We are just a few days away from September 12th, and that means we are just a few days away from the unveiling of a new Apple product. More specifically, a new iPhone. Our very own Taylor Martin asked you if you think Apple may be toying with us, and there's a chance he could be on to something. Maybe even a hope that Apple does indeed have a surprise in store for us. 

But, if they don't, and the Cupertino-based company does indeed showcase the iPhone 5 that we've all been getting glances at for a little while now, then we probably have a good guess at what we're getting. 

LTE, a larger screen, and the same industrial design that was introduced to the world with the iPhone 4. There are a few details that will need to be filled in, but that paints a pretty good picture for now. 

If you've been keeping tabs on the Apple rumor mill, then you've heard that the new iPhone isn't the only mobile-focused device Apple could be unveiling here soon. That's right, the iPad Mini. The 7-inch version of the massively popular tablet. With a focus on media-consuming smaller tablets impossible to ignore, a smaller iPad does indeed make more sense this year than it did last. So, that means that Apple could unveil new 4-inch and 7-inch products into their line-up.

If Apple keeps up with the trend, that means the iPod Touch will see a bump in screen size as well. So, for the mobile inclined, there would be two four inch models, a 7-, and a pair of 9.7-inch devices begging you to buy them. That's a lot of devices. A lot of products clamoring for your attention in the mobile world, all from a company that aims to keep things simple. 

So what are they going to replace?

I've heard a lot of people talk about the iPod Touch not seeing a new refresh this year. Perhaps keeping the old model around, dropping the price, and then skipping a new product in that particular vein. I've heard people talk about Apple cutting ties with the iPad 2. Essentially letting stock dry up, before calling it quits on the cheaper previous version of the new iPad.

I guess it's possible that either one of those options happen. But, I think if I has to choose which product Apple planned on replacing (and I guess I do at the moment, considering) I would think the iPad 2 makes the most sense. 

To me, the iPod Touch has always been Apple's answer to those who just can't get an iPhone for whatever reason. And while a lot of people have iPhones, there are still a lot of people who don't. The iPod Touch is for them. I don't think Apple wants to necessarily lose that option. However, dropping the iPad 2 and replacing it with a 7-inch, cheaper option makes sense. Especially if the iPad Mini has similar, if not better specifications. 

So I am curious, Dear Reader, which device would you think Apple would feel comfortable replacing if you had to choose one? Or,which device would you like to see get replaced by the 7-inch iPad? If it exists. Let me know!

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