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Late last week, the jury in the trial between Apple and Samsung delivered its verdict, siding with Apple on most of its decisions. The two companies released their own statements reacting to the news, and now Google has issued its own statement to The Verge regarding the ruling. The company says that the court of appeals will take another look at the claims of infringement and the validity of the patents involved, adding that most of the patents "don't relate to the core Android operating system." Google's reaction to the verdict ends with it saying that it works with its partners to help produce "innovative and affordable products" and that it doesn't want anything to stop that. The full statement:

"The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don't relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players — including newcomers — are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don't want anything to limit that."

Google's reaction to the Apple-Samsung verdict isn't terribly surprising, as the search company is obviously leaning towards Samsung's side of things by saying that that the U.S. Patent Office is re-examining several of the patents involved and that all companies involved in the fast-moving mobile industry "are building upon ideas that have been around for decades." Still, it doesn't appear that Google is will be swinging into action to protect Samsung just yet.

In addition to its official statement from last week, Samsung has also posted an internal memo on the Samsung Tomorrow site in reaction to the verdict. Unsurprisingly, Samsung says that it's "very disappointed" with the decision, adding that courts in other countries ruled that it didn't infringe upon Apple's designs. The company goes on to promise that it'll do all it can to get its arguments in the case accepted and that it believes that consumers "will side those who prioritize innovation over litigation."

In other Samsung legal news, it appears that the company is trying to get a U.S. injunction against its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tossed out. The Tab 10.1 was originally hit with an in junction back at the end of June due to an Apple design patent related to the iPad. However, in the recent Apple-Samsung trial verdict, the jury ruled that the Tab 10.1 didn't infringe upon this patent. Now Samsung wants that June injunction stopped and is also requesting that the court hold on to the $2.6 million bond that Apple put down to put the injunction into effect until a hearing on any potential damages can be held. There's no word yet on when such a hearing might take place, but obviously Samsung would like it to happen sooner rather than later. You can find the company's full motion at the PDF link below.

Via The Verge (1), (2), Samsung Tomorrow, Samsung motion (PDF)

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Jerry Cantrell
Jerry Cantrell Apple cant stand being behind the times needs someone to blame....samsung just kicks butt....
Wesley A Meek
Wesley A Meek still cheering for team HTC
Sophia Margareth Cordero
Sophia Margareth Cordero Definitely, SAMSUNG!
Lucia Edmond
Lucia Edmond I believe innovation should speak, Not litigation. If I recall correctly Apple got it's first idea for the Lisa and the MAC from a Xerox Processing Plant and the name iPhone was a trademark of Linksys that they settled out of court on. Some things just shouldn't be allowed to be patented. It would allow companies like Apple to become a monolith.
George Isenhart
George Isenhart I used to respect Apple even though I prefer Android but why didnt they sue Web OS? A former Apple Employee who designed The I phone designed the Pre, Samsung was able to compete and thats the bottom line, even so Apple isn't going anywhere so instead of this cowardly suit just keep making excellent phones and allow Samsung to do likewise, both companies could coexist quite well in harmony.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Is that a real question ?... Samsung all the way !!!
Dennis Martinez
Dennis Martinez If every other company acted like Apple and patented every little thing and then sued everybody would be suing everybody and only then would everyone realize what a broken patent law we have. Samsung did like any other company would that has ever been inspired by the best company in their industry by incorporating SIMPLE ideas into THEIR designs. Unlike most other companies however, Apple decided to take the a hole route by taking advantage of this broken patent law to undermine the competition. And that is simply not cool. Apple is playing dirty and it will only lead to one result. If I were a betting man I'd be willing to suggest that maybe Mr. Jobs left behind some sort of will or list of things for Apple to accomplish after he is gone....and this is one of them. Team Samsung!
Kevonte Smith
Kevonte Smith Samsung I hate that Apple won in court
Naqi Haider
Naqi Haider Definitely SAMSUNG
Di Andre' Freeman
Di Andre' Freeman Samsung!! They came a LONG way with innovations. Apple is just a overpriced piece of crap!
Shawn Dineen
Shawn Dineen Samsung
Dieguitoowh Yismahiell Brand
Dieguitoowh Yismahiell Brand Samsung is my way
Steven Pereira
Steven Pereira Samsung the whole way!
Duckit Apple all the way.
