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The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| September 4, 2012

As the weeks go by we continue to see the current hottest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III top the Official Smartphone Rankings.  But after last week's announcement of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note II and the always popular rumored Apple iPhone 5 launch coming, the charts will see movement before we know it.  

In this expert spotlight we are happy to introduce you to a new mobile tech expert from BestBuy Mobile Magazine, Deji Saka.

Deji Saka - Contribution Writer at BestBuy Mobile Magazine. Follow him on twitter @AestheticSaka 


To start off, I ranked the Samsung Galaxy S III as the hottest phone in the industry. This phone is jam packed with so many features, it leaves tech-wizs up all night. Besides having a gorgeous design, fulfilling my aesthetic standards, this phone's curves and thinness leave it looking so organic in posture: thin, light, and still packing a V8 engine like 1.5 Dual-Core Processor.

Moving on, the all too renown iPhone 4S, although released some while ago, still holds it place at number two for me. The ease of use, minimalistic design of steel and glass, pixel packed retina screen, as well as Siri just makes this product a wholesome device. What more could you ask of an iPhone? Siri says, 'nothing!'

Continuing, I listed the curved-screen-blazing-fast-4G-LTE Google flagship phone at number 3. The Galaxy Nexus is beautiful, least to say. Although I don't like the grip-friendly grey plastic on the back, what's on the front blows me away. The vibrant cool colors of the screen alongside the aesthetically pleasing Ice Cream Sandwich OS are amazing. I just love that you'll always be first in line for the newest Android os, this phone gives you the VIP treatment for all things GOOGLE.

Fourth, and one of my favorites, the predecessor to the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 4 started the Good-Looking phone trend. Holding it's own with the ultimate accessory-friendly design, this device holds true to it's minimalistic philosophy by getting your requests done and looking cute in the process. 

Last of all, Motorola let the beast out of the cage with this particular device. The Motorola Atrix HD endured a complete makeover prior to the Atrix 2. This device is stuffed with power, the latest specs in the mobile industry, and a beautiful ColorBoost display. The Atrix HD illustrates true craftsmanship, and for a very tempting asking price too. There's no reason not to get this Kevlar Fibered beauty.




Aaron Baker - Editor-in-Chief for   Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron 

My list remains relatively unchanged this week. Samsung's Galaxy S III continues to offer the best overall bang for the buck, both in the performance and software department. The Galaxy Nexus comes in third place due to it having Jelly Bean, and the HTC One X's $99 price point and killer spec list puts it in fourth place. The iPhone 4S rounds out the list due to a great media ecosystem and next-to-perfect fluidity.



Anthony Domanico - Reporter -   Follow him on twitter @adomanico01




Another week, another no change in my top 5. We haven't really seen any earth-shattering new devices released, though activity should pick up in coming weeks with Nokia and Apple's press conferences, as well as the Galaxy Note II which is rumored to be unveiled next month. 

For now, the Galaxy S III (all variants) come out on top, followed by the ever popular iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus (thanks to Jelly Bean), and EVO 4G LTE.