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The unannounced Samsung handset rumors just don't stop. Today we've got a new handset to add to the pile thanks to a list of specs sent to SamMobile. The device in question is said to feature the codename "Superior" and the model number GT-I9260, which is just a slight bump from the GSM Galaxy Nexus's number of GT-I9250. That's not the only slight bump from the Galaxy Nexus that the Superior has, though, as this leaked handset is said to feature a 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor (the GalNex had a 1.2GHz chip) as well as 8-megapixel rear and 1.9-megapixel front cameras (GalNex's are 5-megapixel and 1.3-megapixel, respectively). The remainder of the Superior's spec list reportedly includes a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, just like the GalNex, 21Mbps HSPA+, 16GB storage, microSD card slot and a possible release happening in November 2012.

Considering that many of the Superior's specs are either the same as the Galaxy Nexus's or slightly bumped up from that device, and the fact that their model numbers are so close, it seems like the Superior is a sort of follow-up to the GalNex. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Superior will be a Nexus-branded device, though. It could end up being a TouchWiz-clad handset with internals based on the Galaxy Nexus, especially since it's got a microSD card slot, a feature that Android Central notes Google's Android group isn't fond of including. Of course, with the rumor that Google will be working with multiple manufacturers on Nexus devices this year and a possible November arrival for the Superior, there's a chance that Google may have tapped Samsung for a slightly-updated version of the GalNex for its lineup. Which side of this rumor (TouchWiz or Nexus) do you all fall on?

