Featured user review HTC One X 9-18-12

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: September 18, 2012

Still in second place, the HTC One X has maintained this position since the start of the summer.  We featured a user review from PhoneDog fan Hussam Omer on this Tuesday September 18, 2012.

"Easily the best smartphone this year especially with the update to android 4.054" By Hussam Omer on August 31, 2012

The first time I saw the one x I fell in love with, sense, build quality,design... everything! But I wasn't impressed with the battery life as it got me up to 4hours of usage. But then I knew that it was my fault because I didn't charge the battery full the first time I opened it . But then I calibrated the battery and now it's is just amazing especially with android 4.0.4. Couldn't ask for anything better, sorry Samsung galaxy S3 you just don't match to htc with your plastic and awful touch wiz.  

Display 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 3/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.6

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