Our Expert Spotlight segment of the Official Smartphone Rankings

The PhoneDog
Mascot from Charleston, SC
Published: August 14, 2012

The smartphone selections were tallied and the Samsung Galaxy S III continue to be the #1 pick with our group of mobile tech experts.  Waiting on new competition for the charts just like everyone else, these three experts made their top five picks and have the GSIII at number one.  Today we feature Anthony Domanico, Julie Hatfield, and Stefan Etienne.

Anthony Domanico - Contributing Editor of Android and Me, and News Reporter for Intomobile. Follow him on twitter @adomanico01 


We haven't really seen any new phones in the last few weeks worthy of breaking into the top 5, so my picks remain largely unchanged. The Galaxy S III continues to be the top phone in the world, followed by Apple's perennial favorite iPhone 4S, Sprint's One X variant with the CAPITALIZED NAME (EVO 4G LTE), and the Galaxy Nexus remains in the top 5 thanks solely to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the best damn version of Android yet.





Julie Hatfield - Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile.  Follow her on twitter @JulieMHatfield



The Samsung Galaxy S III is mouth-watering for any Samsung fan (like me). Despite Samsung's criminally poor taste in naming their phones' most noteworthy features, 'S Voice' seems to have finally emerged as the first real Siri contender. The fact that it's powered by Wolfram-Alpha is just icing on the cake. The new HTC phones impressed me a lot and have, therefore bumped the other two Samsung phones off my list. Their brilliant cameras (continuous shot, anyone?) and Beats Audio features really take the cake. As always, the RAZR MAXX clings to 5th place for being the only real attempt at fulfilling every Smartphone customer's woefully-neglected plea for reasonable battery life in a phone.






Stefan Etienne - CEO & Head Editor of Laptopmemo.com.  Follow him on twitter @stefanetienne



The SGS III is an impeccable solution on all carriers, bringing powerful technology, speed, and looks to an affordable package.

Apple's iPhone 4S is the most highly regarded smartphone of the 21st century, and rightly so. Siri could probably tell you so.

HTC One X. It's nice, it comes in two different colors, and has the 'Burn Notice' feel about it -- it's cool and lethal.

A budget smartphone on a budget network with premium looks and power. Great idea.

It's Windows Phone's last hurrah. It may not be worth saving, but at such a low price, could be worth buying.