Introducing The Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever, sponsored by Negri Electronics!

The GTGE2 has concluded.

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We love giving away stuff at PhoneDog, because at the end of the day, you're the reason we're here.  You read our content, respond to our posts, and provide us with feedback on a daily basis that helps us make our site even better.

You loved the first giveaway, so I'm proud to announce that we're back with The Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever 2!  Thanks to our awesome partner Negri Electronics (http://www.negrielectronics.com), we're giving away a BUNCH of unlocked, hot smartphones - and best of all, YOU get to choose your prize!   We're offering a choice between the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 (16 GB, blue), HTC One X S720e 32 GB black/grey (unlocked), LG Optimus 4X HD P880 (16 GB, black), or Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (16 GB, blue).

Here's how you enter.  Head over to our Facebook app at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes, log into your account, and authorize it.  From there, you can receive your first two votes by choosing your prize and LIKING PhoneDog on Facebook.  Better yet, you can receive additional tickets by referring friends and taking advantage of our You Win, We Both Win! program.  It's easy to refer a friend, and if they win, you win too!

The contest runs from September 6 through November 22, and encompasses 22 giveaways.  In other words, you have a ton of chances to win.  Get out there and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter - and be sure to use the hashtag #pdsweeps!

What you need to know about the contest:

  • Do I need to be a facebook user? Yes
  • Where can I enter? Enter at: http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes
  • Where do I view my Ticket Numbers? http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes under the MY ENTRIES tab
  • How do i know if I won? Compare your ticket numbers to the winning ticket number posted above after each drawing
  • When are the live drawings?  One winning ticket will be drawn every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6 PM EDT
  • Where can I watch the Live Drawings?  /live/
  • If I miss the drawing where do I view the Winning Ticket Number? On the top of this post
  • Can I get reminders?  Yes, enter your email address under the REMINDERS tab at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes
  • How long do winners have to claim their winning ticket number?  24 hours after each drawing
  • Will you redraw for any unclaimed ticket numbers?  No.  You snooze you lose. 
  • What if I still have questions?  Please use the comment section below as we will be actively answering questions throughout the sweepstakes period
  • What is the official hashtag?  Use #PDSWEEPS so we can see your tweets - and possibly retweet from our accounts!
  • Can international participants win?  Yes, unless prohibited by law or Facebook Promotions Guidelines...such as those individuals residing in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India.  More information can be found at http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php
  • What if i already LIKE PhoneDog?  Then just make your entry official by selecting a prize at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes (you need to be logged into Facebook)

More about our YOU WIN, WE BOTH WIN! (refer-a-friend) bonus program:

"YOU WIN, WE BOTH WIN" is a nice new enhancement that allows you an even greater chance of winning!  Think of it like this: when you refer a friend and they enter your profile ID, you're getting access to their ticket numbers as well.  If any of your referrer's ticket numbers are drawn, you both win!  Let's say you refer 10 friends.  Those friends add you as the referring friend, and then they choose a prize (1 ticket) and LIKE PhoneDog (1 ticket).  That's a total of two (2) ticket numbers for them, and two (2) ticket numbers for you!  Multiply that by 10 (number of friends you referred), and that's 20 new ticket opportunities!  If one of their ticket numbers are drawn, both you and your friend will win a Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus 4X HD, or HTC One X!

Start sending those emails, tweets, and Facebook messages to get those referrals going (using the hashtag #pdsweeps).  Remember to give them your Facebook profile ID so they can enter it in the Sweepstakes application so you both get the credit for it!

A little more in-depth about the contest:

All you have to do is accept and submit the sweepstakes entry form at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes and "LIKE" facebook.com/phonedog from the time of registration through the sweepstakes period.  Existing PhoneDog Facebook fans are able to enter as well - just go into the sweepstakes app and follow the required steps, and you're entered to win!  A total of two (2) direct entries can be obtained immediately - one (1) for selecting a prize and one (1) for liking PhoneDog on Facebook.

PhoneDog's Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever 2 runs until November 22, 2012 at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT.  Winners will be selected starting on September 11, 2012 via a live broadcast on PhoneDog's UStream broadcast page  ( /live/ ) at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT.  For more information on drawings, event times, and dates, check out http://on.fb.me/pdevents.  Additionally, you can always view your total entries and ticket numbers by going to the "MY ENTRIES" tab within the sweepstakes application.

I have a winning ticket number, how do I claim my prize?

Send an e-mail within 24 hours of the drawing for that ticket number to claimprizes@phonedog.com.  We'll need your name, mailing address, copy of legal identification, Facebook Profile ID, and your prize choice.  If you'd like to change your prize selection, you're free to do so when you e-mail the address above.  Winners can expect a reply within 24 hours.

Introducing PhoneDog's Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever 2!

