T-Mobile tipped to be scheduling "All Hands Day" workdays on the weekend of September 21

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 30, 2012

T-Mobile All Hands Day September 21-24 leak

Do you have any plans for the weekend of September 21, T-Mobile customers? It looks like the employees at your local T-Mobile store do now, as an email leaked to TmoNews has shown that Magenta may be planning some "All Hands Day" workdays at its outlets from midnight on Friday, September 21 through midnight on Monday, September 24. Unfortunately for us, there's no mention of what's so special about these dates and why T-Mobile may needs its employees to work them.

In the past, these T-Mobile "All Hands Day" leaks have turned into promotions and big sales for the carrier, like one in November that became "Magenta Saturday" or one in December that was for the "4G Super Sale." Considering that, another sale from T-Mobile seems to be a probable answer to the question of what this latest "All Hands Day" in late September could be for. As TmoNews notes, that's the same weekend that the new iPhone is rumored to be going on sale, so T-Mobile may be planning some sort of promo to try and give its customers something to get excited about over that weekend. As usual, we'll pass along more details as we get 'em. Care to make any guesses as to what you think the "All Hands Day" workdays might be for? Our comments section below is the perfect place to drop your thoughts.

Via TmoNews