Alleged Nokia Windows Phone 8 device front panel photographed

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 14, 2012

Nokia Windows Phone 8 device front panel leak

The number of Windows Phone 8 leaks is slowly growing as inch closer to the platform's fall release, and today we've got another to add to the pile. This time we're looking at a front panel for a Nokia device, and at the bottom of the part where a Windows Phone's Start button is, we can see Microsoft's new Windows logo. Up top there's some Nokia branding as well as a hole for what is likely the device's ambient light sensor, and thanks to the ruler in the shot, we can tell that the opening for the screen itself measures around 4.3 inches in size. Finally, the panel is said to have come from a company named ALPS, which WPCentral notes does produce capacitive panels.

So what device might this mystery part belong to? Unfortunately, that much is still a mystery, as the original report doesn't offer up much in the way of details about the panel. The shape of the part is reminiscent of the Lumia 610, and WPCentral echoes that feeling, saying that the part looks like it'd be used with a more mid-range device like the 610 or Lumia 710 rather than a unibody handset like the Lumia 900. Exactly which product this panel will eventually appear on (if any) is up in the air for now, but the good news is that we may not have to wait long to find out, as Nokia is reportedly planning to show off some Windows Phone 8 devices at its big Nokia World shindig in early September. How many of you are looking forward to seeing what kind of hardware Nokia cranks out for Windows Phone 8?

Via WPCentral, CNBeta