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One of the big questions marks that've been surrounding Microsoft's Surface tablets ever since their debut in June is exactly how much the things will cost. Microsoft still hasn't come forward with a price tag for either the Surface for Windows RT or the Surface for Windows 8 Pro, but a new report from Engadget claims to have the information on how much the ARM-powered Windows RT version of Surface could cost. A source speaking to the site claims that, at a session held during Microsoft's TechReady15 conference, the company revealed that it plans to price the Surface for Windows RT at $199 when it launches on October 26.

When Microsoft initially introduced the Surface tablets, it said that the Windows RT model's price would be "competitive with a comparable ARM tablet." A $199 price tag certainly seems competitive, and I'm sure that it'd drive quite a few people to check out Surface for Windows RT that normally wouldn't have done so. Of course, that price is still very unofficial, and it's also possible that Microsoft may be planning for a $199 price right now but could ultimately change its mind sometime in the over two months that are still left before Surface for Windows RT's launch. Here's to hoping that Microsoft spills the VaporMg-coated beans soon so that we know exactly how many pennies we'll need to dig out of our piggy bank. Any of you think you'd be interested in snagging a Surface for Windows RT tablet for $199?

Via Engadget

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"Would you buy a Microsoft Surface at $199?"

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Jordan Tellez yes! i will buy as long as its not more than $550-$600
cjm69514 NO they have such a long way to come to be a success!
Lee-Ann Kerster Of course, I would buy 2!
Jose Rodrigues Why so cheap
James Solomon no, i'm happy with my iPad.
Kyle Mezrahi YES!!!!!!! If they price the Pro model at $500-$700, I'm buying that.
Waii Hui HELL YES! i would buy it in a heartbeat.
Cat MacKinnon not with a locked bootloader i wouldn't (and from what i understand, ALL of the WinRT machines are going to make it virtually impossible to install any other OS because of the UEFI.)
Nicholas Ether I would if I could install any .exe programs I needed. But if not I could wait until the other one. Although I have the nexus, ans I don't think windows 8 can be more convenient in the pick up and go aspect
Max Chesley Hell yes. I will buy no matter the cost
Jason Wilde Hell ya
Hansel Starley Hell yes
Chetan Samra why not ??? it's a great pricepoint..
Nicholas Chea Hell no. microsoft sucks!
Ryan Anton Oh yes. I was ready to buy one for 500 so 200 would be amazing
CJ Osborne Hell to the yeah shoot I might buy 2 for that price where do I pre order???
Kalyana Chakravarthy Dande I would buy 2 or 3 of them.
Paul Warner I would but buy the time it arrives in my country it will be about $400
Chad Furtado For sure
Allison Reynolds no i wouldnt i want the surface pro! thats the winner
Ahmad Abdel-Aziz Sure, I would
Don McCoy I already own an ipad. but at that price I might be persuaded to try one. Its going to be all about the user experience and the apps, and they have a steep slope to climb to convince me. But I'd look at it.
Dave Gray Hell yes!
Venkatesh Guruprasad If this is true it has the potential to outsell other competitors
Johnny Zapata hell yea i would ... but we all know not going to be 200.00 dollars
Charlie Ebner Hell yea!
Vicente Reyes Yes. I want to see how it looks and how it performs.
Dwayne Cook Hells yeah! :D
Darrien Glasser I'd do it right now! To hell with the Asus Transformer Prime! Yay for a full desktop OS.
Beshoy Naiem Not before I experiment the efficiency of the software.
Mads G. Thomassen For that price, hell yes!
John Wood Nope. Wouldn't ever buy one. I already have a Dell Axim X30 pocket-pc. Not touching this...evar.
Madison Sinclair Yes, yes I would but how much would the keyboard cost?
Noah Hudson At $199 who wouldn't? Thers a lot more screen space than an iPod touch for the same price.
Dan Uff Hell no. I'd rather spend $300 more and get a REAL Tablet.
Tino Cabello I'd buy two at that price. I would install in my car dash and play zune/Xbox music on it.
Randall Cloud Yes, I was expecting base price of $500.00 so $199, I'd buy one or two of those.
Henry L. Engvall yes. its ten times better than the Nexus.
Jim Albridge I want the full Windows experience. RT just falls short.
Khai No I would get one if that's the price.
