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There's been quite a brewhaha going on with AT&T and iOS 6's ability to make FaceTime calls over a cellular connection, with the big blue carrier recently announcing that only customers on its new Mobile Share plans will be able to use the feature. A new chapter is being added to the story today, as Free Press, Public Knowledge and the Open Technology Institute have told AT&T that they plan to file a formal complaint against it. The groups say that AT&T is violating net neutrality rules by requiring a Mobile Share plan in order to use FaceTime over cellular. Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood added that AT&T's decision is "incredibly harmful" to its customers that are deaf as well as "immigrant families and others with relatives overseas."

AT&T responded to complaints about its FaceTime over cellular decision late last month, claiming that it has violated no net neutrality rules because its policies is transparent and because it's not blocking an app that competes with its own services because it believes that that rule only applies to downloadable apps, not preloaded ones. To compare, both Sprint and Verizon have said that their customers will be able to use FaceTime over a cellular connection without changing data plans or incurring extra fees. It remains to be seen whether this FCC complaint will ultimately have any effect on AT&T and its FaceTime over cellular policy, but it seems as though AT&T won't be willing to change its stance unless it absolutely must. 

Via GigaOM, Free Press

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"Is it fair for AT&T to restrict FaceTime calls over a cellular connection to customers on select plans?"

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Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez Its better to go prepaid.. with either jolt mobile, red pocket, or straight talk sim
Michael Higginbotham It is totally unfair to people i mean totally
Zevy Lowy Still don't know why people use and stick with AT&T, I mean people are so stupid, don't you see what AT&T is doing with you? There are more carriers out there with great service and non of those crab and ppl still stick with them... Crazy
Steven M. Lynch I think it should be enabled on all plans. I do think that face time over cellular should be enable by request for free.
Cameron Walton Somebody @ FCC don't want to switch plans
Mike Welch AT$T and Veri$on want to charge you out the ass for data but don't want you to actually use it. If I wanted an iPhone, I'd go with Sprint.
Gilbert Vayard Besides I have Sprint ! Who cares. Unlimited, BB! #1
Gilbert Vayard I think AT&T is trying help their customers! due to data usage, nd not still the last penny out of their customers.
Kevin Joel Just get a windows phone.
Zach Cline Verizon is doing the same thing
Jose Hernandez The FCC will get involved....
Frances Felix At&t suck so bad they should just be banned all together
Elijah Ford It's your data, u paid for it.Why do people did this sh*t?Another thing I hate is the Wi-Fi tethering. U buy the data, then have to pay for how u want to use it,(that's bullsh*t)!!!!!.T-Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S 2.
Erick Rodriguez iphone is will rule soon...
Vaetist Saranya Vairan Vince I dont fucking care im waiting for jailbreak lol
Phillip Garrett Jailbreak the 4s and download face break it allows 3G FaceTime
Jeff Jones I don't use AT&T nor own an iOS device and this is just stupid. When will carriers learn that they don't get to tell us how we use our devices? If you buy a car with financing does he car dealer say you can only drive it to certain places? No. So why are phones and such different?
Angel Hernandez Yep,dont like apple. Im paying $75 for 5Gb of data,unlimited talk and text,$10 insurance,no i dont have an unlimited data plan but $80 for no limit on texts,and 5Gigs of data.? At&t is far better then sprint who i used to have lol. Apple users,if you dont like at&t's restrictions move to sprint and clog down their already slow network lol.
Owais Akhtar no it's not, Apple should sue AT&T for voiding out a feature of the iPhone like that with higher costs. Not everyone is rich and can afford so much...
Eric Hook At James...totally different point. That is between carriers. This is picking people out within the carrier. If you want it unlocked, switch
Stephen Crighton Care less,left the iPhone for galaxy S3
James Curtis Is it ok for verizon to lock the bootloader on the galaxy s3 when att and tmobile left there's unlocked
Andres Escobar Worst and most expensive company ever!!!
Fabian Toti That is what happens if you get a Apple products cellphone
Brian M McCoy Apple just announced they are delaying the iPhone 5 until December 21, 2012.
Chris Northcutt I think a better question to ask is "Is it fair for Netflix to restrict users to just using a WIFI connection instead of a 3g or 4g network?"
Michael Alvarado Castellano Just use tango no questions asked
Jose Pablo Islas That's stupid, your already paying data and you have to pay to use the data and minutes your bought?!
William Smith Yes because their slowing costumers keep their grand father plans
Brian M McCoy I think they should ban all iPhones from accessing the internet. They take up most of AT&T's bandwidth. iPhones are the reason AT&T and Verizon went to non-unlimited plans. iCracks need to go away anyway.
Gary Bowling Hell no, Cellphone companies want to control you, they do not care about you, they care about your pocketbook, and will double and triple charge you for the data in which you already pay for PERIOD. I use T-Mobile, they are very good with being fair.
Krishna Adettiwar You already pay for data. If you go over, you have to pay. Why would u restrict stuff on top of that?
Juwon Donte AT&T is still full of bullshit how can you restrict the customers once you buy your dam phone u should believe to do what you want with it
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky Its fair cause android is better then iphone... iphone and att sucks... I'm all tmobile and android!
JFella James Stringfellow Glad I left AT&T seems too me as if there just trying too suck there customers dry and get every penny they can.
Javier RV Anything any cellphone service prived that is an additional charge is not fair. Lets face it, they make over $70 on the avg person x all of their customers??? Then they want to charge an additional fee for everything else, c'mon
Reginald Austin they only exist..cause of their customers!
Lamar Battle Is it fair that AT&T exist?
Roy E Anderson Jr Yes keep the data hogs at bay
Peter Blanco I'm surprised they even thought of restricting it, if someone goes over data useage they'll have to pay more for going over!
Brian Dominguez I think if you pay for the service you should get everything the phone comes with.
Robert Wellington Clubine III If you for using the data that subscribe to, you should not have any restrictions imposed on you.
Matt Cain Just stop all this BS and give us unlimited data back. Stop lying about how it slows your network down. You can solve all these problems very easily.
Amanda Lawrence hell no, they should be able to facetime when ever they so choose
Chuk Anyanetu The phone is already paid for, so it is unfair for them to block you from using it however you want.
Roman Calabaza Martinez depends which plans.
Josh Cowans don't matter im not gonna ever use it
Darren Polak Haha, facetime! I just use video calling like its 2002!

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