Right now, look at the phone you've got sitting next to you. Or, maybe it's already in your hand. Either way, take a hard look at it. Think back at all the moments you've had a problem with it. Whatever the issue, pull it to the forefront of your mind. Now, think about all the cool, fancy new things that are coming out later this year:

iOS 6 and the new iPhone. All those cool new Windows Phone devices, along with Windows Phone 8. Perhaps a new version of Android, and yet another Nexus device. At the very least, we'll see new Android devices from manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, and here's to hoping that at least one of them launches with a current version of Google's mobile operating system.

So, if you closed your eyes to think about all the new shiny things, hopefully they're open again. Still looking at your current device? Good. If you happen to be able to upgrade right now, or sometime before the start of 2013, I've got a question for you.

Are you going to switch platforms before 2013?

Now, if you're a BlackBerry fan, I can understand why you'd want to wait until the start of next year. Or, at least a little bit after. BlackBerry 10 should be interesting, if it ever lands in the hands of the consumer.

That aside, there is a lot of new to be had coming down the pipe. If rumors pan out, then we're looking at the new iPhone and iOS 6 in September. Some people are pointing to October for the launch of Windows Phone 8, or maybe even sooner (like the tail-end of September). As for the new Nexus device, if it launches before December, well, that's just a huge bonus.

You may or may not be dedicated to a specific mobile operating system, or platform, but perhaps you are to a certain ecosystem. If you are, it would seem that you're covered for the most part. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone will all see a big shove in the right direction here soon, all with new phones (or phone, in one specific case), and new software. So being attached to an ecosystem isn't going to limit your choices.

But, I'm more curious to know if any of you are going to actually jump ship for another platform altogether, and go with something new. If you're currently running iOS, and you have been for a little while now, then I could see why you'd want to try something new. And, believe me, jumping over to Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.1 (we can dream!) wouldn't be that bad of an idea.

It would be something new, even if it would mean you'd have to start fresh (theoretically) on a new platform. It would mean you'd have to spend money on apps that you've potentially purchased on your current platform. So, it would make sense to ask: would it be worth it? If you've spent a lot of time in one particular ecosystem, then you may have spent quite a bit of money in the process. It may make sense to just stick to what you know, and what you've dedicated your money to.

But, admit it, it'd be exciting to jump to something new, wouldn't it? And it's the time, I believe. Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1, and even iOS 6 if you've never used the platform, are good. Really good. So good, in fact, that it may be the time to start thinking about which platform you'd like to try next.

So let me know, Dear Reader. Are you going to switch platforms before 2013? And if so, which one? If not, tell me which OS you're sticking with and why.

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