King Bricks Kennels
King Bricks Kennels Samsung all day
TBScientist Samsung of course
Matt Couper
Matt Couper Samsung. Apple don't deserve to win, as they have decided not to innovate like Samsung, but to just to sue every company that makes a phone with a rounded rectangular design. Go Samsung!
gamlegule Team Saamsung. Apple is for women in their thirties ...
TuCan Dan
TuCan Dan Tough debate...but leaning towards siding with Apple.
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Team Apple
Neelanjan Acharya
Neelanjan Acharya well i prefer to go with apple.. i think the quality of samsung products is equal to chinese phones..
Richan Lancian Sumalinab
Richan Lancian Sumalinab cheering for team sony ericsson...
Carlos Camacho Del Valle
Carlos Camacho Del Valle Samsung. Apple is just boring!
Jodrell Shaw Walker II
Jodrell Shaw Walker II SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt Both
Sean Bolson
Sean Bolson I feel ya Samsung. Seriously... "“Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple’s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.”
Patricia Forbes
Patricia Forbes Samsung!!!
Chase Sundiata
Chase Sundiata Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best
Live Rahul
Live Rahul team apple
John H. Foote
John H. Foote Samsung Apple doesn't own all the patents for smart phones(they think they do).
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Samsung all the way. Apple is just greedy! They are the richest company in the world yet they are suing for patents like having a rectangular phone! In the end the ones that are going to eat the cost is the ones who don't own an apple product.
Orlando Hernandez
Orlando Hernandez Samsung because it's (like) apple but better!!
Razi Ul Hassan
Razi Ul Hassan samsunng
Jason Harris
Jason Harris I'm for free market and competition Samsung all the way Apple needs to f off - they had their moment and while they offered their pos through the most expensive carrier I stuck with sprint - you know how much 2600 mins and 3GB + average a month would cost me on att or any other carrier for that matter. If Apple wanted to corner the market they should have done it at launch not years later with petty lawsuits in hometown jurisdiction
Teshawn Black
Teshawn Black Team Samsung
Adam McWilliams
Adam McWilliams Samsung !
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Samsung all the way. For the richest company in the world they act like the biggest bitches. If Steve was still running the company none of this nonsense would ever have started. Just shows how Apple afraid of competition.
David DiMolfetta
David DiMolfetta Samsung!!! I'm buying the Galaxy S3 in January!!!!
Allison Reynolds
Allison Reynolds samsung man the iphone dosent do what rhe galaxy does.
Dennis Heggenstaller
Dennis Heggenstaller Team Google!
Joshua Bowers
Joshua Bowers Sammy all the way
Michelle Jayden
Michelle Jayden Apple has "stole" from others. This seems more like a "Do as I say, not as I do"case which in my opinion makes Apple look bad. They make great products, but their ethics are way off. It'd be one thing if they were completely blameless, but unfortunately they aren't. But I don't think that excuses Samsung completely either. Making slightly different icons, but clearly copied... and the phone designs in the past were clearly made to resemble the iPhone, these were blanted attempts at copying the iPhone look. I like the look of the SG3 and am happy that what I opted to :)
Armando Mora Casarez
Armando Mora Casarez Samsung!!!! Just like Dino up top said.
Paul Warner
Paul Warner Team Samsung
Steve Karll
Steve Karll Samsung !!!
Seth Phork
Seth Phork Team Samsung!
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Sammy. Cause apple didn't invent the smartphone nor the tablet it doesnt give them the right.
Jason Wilde
Jason Wilde Samsung
Blake Chase
Blake Chase APPLE
Jaime Tabuena
Jaime Tabuena The only reason apple isn't suing the Chinese iproduct look alikes is because they know there's no money there
Gabrielle Poquita
Gabrielle Poquita I used to go for Apple.... but now Samsung all the way... Apple is kinda overrated.
Mike Tasler
Mike Tasler Don't give a damn
Federico Cao
Federico Cao apple is bullshit, obviously samsung
Tina Scialdo Helmer
Tina Scialdo Helmer Samsung
Austin Benson
Austin Benson Team aumsung all the way apple is to tight
Taavi Kala
Taavi Kala Neither. These patient wars are incredibly pointless and the ones who actually lose are the consumers. Both companies make stunning phones. The looks might be similar but you can't compaire iOS to Android. It's a completely different level.
Reid Bailey
Reid Bailey Samsung!
Robert Saladino
Robert Saladino Android! I mean Samsung! I mean Free Will! I mean Free Individual Thought!
