Inside the Dog Pound: Evan Selleck

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 17, 2012

You see the names pop up all the time on the site, but what really makes the PhoneDog crew tick when they're not hard at work writing about phones?  Welcome to Inside the Dog Pound, where we profile the members of the PhoneDog editorial team.

Evan Selleck, Contributing Editor

Twitter: @PhoneDog_Evan


How did you get started?

I got started by working as a ghostwriter for different blogs, all of which are gone now. Most of them were talking about random life things, and the only reason I kept up with it was because it brought in some money. It wasn't until I did some ghostwriting for a friend of mine who loved technology that I fell in love with the information side of my favorite gadgets.

What does your job entail?

My job as a Contributing Editor for PhoneDog means I get to write about the mobile industry, in a nutshell. I look at trends, the news, and whatever else is related to the market, and I try to create an engaging article. As a writer of opinion pieces, it's all about the conversation that can happen after it's all said and done.

What's the one part of your job that people don't seem to understand?

I can't speak for all journalists out there, but in my particular case, I don't get paid by manufacturers to write about the things I write about. Even now, many years later, I know people personally who suggest I get paid to write about Apple, or Google, or Microsoft, or just about any other company out there, by those companies. It doesn't happen. The other writers like me, we just have opinions that we get to put down for others to read.

What's the one thing that still shocks you about the wireless industry?

Honestly, just how advanced our gadgets are. How thin they are, and how amazing the displays are. I'm in awe of the technological feats that we have achieved, and packaged into tiny (or large, comparatively) devices. It's one of the reasons why I'm still in love with writing about technology and the mobile industry.


Favorite hobby?

Don't laugh, but it's writing. Even on the days that I'm not scheduled to publish something on the Internet, I'm usually always writing. I do do other things, too, though. I like reading (shocker, right?), as well as going to sporting events when I get the chance. Camping, hiking, and going to see movies.

Favorite food?

My favorite food is a good hamburger and fries combo. Spaghetti would be a close second, and then maybe an occasional slice of pizza.

Mobile phone you're currently using?

An iPhone 4S.


Favorite mobile phone of all time?

The original HTC Hero (international version).

Other gadgets you use regularly?

My MacBook Air, every day, constantly. An Xbox 360. Previously used a Nexus 7 quite frequently, until i sold it. My next gadget will be an iPad.

Things people probably didn't know:

  • I have never read the Harry Potter books, or The Twilight Saga, and I'll never touch any of the 50 Shades of Grey "books."

    Favorite place to visit?

    The state of Washington, or Boston, Massachusetts.