This week, HTC is gearing up to unveil something new. As it stands right now, we're not one hundred percent sure what that could be, but there looks to be a good chance it could be the One X+, a slightly upgraded version of the One X that launched earlier this year. That's where the rumor mill seems to be focused at the moment, anyway. There's a chance it could be a 5-inch device headed towards Verizon's network, but we'll have to wait and see.

I am hoping that HTC unveils a device running Windows Phone 8, though. While I wouldn't be surprised if the event is geared more towards Android-based handsets, it would be nice to see what the company has coming down the pipe running Microsoft's next version of their mobile operating system.

After all, we've already seen what Nokia has coming, and even Samsung. Now it's time to see what HTC has been working on.

Most importantly, it's time to hear where these handsets are going. Here in the States, I want to know which device is landing first, and which carrier it will be supporting. October can't come soon enough.

I'm getting excited about Windows Phone again. I can't stop myself. I've tried. I've tried to dissuade myself away from Nokia's hardware. I've tried to tell myself that the new customizable home screen in Windows Phone 8 isn't that great. But, I'm still getting excited about this next big version of the software.

There are conditions, though.

As it stands right now, I have no idea which Windows Phone 8 device will make it onto Verizon's network before the end of 2012. (Or even in 2013, for that matter.) There have been rumors that the Nokia Lumia 820 will show up, with a slightly different name, but you know what? I don't want that handset. I don't. And Verizon shouldn't launch it. Microsoft should be gearing up to launch their most impressive device on Verizon's network -- not the phone that's *almost* like it, but not quite.

But, this goes beyond just launching a phone that's worth buying. One of the reasons I'm getting excited about Windows Phone again is because of the growing ecosystem. More than that, I really, really like the way that Microsoft is connecting their ecosystem. From Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8, all the way to the Xbox 360, it's about the devices that you use that bring them together. The ecosystem can only get you so far. If you launch devices that make interacting in that space worth it, and easy, then you've got a winning combination on your hands.

So, here's what I need, what needs to happen, for me to completely switch to Windows Phone 8:

First, as aforementioned, Verizon has to launch a phone that's worth the purchase. Top-tier hardware, all in a case that makes me want to show it off. Next, Microsoft has to launch their tablet, Surface RT (not Surface Pro), for somewhere between $199 and $249. And lastly, I need to find an Ultrabook that I feel is worthy enough to replace my MacBook Air.

You know what? Out of all those things, there's only one that I think will cause an issue with this whole plan of mine. That's Verizon launching a phone that's strong enough to carry Windows Phone on Big Red's network into 2013. Metaphorically.

I don't think my list is impossible. The problem is that I won't jump into the Windows Phone platform halfheartedly. If I do it, then I'm going to incorporate the whole ecosystem into my life. I'm going to make the jump. The thing is, I'm ready to do it now, *right this second*, and waiting has never been my strong suit.

I'm very curious, Dear Reader. Where do you stand on Windows Phone 8? Based on what we've seen Nokia and Samsung unveil, and with rumors regarding what HTC could show off very soon, what would it take for you to switch over to Microsoft's mobile platform? Or have you already made the switch? Let me know!

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