Samsung IFA 2012 Jelly Bean updates

Samsung took the wraps off of a number of different devices at its Mobile Unpacked show earlier today, including the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Camera, ATIV S and ATIV Tab. Engadget notes that there was some good news included for owners of some currently-available Galaxy devices, as well, as Samsung confirmed that Jelly Bean updates for certain devices are getting near. The company said during its keynote that the Android 4.1 updates for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1 will be landing "very soon." As you can see above, the original Galaxy Note was included in the slide announcing the news, but Samsung didn't specifically mention the Note in its statement.

We've already seen the Jelly Bean update for the international Galaxy S III get shown off on video and leak out online, so we know that Samsung has been hard at work on the update. Still, it's good to hear that the official update is coming soon for folks that've decided to refrain from installing leaks. It's also worth mentioning that the international Galaxy S III will likely be the first version to taste of Jelly Bean, so the U.S. carrier-branded models will probably be waiting a tad longer than the "very soon" timeframe mentioned by Samsung today. Once we get a more concrete Jelly Bean release window for any of the aforementioned devices, you can bet that you'll be the first ones we tell. Stay tuned!

Via Engadget

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??? ???????? I'm pretty excited about Jellybean. I'm running the Cyanogenmod 10 version of Jellybean on the GS3. Unfortunately, it is very slow.
Lashawn Mcmanus I don't know anymore, I think people have to remember that what you seen the nexus 7 do with jelly bean your device might not do the same way. Other than that It should still be good.
Tyler Kirchman they better update the HTC Amaze
Austin Benson Very need it know
Tyler Hell Very important
Matt Couper Jelly Bean would be great, but I'm still waiting for ICS on my Atrix...
Jose Pablo Islas I've had it for a while now via cm10
Trevor Navarro I already got it on my Galaxy S 3 with out rooting!
Daniel Quintero Its the smoothest yet
Bernie Fen not important as i'm not a super gadget geek.
Alexander Dewitt My Google Nexus already has it and its amazing
Jason Charles I try not to sit and wait b/c the updates either take to long or never come they said the HTC thunderbolt would get ICS but I never saw it nor did I bereaved it was gonna get it
Brady Wassam It's a requirement for me
Johan Bjäreholt Pretty important due to project butter, still not as important than gb to ics though
Rick Giblin Very important since I have the galaxy nexus on sprint.
Tara Williams-boyd it dont matter but i'll take it lol
Michael Diehl RAZR Maxx
Sewak Khatschederyan At the 43:20 minit he say that galaxy note N7000. galaxy note 10.1 get Android 4.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO9eIfI7xjo
Marlo Maddox Boone When is the Galaxy Nexus getting the Jellybean goddness?
Joernie Berrios Not whole lot....its like when Froyo to Gingerbread...not a whole lot of diffrence
Nathan Wright Rooting my old captivate and flashing cm10 has breathed new life into the device, I feel bad for those not on jelly bean.
Darrien Glasser It's basically a necessity. If it's not stock ICS, it better be stock JB.
Matt Brulla Had it for almost a month already on my Samsung Mesmerize. A little smoother than ICS, but otherwise not a huge update.
Kaizer Joelle It's late
Tony Abiama Jelly Bean was a nice update but it didn't make a huge bump in performance for my GNex. Google Now is cool, but a feature I like that I actually use and see on a daily basis would be the new expandable notifications
Zach Cline Agreed. Jellybean is more of an incremental update . There's not a huge difference between jellybean and ICS but it's still a solid update. Google now is already more useful.than siri.
Jason Meehan Who really cares? A couple months after JB goes out to more devices they will start working on strawberry tart or whatever the next fragmented @ss OS update their working on.. its a never ending cycle..
Matti Hietala I own Gnex and there is really nothing so cool about JB other than notifications and google search bar changes colour. And that project butter is not so noticeable change if you have lots of apps.
Billy Brown That's if apple let's them .....
Eric Stoddard Very very important. It is one of the reasons that I traded my iPhone 4s for the Galaxy S3. On att, and I am hoping the update is days away.
Jared Dore Need it got on my nexus 7 it's a vast improvement
Paul Davis It is important that companies provide updates and not leave us hanging because of the next cool released device. It's also good to pick a device that has a lot of xda love.... As a backup solution
Justin Counsell Very important!! HTC needs to push it out to the One X ASAP!!
David Vaughan Waiting for the next galaxy....and if they have more then one then I will choose what's available in the nexus line, overlays can suck it, no literally, they are resource hogs
Ivan Pineiro I just installed CM10 on my Galaxy S II, since my phone will probably never see Jelly Bean because of Sprint.
Tim Cristiano HowardMorris They all the same, doesn't matter.
Zach Cline For the people that Don't want to wait , There's a little thing called rooting lol . But k Iike it was said above there's not a huge difference with the galaxy S3's jellybean update.
Josue Fonseca Rivera It's important to me, not so much for my carrier.
Ross Silva I'm already running Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean) on my 2 1/2 yr old HTC EVO 4G..... -_-
Eric Huxtable Remember..project butter makes phones feel like they have an exynos processor inside and that's what many of us always wished for.. the epic 4g touch from sprint was amazing (had the exynos)
Michael Wilds When the Maxx getting it
Jose Be Julme Very very important.
Sewak Khatschederyan They say galaxy note I galaxy tab go jb very soon
Gaspar Heller When I get my phones I like unlocking them to their fullest potential (i.e. rooting, and installing custom ROMs). I totally dislike UI overlays, even if they're fully functional and useful, but without them the device runs so much better and still has more than enough functionality, at least for me. If/when I get my GS3 or GNote2 (of which'll depend what's available come April when I can next upgrade my phone) I'll be rooting and installing the latest Jellybean-based custom non TouchWiz ROM available (be it straight AOSP ( Android Open Source Project and pure Android) or something based on CyanogenMod10). :)
Tommy Christiansen VERY.... just BRING IT yesterday please :-)
David Lora I really need it that's why I have cm10 on my galaxy s3 for tmobile because coming from a galaxy nexus to s3 felt like a down grade if the software is out why not update faster
Jesus Martinez I got JB on my Nexus 7 and got ICS on my S3, its not that important for me to get it soon, I really see little difference besides its notifications
Mogen Cheng Google play is amazing with its technology and features -g nexus
Tabib Rehman I dont need it but i want it on my note
Enoch Serna I'm still happy with gingerbread. :)
Tyler Saddington Very, that is why I only own Nexus devices...
Sloan Karri Not on the S III. Not much of a difference at all.
Eric Huxtable Extra important.. who doesn't want to feel the butter of Project Butter? Its a significant difference

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