Motorola DROID RAZR HD Verizon leak

We're certainly not strangers with the Motorola DROID RAZR HD, as the device has appeared in benchmarks and leaked photos in recent months. Today we're getting to know the still-unannounced handset a little more, as a handful of tutorial videos have made their way onto YouTube. Posted by user revowii, the clips show how to send phone calls, compose texts, and set up email accounts and Wi-Fi, and there's a general "Using Your Device" walkthrough as well. All five videos are embedded below.

While we've already gotten a peek at the DROID RAZR HD's rear a couple of times, these clips give us clear look at the phone's front, complete with Verizon branding and on-screen navigation keys. There's no word yet on when the RAZR HD might be launching so that we can check it out in person, but Motorola and Verizon are hosting an event on September 5, so it may not be much longer before we know precisely when this new RAZR family member may finally hit store shelves. At least we've got these tutorial clips to keep us entertained for a little while.

UPDATE: Looks like the user's YouTube account has been closed, and the videos have disappeared along with it. Good thing we're only a couple of weeks out from Motorola and Verizon's event.

Via Droid-Life, YouTube

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Nathan Bryant No ha-ha.
Zach Cline LG is freaking garbage
Chetan Samra I hate Motorola and LG........
Paul Silva Jr. I have a RAZR maxx and I can't wait to get rid of it but not for a RAZR HD to hell with Motorola
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez It kinda looks like the motorola atric hd
Chad Allen No Moto is boring im just fine with my Galaxy S3!
Amie Lee Greenway No because Motorola makes shitty phones.
Rustle See I don't know why pulling a battery is important. I have the Droid Razr, and have never wanted or needed to pull it. Not once.
Zach Cline I'm good with my galaxy S3
Chris Sucharda Just give it 30 days and moto will screw you and release Razer HD Max
T Louis Michael Videos are already down.
Goran Samardžija hate the on screen buttons
Zach Cline @ Luke- No they aren't lol
David Kaylor couldn't care less
T Louis Michael Will stay with Samsung Sunburst.
Mark E Lynch User has closed account vids not available
Vicente Reyes My bf has the iPhone 4. He likes his phone but he has a android tablet since he's starting to like android more. iPhones to me, look plain since theirs nothing new on the ios. They just copy and paste with a few little features. On Android you get a whole new look and feel. I updated my brothers girlfriends phone to ics and she was soo happy.
Vicente Reyes Also a more stock look to their devices. If you haven't had one in your hands, you are missing out. Its snappy when scrolling through the home screen and everywhere else on the device.
Vicente Reyes On the new phones yes. But so far the people that I know that got the razr and others with imbedded batteries don't have issues with them. On my ATRIX 2, I've already rooted it and bricked it while I was drunk. And found out that I could reinstall its original stock rom. Was easy. And no trying to hard reset had no affect on how I briked my phone. But Motorola gave me the tools to fix the issue. Motorola is know making their new phones with open bootloaders.
Brandon Holley @vicente I use to love motorola products. Then the battery became embedded into the device. I don't care how many different ways you could tell me they have other ways to do a battery pull for it. There is nothing like cracking open the back of a phone to pull that sucker out knowing it'll restart for you.
JJ Johnson Nope. It's made by Motorola. Not a fan.
Antonio Vazquez no. my Galaxy Nexus is still great for me, with Jelly Bean of course. Samsung>Motorola
Luke Buchanan Hard to get excited over new phones with limited data.
Naga Appani Yes, it will be mine as soon as after its launch....
Luke Buchanan Samsung phones are cheap junk
Vicente Reyes Also my roommate has the razr and we went on a trip to sedona AZ but on the way through the mountains, he had full bars on 4g while my phone had only E. Motorola makes the best radios on their devices.
Rolden Rufino Im more excited on galaxy note2
Vicente Reyes Well if you learn how to use the razr or any Motorola devices, then it will run at the best it can. Complaining about it without knowing how to use it to its full potential is kind of sad. What part of the device don't you like? If its battery life then always close out the apps, by holding the home button and the list will pop up with running programs. Shut them off if your not Yang them by sliding them to the sides.
Naser Al-jummah No SIII ALL THE WAY
Hicy Gd Nop, it is almost similar phone with droid razr, with poor software support x(
Ever Alexander Iraheta The Droid name is starting to sound annoying... they just slap it on anything.
Adrian Ruiz Yes! I hope it has better specs than my RAZR. If not, I'm one disappointed Motorola fan.
Rob Watkins Take the Razr HD and put a hardware keyboard on it, call it the Droid 5 and I'll buy it. I think many others will too.
Jon Jones My Motorola photon does good for me, only thing horrible is the Sprint network its on
Vishal Nandre very much!!
Tommy Snyder 4.5 doesnt give me enough reason to upgrade from the RAZR
Silver Diaz never again will I buy a motorola product. the triumph sucked. waste of 300 bucks
Eduardo Ordaz Don't know yet. We shall see. ;)
Ian Baylon The RAZR MAXX wasn't enough for Motorola..
Brandon Ashwood Nope...like my s3

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