Alleged new iPhone body compared to previous models in new photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 31, 2012

New iPhone size compared to iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS

It feels like it's been a while since there's been a new iPhone leak or rumor, but that comes to an end today as images comparing the purported shell of the device to both the iPhone 4 and 3GS have surfaced. Posted by Chinese site Sohu, the photos show the body of a device that's similar to the new iPhone body that popped up in late July. Comparing the shell to the previous iPhones, we see once again that the alleged body of the next iPhone has an antenna band and volume buttons/ringer switch similar to those found on the iPhone 4, but that the new iPhone's body is (unsurprisingly) taller and thinner. You can check out a photo comparing the backsides of the iPhone 4 and new iPhone below.

In other still-unannounced iOS product news, the iPad mini rumor mill has continued churning at full steam today. The latest report comes from Bloomberg, which claims that the smaller iPad will be released in October, a claim that lines up with a report from this past weekend. The publication also claims that the iPad mini's display, which will reportedly measure 7.85 inches in size, will be manufactured by LG Display Co. and AU Optronics Corp.

Rumors that the new iPhone will be taller than its predecessors are nothing new, and it won't really be a surprise if it ends up being thinner than them too, but it's still interesting to see the (alleged) body of the new model compared with previous generations of the iPhone. As for the iPad mini, it was originally thought that the shrunken slate could premier alongside the new iPhone next month, but now it appears that Apple will be giving the device its own time in the spotlight with an October introduction. One of the big question marks still surrounding the iPad mini is how Apple will price it. A starting price tag of around $200 would put it in the same arena as Google's Nexus 7, something that I'm sure Apple wouldn't mind. How much do you think Apple will ask for its smaller iPad?

iPhone 4 new iPhone rear comparison

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