting for patent and all these other things they are battling for
Kenny Otero Who ever wins, we still lose for this complete waste of our legal system's time and money.
Ayoub Hage I like boobs
Anonymous Windows! Haha. :D I do prefer Windows Phone over the both of them, but Apple are being bullies. They're doing it because they can. It's abuse of power. But do you seriously think they are improving on Apple's designs? Really? Have you seen the Galaxy S III? It's ugly and plastic.
Lanh Nguyen why is the galaxy s iii not removed...they intentionally designed it the way it is so apple couldn't say anything about it.
Eric Hook Samsung
Jared JD Scott Samsung.
Chris Robinson should i get an asus tablet or samsung
Mike Tasler Who cares?
John Mercado Definitely Samsung, If u guys havent noticed, apple doesnt make refridgerators or microwaves or other home appliances. Samsung does. Apple is a shit company who wants to take over the world and cant even do things right like have 4G on their phones. And back in 1997 Microsoft had to buy $150million of Apple's shares so that they wouldnt go bankrupt. GTFO Apple, the only time id buy an Crapple device is if they lower the price and still have high quality equipment like the Samsung Galaxy S3
Chad Forthman Apple,Microsoft,Rim own the patent market when it comes to computers,tabs,cell phones.Everyone needs to keep a close eye on this case it could be the first step in Android being gone in a few years if Google doesn't strike some kinda patent deal with RIM,Microsoft,Apple.
Dalton Davis Samsung for sure!!! I'm so sick and tired of apple I'm switching all over to Samsung just because of this law crap!
Frank Mendoza samsung should win but apple has judges in its pockets. so it might swing their way...
Eddie Lucas Samsung
Vladimir Conrado Apple is sueing everyone only cause they finally realize they are in trouble cause android is taking over. Apple is just thowing out patents and lawsuits so they can make money

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