Genaro Arce
Genaro Arce I will go for Samsung 'cause Apple Iphones are Fake, You should Know that 3rd companies give them the power they said they have, and a prube of that should be that the Screen is provide by LG just to let you know so in that case an Iphone is Fake. Another thing is hat Apple's OS in Mexico wont let download apps unless you give a dam Credit Card, things that Android does not do that, and even more most Apple Apps are just a trial for stupid 30 days and if you want to expirience the whole thing you should have to pay for that, and evern more, without Itunes you canot do anything with Iphone, like Android, with a Micro USB cable you can habe a memory up to 32 Gigas, tho the iphone has 64 but YOU CANT USE IT AT A COMPUTER THAT DOES NOT HAVE ITUNES!!!!
Genaro Arce
Genaro Arce Of Course Team Samsung!!! Go Android from Mexico City, Mexico
Tasos Tselepatiotes
Tasos Tselepatiotes Samsung!
Lewis Hall
Lewis Hall Samsung!
Ilija Jovanovic
Ilija Jovanovic samsung
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Apple don't need cheer leaders because most of their users are blind. People I know who started with an Android and switched to iphone don't really make a big deal of it. People who started with an iphone still have an iphone. They don't want to try anything new. How can you be pro choice if you only make one choice year after year?
Travis Smith
Travis Smith Team Samsung all the wayyy!!!
Ridha Fardian
Ridha Fardian Samsung!!
imaad_azmi Team Apple all the way.Samsung made a big mistake and is facing the consequences for its wrongdoings!!
George Cruz
George Cruz Apple Apple al the way
Spencer Silva Sullivan
Spencer Silva Sullivan Team Samsung.
Alia Amin
Alia Amin Team Android!!!
Clifton H. Williams II
Clifton H. Williams II Samsung
Stian Grøtåsen
Stian Grøtåsen I am cheering for "team choose what I like".
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz team samsung
Shawn Martinez
Shawn Martinez Team apple
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez Apple don't need cheerleaders. Samsung does though, they need all the help they can get. 9/12/12 bitches s3 R.I.P
Dino Dimakopoulos
Dino Dimakopoulos Posting from an iPhone, but supporting team samsung. Apple has crossed a line with all this. At this rate we should patent the wheel, flat surfaces, and colors. Apple didnt create the touchscreen, hand gestures or icons, they just applied it to a phone, but its where we are headed. I'm all for defending intellectual property, but we're diving into modern common sense. Being the first to APPLY ideas doesn't (or shouldnt) make something patentable.
Oscar Sanchez Palomino
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Samsung
Dawn Houston
Dawn Houston Samsung
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Team Boobs
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Here the thing I love the iPhone but face it android does a lot more now the iPhone barley has changed over the years everyone was hopeing that the new ios 6 and iPhone will blow android away when it actually still won't even come close to it its a shame
Goran Samardžija
Goran Samardžija SAMSUNG.... apple steals other ideas and then patents it calling them inovative and theirs ideas
Jeff McQueary
Jeff McQueary Samsung!
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Obviously Apple. Its official samsung copied & ripped of Apple.....and thats decided by independant judge & jury! Its a fact haters, get over it! D whole world knows it now too!
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes Team apple!
Chenou Xiong
Chenou Xiong Samsung
Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson Android ! Keep it cheap so us as the consumer can have choice at a affordable price point .
Jesse Robert Bochek
Jesse Robert Bochek "Screw Apple's cult" they all say while basically selling their soul to Samsung.
Elvis Guay
Elvis Guay Team CHOICE
Javier Sanchez Ojeda
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Hopefully samsung ,if it looses the case we are the ones that are going to be affected by the pricing and choices. Oh ! and I'm not on any sides I have both that' just reality
John MacLean
John MacLean Samsung. Good as Apple iPhone's are, I hate their control freakery. Android platform with multiple manufacturers is a much healthier way from a consumer point of view.
Humberto Cortes
Humberto Cortes Samsung all the way
Javier Sanchez Ojeda
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Samsung
Erik Davidson
Erik Davidson both
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Still a better love story than Twilight! Team Samsung!
Aric Osieczanek
Aric Osieczanek Samsung!
Matthew Sjoblom
Matthew Sjoblom I had an iphone 4. Now since a few months ago for my late fathers day gift. I got the Galaxy S3. Havent been dissappointed with my choice going from Apple to Android. The phone is great and better than Apple. So sign me up on the Samsung band wagon
George Majao
George Majao Totally not for the theft
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez https://plus.google.com/u/0/111425389710625097093/posts/YFUszfsSas1
Anthony Andrade
Anthony Andrade Neither. I think it was important that Apple won, but not on every patent.