Via Android Central, SamMobile

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Alexander Schneider-Siemssen One word, MICRO SD for God sake! Here in Europe we only get the G. Nexus wit 16 gb. memory!
Mark Schleupner Three little letters.... HTC.
Larry Waters Windows Phone 8
Ethan Maness I've had my LG thrill 4G .for almost a year. So I thank I need a new phone!! But I don't know what one I should get.?
Fred Haynes First they need to let HTC make it instead Samsung with that cheap plastic. If you're calling it a quality phone then HTC makes quality phones build wise they can't be beat I have the SG3 haven't dropped it and it's already chipping off the cover and sides way to go Samsung. The 1st nexus was made of quality material after that cheap plastic junk I won't be wasting my money on it
Artur Konstantinov make polycarbonate shell
Tyler Cooper i would like to see a 4.8 inch screen with a 1900x1080 resolution, and not the crappy SAMOLED ones. it would be nice to have a quad S4 chip also, though not exactly necessary. it would be great to get a better camera experience also, maybe a10 or 12MP shooter with a better sensor. and most importantly great battery life.
Reese Woodson A "4.8" 1080p Super AMOLED Plus screen with Gorilla Glass 2, square edges, 2GB of Ram, Quad Core S4 processor, 12 Megapixel cam, 2 Megapixel front cam, Jelly Bean, 32 GB of storage, SD card slot, HDMI out, 3200 Mah battery, HSPA 42, and LTE........
Tommy Trakoolthai no purple screen
Nathan Bryant @Brandon Holley how are Nexus devices getting left behind when they all get the legit update treatment? If it isn't a Nexus device then that's on the manufacturer. The Nexus devices that are on Sprint and Verizon don't count because that isn't a true Nexus when it comes to updates. GSM is the way to go. GSM is even the way to go if you have a skinned phone like the Galaxy S III because the international phone gets updated a lot faster then any carrier brand phone.
Cory Carbon The new galnex with be either a 1.5 dual snapdragon s4 processor or quadcore and prob a sIII sized screen or close to it.
Nathan Bryant This is not worth a Nexus name if it is in that line. Just has a higher pixel camera and slightly faster native clock speed that the Galaxy Nexus can be over clocked to. But I would want a glass looking screen. 1080 at that. High dpi. Solid and sexy ass design. Awesome camera that records beautifully as well. A revolutionary step up in the front camera. A much more curved design.
Lanh Nguyen Some of you are asking for some idiotic specs.
Fabian Toti quad core s4 procesor 14.1mp camera jelly bean 4.8 inch scren ... thats abkut it
Niall Barr It won't be out until Key lime pie
Jessica PoisonIvy Melendez In my perfect world i wud want google to release a tru google phone....galaxy nexus II...truly unlocked wit hot spot integrated in the phone..google voice as the dailer....improved front nd bak camera maybe 4.7 or 4.8 screen...
Chetan Samra A handful of sensors, big battery and a metal construction (unibody too)
Chetan Samra A 1080p HD resolution.....don't know maybe Retina Display.....LCD TFT Technology...a pureview camera.....a genuine quadcore processor by Intel.......The newest version of Android either Jelly Bean or any new version like Android 4.2..............
Brandon Holley maybe instead of thinking about what should be in the nexus we should think about how android could stop spewing out nexus devices, because nexus devices means more iterations, and more iterations mean more devices get left behind.
Jevaughn Thomas Made by HTC buiid like the one x. 2100mah battery would be great. 8mp camera or 10mp, 2mp front camera or 3.5mp with full 1080p recording. Display should be 4.8 in slcd2 720p. 32gb internal storage with removal micro sd. Software should be jellybean or whatever the next version is.
Kizito Nestor fm radio and 8mp camera...
Ian Baylon A bricked phone with Android 1.5 that has mother facking 4.1 printed on the box and it not being Samsung at all or a nexus. Lol.
Joernie Berrios I pray is not a Motorola!!...its a headache unlocking the bootloader:-(
Jason Kim Quad-core, 3 GB of RAM, 10 MP camera w 1080P shooter at 90 FPS, 5 MP front facing camera w 1080P shooter, physical home button, NFC, 4.8" SAMOLED HD, Key-Lime Pie 5.0, 2700 mAh battery, a bunch of the motion controls like on SG3, Google Now, Project Butter, Project Pepper.
Lee Lek Cheong Hoping Motorola is making the phone so it should be called the Nexus Maxx.. just give it a super IPS display, bigger battery and a better camera sensor. Won't mind a 5 mp camera :)
John Doez Right ....I'm sure it will be great key lime pie lets go .....
Joernie Berrios I hope its the replacement of the current GNEX thats on playstore now...hopefully is a GSM phone...I can imagine it with some AOKP JB goodness baked in it...ummm yummy
Walter Perez Original ideas not stolen from Apple patents
Mitch Toland Jr. I'm fine with the 4.65 screen size to be honest...obviously the normal better processor and battery life...better screen...better camera...for all of the Nexus's flaws I still love it...jelly bean is great
Guillermo De León I don't know. I'm perfectly happy with my galaxy nexus.
Alex Chen Motorola Logo on it
Dwight T Solar charging screen, or An all day battery
Cesario Brito Jr. Everything the Galaxy Nexus is..only with bumped up specs. Bigger screen,super amoled plus, better camera,more storage,quadcore,more ram etc etc.....
Jeff Cross A hookers and blow app for sure!!!
Eduardo Ordaz Maybe a phone made specifically made for Obama. A phone that sweeps away da media and dudes talking photos.
Eric Mitchell premium quality. in what Samsung fails to produce. along with the specs mentioned above.
Orewa Najib jelly bean,rgb hd screen,quad core ,better camera larger battery and nicer look
Bill Gillespie Something better then my s2
Jose Merlos Quad Core, 2gb RAM, removable SD and bigger battery.
Still Dre Dane a blender
Gordon Christie ios (kidding)
Suyash Srijan Quad core, 2GB of RAM, 8MP sensor, 4.8" HD SAMOLED, solid back (no plastic), NFC, BT4.0, and other sensors, 4G and Android 5.0 :D
Kimberley Broyles Competitive subsidized pricing of some sort. ;)
Hamad Khan smartness :P

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