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Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, is growing up. While many believed it would be Nokia to show off the first Windows Phone 8-based device, it turned out it got to be Samsung during IFA this past week. Either way, we should be seeing Nokia's efforts here shortly, and that has many people plenty excited.

Which makes sense, if these recent leaks are any indicator of what we should be expecting. If the leaks do pan out, then there's no doubt that Nokia is keeping up with their ridiculously nice looking Windows Phone designs, and the Lumia series should continue to be one of the best designed series out there.

I'll admit that when the leaks hit, and I was first introduced to the yellow-hued Lumia 920, my first reaction was a simple one:

"I'd buy that."

But then it quickly turned into:

"But I don't think I'd use it for long."

Taylor Martin is excited about the device. Actually, the leaked image and info has Taylor excited about Windows Phone. I know where he's coming from. If the Lumia 920 is indeed what we think it will be, then I can see why Taylor --and plenty of other people-- would be excited about. Even just for the PureView-branded camera.

But, hardware can only take you so far, in my opinion. The marriage between hardware and software is what compels me to buy a device. Or, more to the point, to keep a device. And, while I think that yellow Lumia 920 is ridiculously nice looking, and I'd love to show it off to everyone around me (not that they wouldn't already be staring at a giant yellow phone, anyway), I just have to keep my expectations in check.

I can't let myself get too excited. Not yet.

I was excited about the new things that Microsoft is including with Windows Phone 8, and that wasn't even really geared towards the consumer. I can't wait to see what new things Microsoft has for the consumer when they unveil new features for the platform, but there's only one area that I'm hoping gets a big, big boost.

The apps. I love some of the applications that are available for Windows Phone, simply because I love the landscape layout that has been instilled within the platform, but I just haven't found an app that I actually prefer to use in Windows Phone. Not compared to Android. Especially not compared to iOS.

I need application support, because I love applications. So, even if Microsoft unveils some great new notifications system for their new version of Windows Phone, it will just be one great feature that is watered down by the available applications.

I do have hope for Windows Phone. I do. I love the platform, and I love the connected ecosystem. I think it's going to be great. The applications just need to get better, in my opinion. So I hope when we see the next wave of Windows Phone devices head to market, we see a new wave of applications that follow suit.

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Dru_Moncatar Very much yes!
ryanmerchant YES! Windows Phone is amazing! Love It!
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae I don't know why windows won't just give up in the phone market the only reason there selling now is because there forcing there sofeware Nokia, in fact they had to pay them to install there sofeware
Ashley Manieri
Ashley Manieri VERY!!!!
Jamil Cooper
Jamil Cooper Yes
Mark Kornak
Mark Kornak No, Microsoft has let us down too much and has lost all credibility. They need to either hit rock bottom or have an intervention before they will get their act together.
Tyler Kirchman
Tyler Kirchman Yesss T-Mobile ones
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj No.no. no.no...
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti no
Chris Robato
Chris Robato Definitely not excited.
Tasos Tselepatiotes
Tasos Tselepatiotes I think... NO
Stian Grøtåsen
Stian Grøtåsen Give me a Nokia with a smooth design and pureview and I'll be really interested.
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Dre Pope: Well said!
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson All these apple fanboys....
Gibby Garcia
Gibby Garcia uh-huh but if it was a new iPhone, your hopes would be way up right?
John Luttrell
John Luttrell In a word NO
David Michael
David Michael Nope I hate windows
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella very much so
Zach Cline
Zach Cline The iPhone 5 will look like a stretched iPhone 4s
Ben Pierce
Ben Pierce Could care less...
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Not excited at all
Brain Roopull
Brain Roopull I've been with Android for a while, now, but am just not in love. There are too many garbage apps, battery life is horrid, and it still doesn't do what my Windows 6.5 Pro phone did out of the box. Sure, my Android does plenty of things that WinMo phone couldn't do, but very few of them really matter to me. WinPhone8 looks promising, but for some reason, there aren't many with keyboards. For me, that's a deal breaker. Until there's a decent WinPhone8 with a keyboard on my carrier, I'll be sticking with Android.
Dre Ill
Dre Ill I'm a Android guy myself, but I want Windows Phone to succeed. Competition will drive innovation.
Dilan Parmar
Dilan Parmar Only thing wanting me to migrate to the 720 or 620 or 920 would be an sd card slot and that is a pretty big deal to mr
Adis Minaei
Adis Minaei Anyone interested in buying my iPhone 4s? I need the iPhone 5...
Greg ONeal
Greg ONeal What are windows phones? Huh guess this is new. Don't seem to know any people that planning to get one since they are so late to the game. Maybe they should try Samsung I hear they need another nail in their coffin.
Roy De Vera Walican
Roy De Vera Walican what about those windows 7.5, aren't they get W8 on their hardware? does it really mean they have to get a new one on a new hardware? expensive!!!
Roy De Vera Walican
Roy De Vera Walican Nope. I had a Lumia 701 but went back to Android. Not a user-friendly, not so cumstomizeable, limited apps from the market and can only transfer files through Zune.
John Sanchez
John Sanchez I can't wait. I'm very excited!!!
Brian Edson
Brian Edson I like the idea of a tablet/laptop hybrid. Right now, I have my Asus tf101. It functions more like a phone than a laptop. With great hardware and software specs, I would get a windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrid.
Justin Plecko
Justin Plecko Hell yeah... I can't wait to see what all the manufacturers have to offer when WP8 comes out. The key is finding the right fit for you.
Jamil Cooper
Jamil Cooper I'm looking forward to buying two devices.
Devin Tolliver
Devin Tolliver no
Hugo Teixeira Francisco
Hugo Teixeira Francisco Not really, no. Once you go Android...
Jude Fils-Aime
Jude Fils-Aime No
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture No. Windows is great at computers, but they suck at phones
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I love my HTC Titan 2,and wating for the wp7.8 for my titan 2 and of course i am so exited about wp8
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell @David so true
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell windows are a waste
George Millhouse
George Millhouse No omg let it go
Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas The what????
Roberto Baños Lozano
Roberto Baños Lozano never
David Kimberlin
David Kimberlin Nope ... I could give 2 shi*s... nothing about windows boxy UI phone or tablet makes me the least bit excited
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Lol not even close to interested
Jacky On
Jacky On I love my Lumia 900. Don't knock it til you tried it.
David Kaylor
David Kaylor HELL YES !!!!
Clifton H. Williams II
Clifton H. Williams II Noooooope
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic no
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial of course but they need to get on the app bandwagon. A marketplace full of note apps is not going to cut it.
Antonio L. Lopez
Antonio L. Lopez I love My Nokia Lumia 900,,,,is just Too Acurrate,is Just Me,Myself and I,,never back to Droid reboots
J Alberto Garcia Flores
J Alberto Garcia Flores When are they coming out!
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I am. I'm trying to see what they Lumia 920 is about........
????????? ?????
????????? ????? Nop.
Damon Lee
Damon Lee No
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Meh...
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes I love android, but I'd like to see how the new windows phones will work and feel

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