Finding our favorite devices is sometimes hard to do. We go through plenty of trial and error to get to that one handset that we actually love to use. More than that, we love to show it off to our friends and family. Whether it's a feature (software or hardware), or maybe it's just the phone itself you're crazy about, that special device is the one that we've been waiting for.

Maybe it's good enough for you to recommend.

Recommendations have evolved over the years, from what I've noticed. I know several people who have a certain operating system that they recommend more than anything else, just because of the system. The hardware doesn't even matter. "Oh, you'll find something you like. There are plenty of options!" So, in those instances, the recommendation is the software, and hardware doesn't play a part in the slightest.

Then there are others who just aim to recommend hardware. "It's the best screen for colors! And if you're going to be looking at your phone all day, shouldn't you get the best?" Never mind the mobile OS, that's irrelevant when you're aiming to get the best of the best in the hardware department.

From my time working in the wireless industry, I quickly found that simply just recommending something isn't the way to go. Sure, it's easier that way, but it can sometimes come back and bite you when it's all said and done. Recommending a phone to a customer that isn't necessarily "built for them" is just going to result in a return, and an unhappy customer. No sense in doing that, right?

But, customers aren't friends. Well, not all the time, anyway.

I'm curious to know what you would recommend to your friends. Whether it's just hardware and the software doesn't matter, or if it's the software you look to promote, with the hardware just being a bonus.

Honestly, for me, most of my friends are gamers in some capacity or another. I've recommended Windows Phone to some of them, because they love their Xbox 360 and GamerTag. More than that, though, they love their Achievements, and with Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE enabled games for the platform, you can boost that overall score right from your phone.

However, I've also recommended iOS to the same people, because while it may not have Xbox LIVE functionality, it does have a lot more options for multiplayer gaming. And, well, the games on iOS just look better, and are usually more robust.

I can only remember one time in my life where I've recommended a BlackBerry device (which wasn't tied to me working for a wireless carrier). My friend wanted a hardware keyboard, and nothing else really mattered. I remember hew as going to go for some landscape slider, but I convinced him that the BlackBerry Bold 9930 was the better option. I'm pretty sure he still has that phone, and he is still in love with it, too. (Not surprising. The Bold 9930 is still one phone I can't help but stare at when I see it out in the wild.)

And I've recommended Android to others, too. In most cases, though, it's always been a Nexus device that I've recommended. And, from what I can recall, I recommended Android in those situations because the people were switching from a certain other platform because it was boring and they wanted something new. Something they could change. So, Android was the obvious choice.

So, Dear Reader, tell me which operating system or piece of hardware you've been known to recommend the most. And! Tell me what systems or hardware you *don't* recommend to others, and why.