Daniel Kornas
Daniel Kornas Also, Since Apple is so greedy, I'm surprised that they haven't sued the companies in China for making basically exact duplicates of Iphones, Ipods, etc. (except with their own software). Unless they have already but I don't know about it. But here, Samsung looks SLIGHTLY similar to the Iphone an they make a big deal about it.
Wayne Richardson
Wayne Richardson Samsung
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith Samsung!
Ricky Saythong
Ricky Saythong Team Samsung.
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider just waiting till iphone 5 is out so i can decided what phone to get.. october hurryup
Josh Veerkamp
Josh Veerkamp Neither.
Daniel Kornas
Daniel Kornas Samsung
Kevin Figueroa
Kevin Figueroa Team Apple? Team Samsung? What is this, the 'Twilight' of smartphones?
Will Wiles
Will Wiles Apple Lets Face they did released the first smartphone = Apple iPhone First Smart Phone IN THE WHOLE GLOBE....and Samsung came along and copied the idea i cant belive how many dumb people cant face it that samsung copied Apple
Suyash Srijan
Suyash Srijan Samsung - 90% votes in comments Apple - 10% votes Apple - 0 Samsung - 1 SAMSUNG FTW.
Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart I would give back right a flip before supporting greedy apple Fucks. They make me sick.
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Android, Motorola.
Paul L McCord Jr.
Paul L McCord Jr. Samsung. Well, anyone but Apple.
Eric Huxtable
Eric Huxtable Samsung
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Neither costs innovation has been stop. The consumer is the one suffering.
Ramesh Prashad
Ramesh Prashad Samsung!!!
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus It is the little green Droid for me. I can not support a company that has to use these patent fight tactics to keep its customer base. Innovation should control the market! It is time for all of these companies to work together to develop OS software standards that can be used without the fear of causing this mess. Innovation can be added to the standard OS software if you really need something to fight about. Grow up!
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales I would like to enlighten lots of retarded people. Please take 40 seconds of your life and listen to what the ex leader of apple said "we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0DUg63lqU
Jhona Mark Ignacio
Jhona Mark Ignacio apple is the best
Gerald Cortez
Gerald Cortez Samsung of course... Apple plays dirty now, i used to like Apple, not anymore.
Enoch Serna
Enoch Serna Apple lost Stevie wonder and their mind are set to file lawsuits rather than to revolutionize another iProduct.
Tyler Toth
Tyler Toth Samsung all the way screw apple
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders I'm not a big Samsung fan(though there products are awesome) I'm a fan of Android,....so go Samsung :)
Hubert John Abiera
Hubert John Abiera Apple
John Luttrell
John Luttrell Neither these battles just hurt the consumer and any law suit costs will be passed on to us.
Rocco Gallo
Rocco Gallo Samsung
Mehr An
Mehr An samsung
Jøèÿ Lãi
Jøèÿ Lãi Samsung of course by a long run apple sucks
Faith Shodhinde
Faith Shodhinde Apple Can't wait until iphone 5 comes outxx
David Garcia
David Garcia Samsung is the shyt!!
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa Samsung.. apple wants to have the monopoly on cell phones.. screw them!
Seddik Jallal
Seddik Jallal Samsung
John Resch
John Resch Neither..both are garbage..
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia team samsung.. let apple keep fucking around and samsung will start making them shitty chips and shitty screens
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista Apple wants to monopolize the market...tryin to eliminate their closest competitor..
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Samsung....by miles
Benjamin Gehlke
Benjamin Gehlke Apple
Justin Cartier
Justin Cartier Samsung
Timothy Michael Spease Sr
Timothy Michael Spease Sr Team Samsung
Robert Manser
Robert Manser TEAM HTC.
Robert Manser
Robert Manser Anyone notice the likes on all the Samsung and Android but no likes on Apple comments JUST SAYIN.
Pascal Bz
Pascal Bz team samsung coz he's for innovation :)
Ian Peace
Ian Peace Samsung
Jonathan Onuluk
Jonathan Onuluk Samsung
Johannes Riitijoki
Johannes Riitijoki Apple
John Elizondo
John Elizondo Samsung
George Isenhart
George Isenhart Team Samsung, thus suit is ridiculous.
