Samsung Galaxy S III - Champion of the August Official Smartphone Rankings

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| September 3, 2012

Summary - With well over double the votes from readers and a significant lead in the Mobile Tech Expert's chart, the Samsung Galaxy S III takes the #1 spot in both charts for PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™ for the month of August. This marks the second consecutive month that the Samsung Galaxy S III topped both charts. However, September is shaping up to be a busy month in the mobile realm. Will a bigger and better phone launch and boot the Galaxy S III from the top spot?

MT. PLEASANT, SC - PhoneDog Media is proud to announce the monthly winners for August 2012 in our Official Smartphone Rankings™. Now over six-months-old, the program allows readers and experts alike to place their votes for the best handsets in the mobile market.

For the entire month of August, the Samsung Galaxy S III dominated both the People's Choice Chart and the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart. With over double the reader votes and 165 total points from experts, the Samsung Galaxy S III is ranked the all-around best smartphone for the second month in a row. September, however, will only prove to be a big test for the current fan favorite.

The HTC One X held second place quite steadily throughout the month. But trailing the total reader votes of the Samsung Galaxy S III by 743 votes, there was little chance the HTC One X of would #1 spot again. Ousting the Samsung Galaxy S III (global) for third in the People's Choice Chart in August was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus global, trailing the HTC One X by only 133 votes. In the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart, the HTC One X took seconds for the month with 134 total points. Following in third was the Apple iPhone 4S with 110 points.

“Samsung wins again with the Galaxy S III, but expect a challenge from new smartphones as the holiday shopping season approaches,” said Aaron Baker, Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog.


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