Apple reveals the Samsung devices that it wants to ban

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 27, 2012

Apple Samsung device ban

Last Friday evening, the jury in the trial between Apple and Samsung delivered its verdict, which saw Apple come away with a fairly strong win. Now the Cupertino firm has revealed which devices it plans to try and have banned as a result. The Verge notes that the list is eight products long, and it includes several of Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S II variants. The devices in question are the Galaxy S 4G, AT&T Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, T-Mobile Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S Showcase, DROID Charge and Galaxy Prevail.

That list is somewhat small compared to the number of Samsung-made devices that were involved in the trial between these two companies, but not all of those products (like the Captivate and Vibrant) are still for sale. If there's good news here for Samsung, it's that most of these devices have been replaced by a newer model such as the Galaxy S III on their respective carriers.. As was noted last week, a hearing between these two companies is set to go down on September 20, and it's then that Apple will argue why these devices should be hit with an injunction here in the U.S. and how it could be harmed if they're not.

Via The Verge, Apple document (PDF)