Google Wallet now able to save Discover cards

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 16, 2012

Google Wallet Discover card

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Google Wallet gained the ability to work with any credit or debit card, but today Google announced another new feature for Wallet users. The company has revealed that its working with credit and debit card companies on a new way for users to add cards to their wallet, and Discover is the first to get on board. Discover card holders can now sign into their online Discover account, click an "Add to Card" button and then provide their Google Account credentials to add their Discover card to the Wallet app. Once added, Discover transmits the necessary data to Google, and then users can make their Discover card the primary method for making in-store purchases. Discover says that users that take advantage of Google Wallet will earn Cashback Bonus rewards.

Before this month's new Google Wallet features were announced, it'd been a while since Google's mobile payment method received any tweaks or new goodies, so it's nice to see the company adding even more functionality to Wallet. Unfortunately, the Wallet app is still only available to a handful of devices, like the Galaxy Nexus and some Sprint models. It's not clear when that might change, especially since some carriers are part of a competing payment service called ISIS. For those folks that are able to use Google Wallet, though, adding a Discover card to the app is now an option. Are any of you using Google Wallet with any sort of frequency?

Via Phone Scoop, Discover, Google Commerce Blog