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Richie Tegur
Richie Tegur Windows phone.... cus it's so fast and it's very fun to operate and very good apps etc..... Android has a lots of apps and even more than windows but we dont use all of them.... But windows has some apps that it's so use full to us and more fun..... So i recommend u to the Windows Phone.....
Dru_Moncatar Lumia 820 or 920. I've tried Android, IOS and WP7.5 so far the best experience I had was with WP. So with the WP8 coming I'll go for the Lumia Series
Jake Smiths
Jake Smiths the iPhone! or if your really dumb, i guess you could settle with that samshit galaxy 3
Jose Santos
Jose Santos windows phone cus it soo fast
ryanmerchant Nokia Lumia! Unless you've used one you don't realise how good they are!
Cake Chuenarom
Cake Chuenarom I will recommend my best friends with the IOS 6 ..... iPhone 5 that gonna come out next week :)
Tarequl Islam Chowdhury
Tarequl Islam Chowdhury Android!!
Krishna Adettiwar
Krishna Adettiwar iOS.
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella Windows Phone 8
William Psy-Fi Baba Ejiogbe
William Psy-Fi Baba Ejiogbe Android without a doubt!!!
Kagamine Len
Kagamine Len IOS
Edward Gonse
Edward Gonse I recommend BlackBerry OS to people and then, when they sign a 2 year contract with a BlackBerry smartphone and their phone return period is up, I whip out my Android phone and show them how cool it is and what they are missing out on. Hahahaha!!!!
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Android or Windows why would I recommend Apple to a friend by the way they been acting like a girl on her period lately.
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith Android!!!
Damani Mitchell
Damani Mitchell android, normally a nexus or a phone with vanilla android.
David Kaylor
David Kaylor WINDOWS
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan Android
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Android all the way! Created by the people for the people!
Simonas Snarskas
Simonas Snarskas I recommend justin bieber
Corey Stock
Corey Stock Dumb friends, IOS, the rest, Android.
Carl Joseph Bialorucki
Carl Joseph Bialorucki Windows Phone!
Jerry Goldbaum
Jerry Goldbaum For the best designed apps on any platform, iOS is the way to go. Plus, if you invest in a Mac and Apple TV, the integration is of all iOS and OS X devices is unmatched by any provider. Only MS comes close but needs to prove itself with Windows 8.
Tasos Tselepatiotes
Tasos Tselepatiotes Android 4.x
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Android, but it also depends on how tech savvy they are, like old people or beginners, ios. But for my tech savvy friends and everyone else, android all the way. ;-)
Jidtapad Rx
Jidtapad Rx iOS
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez Android. Best os imo. Htc one x(:
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Android 4.1 Jellybean!
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Android!... But if I do run across a simple minded person then i would have to recommend none other than ios.
Jake Root
Jake Root iOS to my non-geek friends.
Naj Khan
Naj Khan Iboredofiphome
Gustavo Renteria
Gustavo Renteria Motorola star tac
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes OS: Android Device: Samsung Galaxy SIII Android does WAY MORE than limited iOS does, which needs to hold hands with iTunes. Besides its really not "complicated" like people say it is. I'm sure you guys are acquainted with using Windows. I find it to be practically the same feel.
Keenan Ochoa
Keenan Ochoa Android, unless there an idiot or a girl then ios. Naw jk lol ANDROID all the time!
Anthony Andrade
Anthony Andrade iOS
RevKevin C Thomas
RevKevin C Thomas To my friends in developing Nations, BlackBerry every time. My friends that don't know the difference between software and hardware, software ios. To all the rest of my geeky friends with no life, Android like me LOL.
Ben Cicotte
Ben Cicotte Android 4.0+. Jellybean dominates
Noah Hudson
Noah Hudson iOS, or android. Also for desktop or laptop it would be Windows 8 or Mountain Lion
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz iphone to my grandma
Mark Strong
Mark Strong I've had a blackberry and I have a Android and im currently using a windows 7.5 device. And in my opinion the windows is by far the best one I've used.
C Bryan Thomas
