LG Optimus G official

After a couple of teases and leaks, LG has finally made the Optimus G officially official. As expected, the Optimus G sports a 1.5GHz quad-core APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro processor as well as 4G LTE support, and it also packs the 4.7-inch 1280x768 True HD IPS+ that LG talked up last weekend. LG says that the screen features "fully integrated touch technology" to aid in making the display thinner. Also included is 2GB RAM, 13-megapixel rear and 1.3-megapixel front cameras and a 2,100mAh battery, all stuffed into a body that measures 8.45mm thick. The Optimus G will launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in Korea next month, with global launch to follow this year.

The Optimus G definitely touts a number of features that any bleeding edge Android fan would love, including the S4 Pro processor and high-res display, though I'm sure some folks would like to see Jelly Bean preloaded on there as well. Still, the Optimus G may be worth keeping an eye on if high-end hardware is your thing. There's no mention in today's announcement of when or if we might see the Optimus G launch here in the U.S., but earlier this year a rumor claimed that an LG-made with the model number LS970 would be hitting the Now Network in the fourth quarter of 2012, complete with a spec list that's fairly similar to the Optimus G's. As usual, we'll keep you up to date as more details arise. Stay tuned.

Via Engadget, LG Newsroom (Korean)

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"4.7-inch display, 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Will you buy it?"