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"WANT TO WIN A FREE SMARTPHONE? It's back - The Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever 2, sponsored by Negri Electronics! Enter for your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note, or LG Optimus 4X HD. Giveaways start next Tuesday at"

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Mel Duran at what?!! Don't leave us hanging!
LuisP9708 I think y'all had a typo above...:-). Just saying ...
Lakh Jhajj I can't get my entries even though I followed all the procedure. Choose phone.Liked phonedog on Facebook,shared on twitter.
SmithsLane i know most of you are apart of this and will ignore this but if anyone with common scene wants an un-biast opnion on things i suggest cnet! they are ass holes who bash everything but there own! *cough* fandroid douche baggggs
Ahmed Malingur Are my original number the same number that will stick with me through out the contest period?
Anonymous I liked the phonedog page earlier and I still have 1 confirmed and 1 pending, need help. I also can't add another refer person.
Hannah Lawrence need quicker uploading of the numbers after/during the live drawing...
Anonymous It is unfair for people who have numbers like 2-11300 or something because i used the generator and it only produced numbers that were around 2-6500 or something
techbo3 i really want to win this but one question how come the facebook page shows 5 days when its tommorrow :just saying
Scott Gutowski The drawing was on Tuesday at 6pm. It's only 8:30pm on Wed and the numbers are taken down.
Scott Gutowski WTF. How are we suppose to check our numbers when you take them down so quickly?! Looks like you guys make your money back when there is no winner. So it's actually a win for you if no one wins.
Anonymous i love phonedog!
Nathan Wright When can I expect my pending tickets to turn into actual numbers?
Phillip Gladney all i can do is hope and wait and see what happens
Shane Fernandes i swear hope i win i love andorid
Riasat Raian i want to win... love android!! i just hope i win!!
Thomas Rodriguez why dont they post the winning number that long !!! what was the number for the 20th????
Scott Gutowski anyone know what the Sept. 20th numbers were? I didn't know we had to check ourselves. I thought we'd be notified on FB.
Valon Haliti where can I see the winners ?????????????????
Anonymous whatt? we have to be 18+ so we could win. That is the lamest rule I ve ever hurd. Why can t I win if I m 15 years old? I mean... Stupid!!
Jamal Venable i really needc to win
Ventsislav Todorov Hi why when i liked the page i didn't receive one more ticket ?
Aldo Gallinar I want a One X.!
Jeremy Ong Gimme a one x gre
Aleksandar Stoiljkovic baaaah couse no1 wants HOX ill be happy to take it XD
Will Hetherington Many thanks!
Warren Daniel M. Mingrajal So, I need to be about 3 years and 3 weeks older before November 22 ends ...:
Facebook user All details can be found under the Terms tab at the application. Here is the answer to the question about shipping. Winners are required to provide a copy of valid legal identification along with a matching Facebook profile. Inside of the United States, the prize will be shipped via FedEx ground. If the participant is a resident of a country outside of the United States, PhoneDog.com will provide a $25.00 credit for shipping. The winning participant(s) are responsible for providing us with the shipping methods of their choice to receive the prize. Participants are also responsible for any costs above the $25.00 credit provided by PhoneDog.com. The participants are the responsible party for the package once it leaves the United States.
Facebook user @ Warren & Will - ELIGIBILITY: The "Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever 2 Sweepstakes” (Promotion) is open to all persons 18 years of age and older with a valid facebook account, unless prohibited by law or by facebook Promotions Guidelines...such as those individuals residing in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India.
Will Hetherington Hi, is this global or just in the U.S. Thanks, Will.
Will Hetherington Hi, is this global or just in the U.S. Thanks,
Warren Daniel M. Mingrajal are there any age limits? just curious.
Michelle Chan Can't decide between Note and S3! Did you guys do a dogfight for this? Can I get a link? Thanks! :)
Willie Colón note i want the note maybe the note 2 would be great to. how to i find my number?
Torian Miles I've never won a raffle in my whole life and if phone dog picks my name I promised to god I would do better in school help the cumunity more and I will recommend all my friends to phonedog.com
Torian Miles Omg I need that galaxy note
Facebook user @Lamine You enter just once and your ticket numbers are valid for the entire sweepstakes term. You just need to check your numbers within 24 hours after each drawing to see if you are a winner
Lamine Aim how many time a person can make an entry ? plz guys someone can answer me
Torian Miles like this if u entered for the galaxy 3
Torian Miles like this if you entered for the htc one x
Torian Miles like this if u entered for the lg 4q hd
Torian Miles like this if u entered for the galaxy note
?????? ???????? Hey there, I wanted to ask if I win a phone from Europe.. have I got free shipping?
Justin Michael Duncan I only have one number and that's the phone I chose..I even unliked the page an liked it again. It still didn't work
Facebook user Hi Justin - Under the My Entries tab on the sweepstakes app you should see two ticket #'s. One ticket number for selecting your prize and another ticket # because You "liked" our PhoneDog facebook page. Following us on twitter and YouTube gives you chances for extra prizes in the form of ebay giftcards!! Those will be awarded on top of the new smartphone if your winning ticket # is drawn. Good luck!
Justin Michael Duncan why do i only have 1 entry ive followed and subscribed to yall on youtube and twitter but doesnt give me more entrys
Danny Martinez LG 4X PLEASE
Teresa L Smith Hope I win.
Nick DeSousa Sign me up! Oh wait, that's my job.
Tom Hudson Nice I love this...Didn't win last year, but hoping this year my luck will change :-)
Ken Lepik I want the Galaxy III Soooooooo bad lol!!!
Konner Shea I love these give aways.

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