C Bryan Thomas If you love to personalize and customize I recommend Android. The open OS makes customizing great. Android is also good if you just like to remove it from the box and make calls, surf the Web or send texts and pictures.
Nick LaSorsa
Nick LaSorsa iOS for anyone over 30, otherwise Android. Personally use a Lumia 900 but just can't recommend it to someone with WP8 coming..hope that will change I have faith in WP8. My work phone is a Blackberry Bold and it just feels like an ancient piece of technology.
Ediben Yoonan
Ediben Yoonan Android
Ben Pierce
Ben Pierce Android... Either Samsung or HTC
Jose Guerrero
Jose Guerrero android,all other (ios,windows,rim) don't work for me
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Not android
Daniel Diao
Daniel Diao Note 2 or s3 still android! \m/
Allen Poe
Allen Poe my dumb friends? iOS. my smart friends? Android.
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel Windows Phone
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel Windows Phone!!!!
Joe Francesco Kassira
Joe Francesco Kassira I reccomend android no doubt... Unless they want a simple looking smartphone, then I say iOS
Manuel Mercado
Manuel Mercado Android 4 or over
Shariq Hussain
Shariq Hussain Xperia T
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez droid highly recommend
Chase Sundiata
Chase Sundiata Well let's see.... HTC makes Awesome-looking phones, Samsung is Innovative and Smart(so is HTC). The iphone's shape is ALMOST basically a brick. Apple is a Jerk for sueing everyone they can find. So, Android is WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST!! And Phone? Samsung Galaxy Note 2. (When it comes out)
Kehin Faux
Kehin Faux HTC one x
Mike Dougall
Mike Dougall Android all day!!!!!!
Alex Le
Alex Le ios
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. Nokia Belle , by far !
Clive Anderson Burton
Clive Anderson Burton I tell them: If you can't stand touchscreen keyboards go with BB, but you'll be far behind in tech. If you need a smartphone that's easy to use and mostly for texting, calling, ocasional browsing, and ocasional gaming go with iOS. However, if you wan't what I mentioned before plus customization to suit your needs and lots of choices when it comes to hardware go with ANDROID.
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme Samsung, Android.
Liam Emrich
Liam Emrich I recommend iOS because it's the easiest to use and it does soo much more than all of the other OSs. Of course, android is a close second in my opinion.
Nyle Ahmed
Nyle Ahmed Windows phone, and android
Don Brewer
Don Brewer Go Go Windows Phone!
Carolee Lopez
Carolee Lopez Android, hands down.
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Android..Samsung..GS3
??? ?????
??? ????? android - s3 or note 2 nothing else
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio Android for the sheer number of choices both hardware-wise (price points, screen sizes, features) and software-wise (stock, flavored UI, custom ROMs). For newcomers, I usually suggest the Nexus line for pure Android while power users can just flash CM10 or AOKP on beefier smartphones.
Carol Flores
Carol Flores I have gone from Blackberry to Android to now and iPhone. I must say I love my iPhone, I would have say iOS all the way.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez The usual iOS
Brandon Edward Glenn
Brandon Edward Glenn Windows Phone. Something different from the usual iOS and Android party.
Klajdi Jedita Bushi
Klajdi Jedita Bushi android definitely
Ken Rowe
Ken Rowe I don't recommend. If they ask what I have, I tell them Windows Phone then I tell them why. Then they get a Windows Phone. Simple.
Razeen Mujarrab
Razeen Mujarrab Android, yes. GS3 or One X =)
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres GS3/Android
Matt Carey
Matt Carey To wait for Windows Phone 8.
Dalton Aeschlimann
Dalton Aeschlimann GSIII, and Android of course
Scott Heppell
Scott Heppell Android. It's an open OS. It is good for any user. A lot of available apps. Easy to use. I have used them all but Windows but thats why I have a PC. I just recently got a galaxy nexus. Love the phone. Not much different than my S II.
Karthik Setty
Karthik Setty WebOS
David Martin
David Martin Android for sure...
Leo Alexandrov
Leo Alexandrov Htc one s
David John Balbin
David John Balbin android is a really good OS. windows is a good OS as well, depending on one's personal preference. the "metro" UI brought something different to the plate.
Kal El