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Aleksandar Stoiljkovic
Aleksandar Stoiljkovic NEVER AGAIN LG is the worst com ever. i had LG Optimus 3d and for few mounts they didnt fixed the ghost call problem. they even say'd the problem was with provider all over the world XDD i trashed it and lg never again and samsung. got sIII and for 3 mounts samsung was in service for 20 days. now i have HOX and no problems !!!
Eddy Edd
Eddy Edd @Mark Kornak they're also first to repeat the same mistake of rolling out yet another high end device with ICS instead of JB, explains a lot about 'timely updates'
Ori Sanilevich
Ori Sanilevich For me it comes down to camera and audio performance, lg has been notoriously bad at both. Besides, it looks like we won't be seeing this phone stateside for a while
Mark Kornak
Mark Kornak The first vendor who rolls out a high end phone with pure Android with no vendor customization and supported by Google for timely updates will win the race.
Tyler Kirchman
Tyler Kirchman This looks pretty sweet and I think the new LG optimus 3.0 looks great. But it probably won't sell great
Jonas Daugis
Jonas Daugis Yes.
Daniel Chong
Daniel Chong Yes!!!
Andrew Hackett
Andrew Hackett yea
Eric Elggren
Eric Elggren After my experience with the G2x, I'll never buy a LG phone again.
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Had 2 LG phones.... DONT BUY LG!!!!
Aaron Dean
Aaron Dean It will just be another one of lg's famous sleep of death products I'll stick with gs3
Andrew F Sheehan
Andrew F Sheehan Its a nice looking phone and the specs are awesome but, it depends on the price and if its a GSM capable. Samsung, LG, and HTC are my top 3 favorite manufactures.
Moshe Bari
Moshe Bari dont like LG but this is awesome!!!
David DiPilla
David DiPilla well I really wanted the s3 or the iphone 5 s3 us version does not have quad core I really wanted it to have quad core the iphone 5 most likey have quad core but ios 6 is not much better I want customize stuff now this lg the specs I wanted in the s3 but I don't know about lg or its inerface and the design this is insane cant make up my mind
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista Apple will sue them for the rounded corners..hehe
Kevin McQuade
Kevin McQuade Galaxy s 3
Tasos Tselepatiotes
Tasos Tselepatiotes No it's LG.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis depends on the xda dev support....
Maxi Fabián
Maxi Fabián It looks very promising.. After a review by Aaron i'll decide.
Hector Riera
Hector Riera just make a 40" already and get done with it
Victor Brownwell
Victor Brownwell LG no thanks!
Ilija Jovanovic
Ilija Jovanovic maybe
Ray Sital
Ray Sital Anyone remember the G2X???
Jaevz Chavez
Jaevz Chavez Why would u need a quad core on ur phone cmon dual core works just fine -droidrazr ownr
Zo Strokes
Zo Strokes look up the specs people. this phone is bad ass
Juha Wahlsten
Juha Wahlsten Never have had LG phone. And never will. SGSIII FTW!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I'm rocking 4.8 inches Robert lol
Bernie Fen
Bernie Fen i'm on the fence... lol
Javier Sanchez Ojeda
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Nice specs let's see how it turns out
Sunil S.
Sunil S. 2GB Of RAM.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Robert is not man enough for a big screen I guess.
Cosmin Zgorcea
Cosmin Zgorcea NAW
Justin Doe
Justin Doe What kind of RAM
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Nope I will wait till HTC or Samsung come out with a quad core phone. I had a bad experience with an LG g2x I owned,plus their interface blows!!!
Armando Aranda
Armando Aranda Next thing you'll know they will make 50 inch cell phones.
Mikael Soltaniha
Mikael Soltaniha Never son
Roy Groh
Roy Groh Yeah.. I would.. but.. LG? I kinda not trust LG.. .. I trust HTC, Samsung, Sony.... not Apple!
Anonymous I sense a new leader here...
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Just another nothing special Android. I'll pass.
Anthony Do
Anthony Do If it comes out I'm getting that..
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones LG made it? NOOOOPE.
Nathan Sheaffer
Nathan Sheaffer No, this is an LG phone. The G2X troubles has sealed this decision for me. Luckily we have things like XDA and Craigslist otherwise I would still be stuck with the G2X. I will not buy another piece of LG Hardware.
Klaus Pabst
Klaus Pabst Never again a LG phone, they promise update and nothing happens!
Brian Coello
Brian Coello I believe its a dual core
Mohammad Ashraf Mahmoud
Mohammad Ashraf Mahmoud no
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez Lg makes garbage phones.. I'm waiting for the iphone 5
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Then stick to your ishit robert
Angel Rodriquez
Angel Rodriquez ya wait i hope sprint will get this phone...this year
Jared Dore
Jared Dore No
Roger Ohlsson
Roger Ohlsson Nope, Note 2 will present for us tomorrow, cant wait
Robert Metzel
Robert Metzel 4.7" screen!? That's like walking around with my GPS in my pocket! No thanks!
Michael Waldron
Michael Waldron Lol, last week Galaxy S3 by Samsung. How could anyone choose LG over a Sam? It's as if we're headed back in time.. 0_o
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti Hmmmmm .... LG well done
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith If I didn't have an iPhone I'd buy it!
Jeremy Carter
Jeremy Carter I'll gladly give up my iPhone 4S for it
Jason C. Monroe
Jason C. Monroe Eh, why is it LG?
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Got to see the reviews before I make a decision. It too soon... so far I like what I am hearing.
Chuck Xu
Chuck Xu Which network though.?
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman One X was too laggy thats one of the reasons i sold mine
Patrick Fjaestad Fast
Patrick Fjaestad Fast No.. im happy with my s3
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li no. i have bad experience wifh lg. i used to have lg nitro, phone gets really hot when using gps and car charging! phone refuses to charge when phone is hot. you know you will run out of battery cus it refuses to charge!
Fuster Alexander Cook Jr.
Fuster Alexander Cook Jr. Nah
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock Nope. More than happy with my quad core One X.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Nope I'll be purchasing the G-Note 2
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman I'm happy with my S2.. nah.
Prasath Hackr
Prasath Hackr https://facebook.com/ICFC4
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman Thats going to be a killer phone!
Roberto Baños Lozano
Roberto Baños Lozano No
Gary Lancaster
Gary Lancaster If it features stock Android, I'll consider. It looks nice.
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles No because its an lg
Jonathan Grimes
Jonathan Grimes Not unless the software is better. Their software looks like it's built for a 7 year old.
Isaac Shinde
Isaac Shinde no
Zo Strokes
Zo Strokes LG, life's gone
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano That is a nice phone.
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres yup
Roney Desousa
Roney Desousa LG Look like they're doing better, so if it comes to AT&T by my upgrade then possibly. Hopefully they did something abuot the software
Paul Gill
Paul Gill Yea
Cody Wolf
Cody Wolf yes man
Tommy D Thompson
Tommy D Thompson It's LG, so no.
Jack Gemini Allan
Jack Gemini Allan i will

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