Matti Hietala Or, if there is any chance to get win7 into it, then i buy it, and only ifnit works 100%
Matti Hietala If i can use whatever .exe program i want, otherwise: i would actually never buy it.
CalvEen Yaam No, because they don't have that many apps. If I'm paying for this, id want plenty of apps to choose from.
Leo Baxter Absolutely I would. (And that's coming from a Mac/iPad/iPhone user!)
Adrian Jordan I surely would
Antonio Horn Only one idiot mentioned crapple. I'd buy it for wife. I have Xoom and waiting on N7.
Harsh Jhaveri hell yes, but not for me, for the 'rents
Rumle Borgmann That or a nexus 7 probably this for school
Freddy Vasquez Yes I'll give it a try
David Kimberlin will stick with my nexus 7 tyvm
Elijah David Kleehammer Probably at that price, yes.
David Kimberlin no...windows 8 is hideous
Jose Santos For 200 dollars ya
Sandra Christiansen wow! yes I would since I'm a windows user and not a mac user
Jody M Clegg For $199 hell yeah.
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes I would for that price.
Chris Jarnberg yesssssssssssssssssssss i want buy i so happy new windows 8 better world than apple suck
Mark Mann Where do I preorder for that price.
Alberto Garcia Flores YES!!! It's going to be the BEST "tablet" "pad" whenever it comes out!
Gordon Christie n ice only watched a few videos of it working but it looks like a light weight laptop wonder if it works like one and not like a tablet
Dominican Papi Yes i would buy it
Alvin Tran Seriously, this shouldnt even be asked. Why wouldnt anybody buy a $500 value tablet for $200. So the absolute answer is yes.
Brandon Le Hell yes.
Muhammad Arslan for $199? 1000% yes. bt i don't think so its on worth rupees $199, b/c surface is awesome than the ipad or wise verse due to its operating system " Windows 8"... so it can't be the very same...!
Ahmed Abdullah Of course
Michael Mincey Hell yes!!!! It's not even a question.
Kenneth Li only if she able to do JAVA APPLET! i need it to steam live stock quotes/level II quotes or play java games on yahoo!
Zak Raptis Yessss
Sharon Copeland bring it on!!!
Chris Baham Windows RT? WTF is that? Some horribly stripped down walmart version of Windows 8? Windows 8 is going to be a disaster, who wants to run a crappier version of Windows 8??
Brett Day heck ya
Jason Vargas Hell Yea!!! But u really think itll be That cheap!?
Reese Woodson I would buy one if it's $199 to go with my iPad 3.
Jesse Ling I wouldnt own one of those at any price with that horrid operating system. Ditch that and MAYBE we'll talk
Aaron Delgado i wonder what this means for ipad mini
Sheila Ellis My mobile world is Android. Admittedly, I was impressed with the Surface @ the Keynote. But to make me switch... $199 will be the median price point for all so, even that isn't as big a deal clincher as they supposed. We've got Google, soon Kindle will re-up - I'll hold off on a decision until I see the field.
Anthony Nunyah Hell yeah why not
Praveen Gowda of course
Gwendolyn Campbell iPad and Android have zero to worry about. And you also get what you pay for with electronics.
Jonathan Vasquez George; this tablet will ship with Win8. I think Engadget is just trying to kill the product by misinforming though
Konner Shea yeah that'd be phenominal.
Aaron Delgado yes for my birthday in October yes
Rohit Hazra DAmn Yes
Alexander Payne For sure!
Blackapino Williams Why Not..then i can see why it's not as good as my iPad3..lol
Ashwin Sathyaseelan Of course! :D
Raúl Colón-Scarano Wow, $199? The iPad and Android tablets might have a rough time ahead.
Brandon Edward Glenn I would buy it for $299
Anubhav Jauhari definitely !!
Yassar Ali $199 is impossible for a windows tablet
George Millhouse ill wait to see what the next version is like when it actually runs windows 8
Jeff Lansberry For $199 I'd definitely consider it.
Niklas Gustafsson I would buy it for 299 so hell yeah!
Steve Smith The Surface Rt comes standard 32gb hard drive, kick stand, USB port, and made out of premium materials. It is also better specs than the iPad 3 and Nexus 7. $199 is I think unbelievable!
George Millhouse not the RT
Ha Ma definitely
Anthony Evans Jr for 199 Id seriously consider it
Kris K. Blomgren Hell yes I would
Danny Blau for $199? 1000% yes.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Yeah that thing looked amazing they did an awesome job with its advertisement
Patrick Tilsen Of course.
Adriel D. Mingo Heck yeah!
Trevor Mack Hel yes.

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