Microsoft Surface for Windows RT rumored to be coming with $199 price tag

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 14, 2012

Microsoft Surface tablet

One of the big questions marks that've been surrounding Microsoft's Surface tablets ever since their debut in June is exactly how much the things will cost. Microsoft still hasn't come forward with a price tag for either the Surface for Windows RT or the Surface for Windows 8 Pro, but a new report from Engadget claims to have the information on how much the ARM-powered Windows RT version of Surface could cost. A source speaking to the site claims that, at a session held during Microsoft's TechReady15 conference, the company revealed that it plans to price the Surface for Windows RT at $199 when it launches on October 26.

When Microsoft initially introduced the Surface tablets, it said that the Windows RT model's price would be "competitive with a comparable ARM tablet." A $199 price tag certainly seems competitive, and I'm sure that it'd drive quite a few people to check out Surface for Windows RT that normally wouldn't have done so. Of course, that price is still very unofficial, and it's also possible that Microsoft may be planning for a $199 price right now but could ultimately change its mind sometime in the over two months that are still left before Surface for Windows RT's launch. Here's to hoping that Microsoft spills the VaporMg-coated beans soon so that we know exactly how many pennies we'll need to dig out of our piggy bank. Any of you think you'd be interested in snagging a Surface for Windows RT tablet for $199?

Via Engadget