Long before Motorola took the stage last week and unveiled a brand new range of devices within the RAZR and DROID family, I asked all of you whether or not you thought the DROID name stands for anything. If it represents something. Or, if it's just a title that Verizon can stick on some phones whenever they feel like it, to be different from everyone else.

I was asked yesterday about the new DROID RAZR devices, what I thought about them. It was a pretty simple response: they exist, but I'm not sure why anyone would go out of their way to pick one up. Nothing about them really stood out. Not the display. Not the processor. The DROID RAZR M's display is downright uninspiring. And the DROID RAZR MAXX HD's battery is the same battery in the DROID RAZR MAXX.

So, unless you're looking to get your hands on a new device, or are upgrading from something other than the DROID RAZR device you bought late last year (or early this year!), I can understand why these three new devices wouldn't make a ping on your radar.

Taylor Martin tweeted right after the event that the DROID name means nothing anymore. Obviously, I agreed with that. I've thought that way for a long time. But, you know what just doesn't make any sense to me? Why on Earth has Motorola and Verizon *already* killed the RAZR name? Who's idea was that?

You remember the first PureView device from Nokia, right? The 808 PureView. A smartphone in its basic function, but outfitted with a ridiculous camera. A camera that when it was first announced, and people saw the number of megapixels on paper, they immediately thought it was a joke. 41MP technically, but 38MP effectively.

But Nokia wasn't joking, and the PureView name suddenly meant something. It meant a huge number of megapixels, and photos so good that you'd have to give some serious thought that they were taken from a smartphone (when compared to other smartphones).

Now? Now PureView is getting shoved into an 8MP camera in the Nokia Lumia 920. So, PureView now no longer means what it did. Now, Nokia's PureView will be remembered with footage taken from an actual camera, and not a smartphone camera at all. (Even after their apology, it is revealing to me that Nokia would even want to go that route. If it isn't ready, you just don't show it. That simple.)

I want a name brand that means something. More to the point, I want a name brand to be revealed, and then it to last. I want it to represent something, something top-tier, and I want it to *keep* meaning that down the line. Do you realize that the RAZR name brand has already been washed out by three completely pointless, iterative devices just after the *first* product cycle? Why?

For clarity: there is absolutely no reason the DROID RAZR HD has to exist. Motorola would be almost in the clear here if they had just launched the DROID RAZR M and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD. Three devices is overkill and pointless. Stop it.

*Stop it*.

You know what? The only name brand that I can think of that's survived the test of time is the EVO name. Sure, there have been devices like the HTC EVO Shift 4G and the HTC EVO 3D, but those are just two devices, released far apart, that sully the whole brand name. That isn't bad. Not bad at all.

Do you think there are any brand names out there that matter in the mobile industry? We already know how Taylor feels about the Nexus name (and I would agree with him these days on that, too), so what about you? Let me know if you think the name brand is dead, Dear Reader, or if its just in hibernation.

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John Jung Il Park Razr, note2 maybe?, iPhone 5..... so many phones
Jerry Cantrell Verizon needs to get there ass in gear and start selling the samsung note 2...
Pierre Ware I love it and think it's nice but there phones have gotten thicker since the last first razr smartphones were released soo that's kinda stupid but there batterys and meterials are AMAZING!!!!
Kevin Zhang @mark. how many phones have you owned?
Mark Belkowski nothing will beat the galaxy s 3. best phone ive ever owned.
Marvin Shepherd IPHONE IS BEST.
Jeff Cross Other famous android names that could have used....Data, #5, Lore, Bishop, Replicant, T-800, T-1000, Robby, Zhora, HAL, Twiki and Boomer
Jaevz Chavez DROID RAZR is still a great phone
Kevin Dunbar Yes, they, HAVE!!!
Brandon Johnson The razr brand was already washed out, it was after all the best selling phone before the iphone came out. Unless they can get back to that status the name means nothing.
Naga Appani RAZR is amazing brand, but now I don't like a fact that it is being overused....
Jose Ocampo No i think verizon should stay with just droids, so that Motorola can reopen the razr brand to all the cariers like how it was in 2006
Steve Hartsock It was cool when it was a flip phone.
Péter Kiss The RAZR brand is a legendary!
Jose Mojica Is it me or were the reveal of these phone overshadowed by the clearly better Nokia lumia 920? They chose a bad day to show these phones off.
Kris K. Blomgren Just like with the Droid brand.
Aqib A. Shah Is it Verizon's fault or Motorola's? Personally, I think they've done excellent with the namings, but they come out a little too much. I believe the RAZR should be their flagship phone that is released once a year with beast specs to fight the Galaxy phones and HTC One X, etc. Instead they make on new tweak and call it a whole new phone.
Manuel Margart I like the RAZR Maxx name and I think they need to make more and stay with the names
Flako Ramirez Nope not anymore they over used that name
Sam Smith Time for something new IMO. The fact they are making Razr HD and Razr MAXX HD just shocks the hell out of me. They are the same phone. The regular Razr MAXX (it hurts to say that) is the same phone, the HD just has a bigger display and no capacitive buttons. What a waste of time.
Rich Hernandez I like it! much better than some of the other names, I.E. sensation, veer, thrill, devour, pixi, photon, replenish, admiral, SO EFFING STUPID NAMES...
Tyler Hell I really don't care about the razr name. I think the Motorola phones suck.
Ian Baylon Just added HD to 2 of the devices and M to another one, AND ALL THE NEW RAZRS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME
Calvin JW The RAZR should be marketed just like the iPhone name. Droid RAZR is catchy and popular already. They just make too many phones. There should only be one Razr HD (that's the MAXX) And the RAZR M (mini) simple and catchy
Jordan Block I think it's getting overused now.
Nicholai Cascio Verizon washes away all their brand names.

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