Google Wallet to lose Google Prepaid Card option on October 17

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 10, 2012

Google Wallet Galaxy Nexus

It looks like Google Wallet will be undergoing a bit of a change next month, as Google announced today that its discontinuing the service's Google Prepaid Card on October 17. The decision to axe the prepaid cards, Google says, is the recently-added ability to use any credit or debit card with Wallet. Users will no longer be able to add funds to their Google Prepaid Card starting September 17. It's also worth noting that any users with a balance remaining on their prepaid card after October 17 will be able to request a refund from Google.

Google gave new Wallet users a free $10 prepaid card for signing up for the service for some time after launch, so there are likely many users (this guy included) that still has that balance sitting on a prepaid card in the Wallet app. If you're like me and have yet to spend that free prepaid card, or if you actually use the card for the service, you've now got a little over a month to spend the remaining funds before the Google Prepaid Card disappears. Why not treat yourself to a nice frosty (or warm, depending on the weather) beverage to make this Monday go by a little quicker?