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant I think Apple is dumb and I think Samsung went a little to far. I wish for it all to stop. Apple refuses to innovate. Samsung just needs to pay whatever and continue to move on and let Apple destroy themselves. People will soon see.
Nitin Kurdekar
Nitin Kurdekar Team Samsung
Chris Hanley
Chris Hanley samsung.
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa And PhoneDog is an isheep site! Lol
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf The consumers is what I'm for. But sense it didn't ask that I will choose Samsung
Ryan G. Bordner
Ryan G. Bordner TEam Microsoft
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers Apple is for idiots. Android rules!!!
LaToya's Page
LaToya's Page Samsung
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme Team Samsung! !
Joel Madison
Joel Madison Apple
Luz Scott
Luz Scott Sorry *kicking
Lynn Wheeler
Lynn Wheeler Apple of course!!
Luz Scott
Luz Scott Dwayne, cuz Samsung is looking their ass, so they want to kick every competitor out and become a monopoly!!! Which probably won't happen because Americans hate monopoly companies!!! Ex, Microsoft before Apple!!
Zach Jewell
Zach Jewell Samsung
Marc Hill
Marc Hill Samsung
Saleem Sharif
Saleem Sharif both ... !!
Sue Riot
Sue Riot I like my iPhone. People should buy what makes THEM happy. I don't like Android, but is personal preference. Besides, if noone could copy, one company would make cars, one TVs, etc.
Lachlan MavorWilliams
Lachlan MavorWilliams samsung apart from touchwiz which sucks...
Dwayne Cubbins Syndos X
Dwayne Cubbins Syndos X I like apple why do they keep suing Samsung all the time
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales @Corey thanks for that video its perfect!
Luz Scott
Luz Scott Samsung, apple steals too many ideas and claims it to be theirs!!! To be fair, the market is what it is, just don't go claimimg that you thought of it first!!!
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Apple is after Android....they see that Android is way better....so they now want to destroy it....Iam worried that its comming to a point where you cant flash custom Roms,themes,etc
Santosh David
Santosh David Team APPLE
Darren Thong
Darren Thong Shamesung
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa Team Nexus, pure android is the only way to go nowadays. And I agree that apple is for girls. Only chics should have iphones
Enis Fazliu
Enis Fazliu Samsung
Nancy Brandes
Nancy Brandes samsung.. MOst of the apple products were not founded by steve and they had someone else make a lot of their ideas before their products.
Jeremy Bleich
Jeremy Bleich Oh Brent Legendre has a life, thanks for taking the time out of your exciting life to post that on here Brent.
Bella Delos Trinos
Bella Delos Trinos Samsung
Paul Gonzalez
Paul Gonzalez hacksung!
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios What would you expect??Apple had the home Court advantage:-(
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway I don't believe Apple or Samsung is right. Apple has always copied ideas from Microsoft and probably Samsung too but should Samsung really take them to court or Apple take them to court? Probably not. Why can't we all just get along?
William Hall
William Hall +1 for Microsoft!
Dan Kristofer Escano
Dan Kristofer Escano Samsung all the way the best:-) all my family phones are samsung:-)
Corey Backhaus
Corey Backhaus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeC25BM9E0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
James Pike
James Pike Samsung!!!
Brent Legendre
Brent Legendre I have this thing called a life so I don't really care
Ben Isai
Ben Isai Apple of course. Without them Samsung wouldn't succeed. True story.
Joseph Salvagna
Joseph Salvagna Samsung
Mike Cross
Mike Cross Samsung!
Joe Dyson
Joe Dyson samsung all the way!
Mililani Phillips
Mililani Phillips Samsung!
Max Larrieux
Max Larrieux Samsung
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. First of all phone dog doesn't care what "team" we root for. We all know they are an isheep loving site. Samsung just needs to revamp touchwiz a bit. In the end, I'm with Samsung. They are destroying the competition right now.
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley Samsung.
Andrew F Sheehan
Andrew F Sheehan Samsung!
Corey Backhaus
Corey Backhaus Samsung!
Bagus Gustiana
Bagus Gustiana Samsung~
Ventuniano Santito
Ventuniano Santito Samsung
Darius Navidi
Darius Navidi Samsung
Jamie Mineer
Jamie Mineer Samsung!
Ah Loy
Ah Loy Samsung !
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers any one which can give me a good phone for a good price..apple right now due to i can be both GSM and CDMA
Veen Oui
Veen Oui I own both, Iphone makes me feel like a novelty and Samsung like..Ok, how many apps can i pound on this thing :-O

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