Kal El I recommend Windows or Android phones for the tech enthusiast, and iOS for those who are not so tech savvy, but want to appear cool by having a smartphone.
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti Android or windows
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Android
Xavier Tazanu Thomas
Xavier Tazanu Thomas It depends on the person taste and what they like.
Bernardo Marin
Bernardo Marin Android
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann Android or wp
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz galaxy s 3
Larry Waters
Larry Waters Windows Phone
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Android pure stock.
Jeff Lee-wag Liwag
Jeff Lee-wag Liwag Android for the tech-savvy and iOS for n00bs. I haven't recommended BB in years. WP? After the way they let Zune flounder and how they handled the first versions of WP, nope, just nope.
Geoffrey P. Spicer
Geoffrey P. Spicer Had new ios 5.1.1 IPhone traded for news galaxy 3 apple no comparison.
Aleksander Viiret
Aleksander Viiret anything but blackberry :D
Hussein Boiz
Hussein Boiz iOS
Tony Etolle
Tony Etolle Depends on the person. If they ask where's the "any" key on the keyboard, I tell them to get an iphone.
Kim E. Salinas
Kim E. Salinas sony
John Sanchez
John Sanchez Windows Phone!!
Marc OKelly
Marc OKelly It depends on what they want, I usually recommend phones individually not OS
Zhaku Hysaj
Zhaku Hysaj Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 & Windows 8,GNote 2 and SAMSUNG Series 9!
Ricardo Contreras Jr.
Ricardo Contreras Jr. Android> Windows> BlackBerry> Potato>iOS
Dre Ill
Dre Ill It depends on the person.
Jeremey Brown
Jeremey Brown ANDROID...end of story!
James Little
James Little Android All the Way ...and Also Verizon Wireles
Bombo Aaee GiTa
Bombo Aaee GiTa android
Frank Guillen Jr
Frank Guillen Jr WP8!!
Grzegorz Kaczkowski
Grzegorz Kaczkowski yes windows perfect!Only 3,7% global mobile market!Wot a big sucess!
Bramasta Retd
Bramasta Retd galaxy s3 :D - android of course :D
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson Galaxy s3!
Felix Molano
Felix Molano Depends
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams Windows phone! Very stable, fast, I have most of the apps I want. If apps are the issue for some, that will change when windows 8 releases in a few months.
Ivan Oh
Ivan Oh Of course IOS..
Grzegorz Kaczkowski
Grzegorz Kaczkowski windows for my enemies,ios for beginners,android for pro users!
Ren Hayashi
Ren Hayashi if you had to get one right this instant, i'd say the galaxy s3 hands down
Kathy Stem
Kathy Stem I gave up my iphone and went Android. Love it. Just got the Galaxy S III last week and its the best phone I've ever owned.
Tyler Caley
Tyler Caley Considering I just got my brand new Nexus 7; Android.
Paul Gill
Paul Gill The one that I have
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly Android.....hands down!! Windows is too unstable!!
Azwang Jurangpathy
Azwang Jurangpathy Android!! I went over from ios recently and I ain't never looking back.
Jami Sims
Zohair Rajput
Zohair Rajput Android
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez iOS or android depending on their likes & lifestyles
Thomas A. Kautz
Thomas A. Kautz Windows for business, android for games and every day email and things
Harmoni Karlbom
Harmoni Karlbom lol @ Tom
Thad Thomas
Thad Thomas Tom, you can do the place in folder with android also
William Hall
William Hall Windows Phone 8
Thad Thomas
Thad Thomas Android
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Would say apple cause I got droid phone and iPod touch I like apple cause you can put apples into folder make it a lot simpler find instead of going different windows to o to them
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Ios since most people like simple. Android if you want more fun. Battery life is great on my note. Broke my charger so bought a charger with 2 batt for only 25 bucks off amazon. I barely charge my phone now.
Sean Powell
Sean Powell Windows Phone for people who don't care about specs and the such. Android for people who do. iPhone for people who have money to throw away on inferior products...
Marcos Antonio Pina
Marcos Antonio Pina Android(Jellybean), Any Samsung device, HTC, Moto, of course for an entertainment device i go with Ipod Touch, lol
Mario Torres
Mario Torres HTC HD8 Windows Phone!!!
