iPhone 5 tipped to feature the same pricing as the iPhone 4S

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 7, 2012

iPhone 4S rear

Looking forward to the introduction of Apple's iPhone 5, but wondering just how much the handset and its purportedly taller display will cost you? If a report from 9to5Mac is to be believed, the new iPhone will feature pricing similar to that of the iPhone 4S before it, so you needn't worry about paying more for that increased screen size. The site has gotten hold of a pricing matrix from a U.S. retailer that lists the costs of an iPhone codenamed "N42," which is likely the 4-inch iPhone 5, that looks like this:

"N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399"

In the list, the "A" and "B" designations are meant to indicate black and white variants. It's also thought that the iPhone 5 will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flavors, just like the 4S before it. None of this would be terribly surprising if it holds true, as we've seen Apple reuse pricing and storage capacities in different iPhone generations in the past, like when the 3GS and 4 both came in 16GB and 32GB sizes for $199 and $299 each. As for when the iPhone 5 will actually arrive, Apple is holding an event on September 12 at which the new iOS handset is expected to make its official debut. A launch is rumored to be scheduled for September 21. If you're planning on picking up an iPhone 5 on that date (or shortly after), which model do you think you'll be buying?

Via 9to5Mac

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