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman I digress actually. If I have some friends that are a little "older" or women who can't get their head around technology, AND they still want a smart phone without "worrying" about how to operate their device, I will send them to iPhone and iOS. It is by far, the simplest phone to operate. Why do you think 5 year olds can do it. For me though, it makes NO sense.
Reid Bailey
Reid Bailey Android
Júnia Rosa
Júnia Rosa Android
Dex Ong
Dex Ong WP!
Eren Aydogan
Eren Aydogan Android
Daniel Djønne Lund
Daniel Djønne Lund Depends on their interests. iOS for games and user-friendly experience. Android if they like customizing. Windows Phone if they like a smooth and nice OS and don't really care about having too much apps. :)
Patrick Fjaestad Fast
Patrick Fjaestad Fast android and windows phone :)
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone ;-)
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng See what type of people they are , if they are old and not tech savvy then iPhone , if they are little tech savvy then HTC One X or Galaxy nexus , those that like to be different , dont use a lot of apps and want a smooth experience then Windows Phone
Marco Raymond
Marco Raymond Windows phone of course
Nekta Absolon Asare
Nekta Absolon Asare Windows 7.5 mango or htc desire....
Jonas Daugis
Jonas Daugis I don't think most of your "friends" would afford an iPhone. Or even if they could, they wouldn't want to try it.
Ateeb Tasaddiq
Ateeb Tasaddiq Android
Zanzi Ok
Zanzi Ok iOS
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis ITunes beats google play anyday.. most apps in the play store don't perform well depending on which phone you own..smh
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted with Jelly Bean-ANDROID RULES!
Jake Gregory
Jake Gregory iOS! Even more apps!
Ben Hayes
Ben Hayes Windows Phone hands down
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban android... lots of apps!
Aron Thiehoff
Aron Thiehoff Not windows fail.....
Hendrick Equis M
Hendrick Equis M At the moment galaxy s3.
Derval Howard
Derval Howard Bada
Anil Sardiwal
Anil Sardiwal For phones, it's android and for tablet, it's ipad
Kenny Nodalo
Kenny Nodalo Windows Phone
Marcus J Carmona
Marcus J Carmona Android ICS anyday
Edwin J. Maldonado
Edwin J. Maldonado Android
Raphael Meireles
Raphael Meireles iOS definitely
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis And battery life
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis IOS..ill recommend Android as soon as they get better with updates.
Etienne Laprise
Etienne Laprise IOS for most of my friend and android for the geeky ones :p
Péter Kiss
Péter Kiss Motorola RAZR Maxx with Android :)
Liew Yuan Ming
Liew Yuan Ming where is samsung galaxy note 2 unboxing vid???? xDDDD
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker Android! Always
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels BADA wahahaha
Ridvan Ongun
Ridvan Ongun jelly bean and samsung note 2 for amazing performance and user experience
Yasu Hsu
Yasu Hsu Android
Vic Licas
Vic Licas After I saw the performance of the Lumia 900 is for sure that the 920 will be a kick ass. Guarantee
Tim Vial
Tim Vial Is*
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed Android with Sense 4.1 UI, it seems like its the most user friendly
Mohsin Qazi
Mohsin Qazi wp 8 \m/
Tim Vial
Tim Vial Iphone us such a dick.... Suing for chilish reasons... Android all d way
John Luttrell
John Luttrell Android on the HTC ONE X especially since Sense 4.1 arrived.
Tim Lindt
Tim Lindt iOS <3 4ever ! :D
Kang WeiKang
Kang WeiKang Windows phone 8!
Smritha Venkataramanan
Smritha Venkataramanan Android alwayss.
Fadzli Lee Zainol
Fadzli Lee Zainol Android. New xperia series looks decent
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Motorola Razr Maxx
Carlos Camacho Del Valle
Carlos Camacho Del Valle android
Miguel Leonce
Miguel Leonce Android
Coty Thomas Carothers
Coty Thomas Carothers iPhone!!
Rohit Pawar
Rohit Pawar android anyday
Nikos Alatsis
Nikos Alatsis android
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders Two best phones on the planet right now are either Samsung or HTC and obviously Android
Sushil Shrestha
Sushil Shrestha Android for sure..!
Douglas M. Smith
Douglas M. Smith Android smart phones...
Goran Samardžija
Goran Samardžija Android
Bella Delos Trinos
Bella Delos Trinos Android OS
Abhishek Nikam
Abhishek Nikam windows phone !!!!!

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